Jerry Brown is opposed to regulating and taxing cannabis!

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Can you believe it?  Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown has come out against Prop. 19 – the measure to regulate and tax cannabis.  This is crazy!

Brown recently said legalizing the drug would open the flood gates for the ruthless and deadly Mexican drug cartels.

Steve Fox,the director of state campaigns for the Marijuana Policy Project, analyzed Brown’s faux pas thusly, in a recent blog post:

The problem for Brown is that he is potentially turning off hundreds of thousands of voters who will be showing up in November simply to vote to make marijuana legal. Many of these “green” voters don’t give a real hoot who the next governor of the state is, as long as they can purchase their recreational drug of choice safely, conveniently and legally.

Another blogger put it this way, “It is time for Brown to take an economics 101 course. Brown is saying that legalizing, taxing, and regulated marijuana will increase the power and lawlessness of the Mexican cartels. This assertion, however, has little basis in fact.”

Opposing Prop. 19 could also cost our state millions in badly needed tax revenue!

This mistake by Brown could cost him the election.  I don’t think Meg Whitman will support Prop. 19 either, but younger voters attracted to the polls by Prop. 19 won’t waste their vote on Brown if he is not with them.  They may just vote for none of the above, or for a third party candidate.

I know I won’t be casting a vote for Brown, especially in the wake of his stance on Prop. 19.  I will be voting for Libertarian Dale Ogden.

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