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Damn that's a big tall stack, Frank!

Thanks to Vern’s damnable inclusion of so many RSS feeds on our home page, I was drawn briefly to Liberal OC to see their coverage of Julio Perez’s endorsement by the Orange County Young Democrats for AD-69.  Chris Prevatt there stirs up the batter that provides the perfect serving to explain what it is like to be a Democrat in Orange County circles in election year 2012.

Prevatt writes that, before the meeting began:

Frank Barbaro, Democratic Party of Orange County Chair, leaned over to me and said, “looks like Julio’s supporters have stacked the meeting.” He added, “I’m here to encourage no endorsement in the 69th because all of the candidates are good.”

Ah, yes, those nefarious Young Democratic Endorsement Meeting Perez Stackers, out once again to do mischief by subverting the true popular will of Young Democrats by porting in people who don’t belong there, which if true would be the first time that it had ever happened in Orange County Politics.  Say, what was the final vote again?

In the 69th, 80% of the votes (41) went for Perez, 8.2% (4) for Daly, 2.13% (2) for Martinez, and four abstentions.

So, among 51 people voting, Perez got  41 of them, leaving only ten Young Democrats who did not vote for Perez?  Now that is what I call stacking a meeting!  And the sad thing is that, by Frank’s lights, there were only ten Young Dems there who should have been there anyway, along with what we can suppose might be a handful of Perez supporters.

Congratulations to Julio for the endorsement, the OCYD’s for the excellent turnout, to Prevatt for covering the thing so that we didn’t have to, and to Chairman Barbaro for deftly alerting the world to the Perez Stacking Menace, without which I would have had one fewer laugh this morning.

About Greg Diamond

Worker's rights attorney now moving into "good governance" litigation. North Vice Chair of Democratic Party of Orange County and occasional candidate. Proud to be prolix. Unless otherwise specifically stated, his writings never speak for the Democratic Party at the local, county, state, national, or galactic level. He tries to either suppress or openly acknowledge his partisan, issue, ideological, and "good government" biases in most of his writing here. If you have a question about any particular writing, just ask him about it and (unless you are an pseudonymous troll) he will probably answer you at painful length. He lives in Brea but generally doesn't blog about it. A family member works as a campaign treasurer for Wendy Gabriella in AD-73; he doesn't directly profit from that relatively small compensation and it doesn't affect his coverage. He does advise some campaigns informally and without compensation, although in 2014 he may receive some compensation for campaign consulting and fundraising for the campaign of Jorge Lopez for Orange County Assessor.