18 of World’s Top 20 Hospitals Are In U.S.

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ED NOTE:  As this story continues to get dozens of hits each week, I feel compelled to note that these are not the actual “top” hospitals, but, as came to light in the comments section, the 20 hospitals with the most “web presence.”  – VN

With 18 of the top 20 ranked hospitals in the world in the new 2011 survey,  the United States shows that non-socialized medicine is alive and well, thank you very much.  In addition, the United States claims 21 of the top 25 hospitals in the world and 33 of the top 50.   Socialist and communist countries were completely shut out of the top 25 with only France breaking into the top 50.  The Canadian and Cuban hospital systems, ballyhooed by Michael Moore and the left as shining examples of medical care, failed to place a single hospital in the top 50.

NYU Langone Medical Center topped the World list followed by the University Hospitals at Michigan and Kansas.  Interestingly Taiwan was the only country other than the United States to crack the top 20 placing two hospitals into that lofty ranking.  We will have to wait and see if President Obama is successful in his efforts to “diversify” the location of the world’s top hospitals.


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