Sean Mill weighs in on Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s victory

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Our former blogger Sean Mill had some choice words for his former blog colleagues over at the Liberal OC today regarding Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s overwhelming victory yesterday:

The fact that you folks are celebrating a win by Janet Nguyen, a Republican, in a district that is overwhelmingly Democratic demonstrates to what a complete and utter failure the DPOC is. The fact that you are rejoicing a Republican victory in central Orange County speaks volumes to the ineptness of those at the helm of the DPOC.

The leaders of the DPOC have failed Democratic voters, labor and all others who want to see Democrats elected to office. Isn’t the main function of the party apparatus to find viable candidates to run for these seats and to then get those candidates elected? If so, they have failed.

Central OC is the only part of this county where Democrats have a stronghold and yet the party even managed to screw that up. Sure Lou and Loretta win there, but they win despite the party. Lou and Loretta have operations outside the party and depend very little on support from the party.

So live it and be happy knowing that the DPOC is responsible for a Republican getting elected in central OC. I keep hearing about what a “great” job the leaders of the DPOC a doing. Really? Where?

The reason for rising registration numbers is more a result of George W. Bush than it is the DPOC. If this is the type of leadership we can expect from the DPOC and the type of support we can expect from their friends, we might as well elect Scott Baugh to lead the party because those folks are doing a great job electing Reeps.

You have four years to now cultivate a Democratic candidate to run for the First District. But thankfully we most likely won’t have to rely on the DPOC to do that and Jose Solorio will step up and run. Jose, like Lou and Loretta, will likely succeed in spite of you all.

Congrats again of getting a Republican elected in a overwhelmingly Democratic district. You should all be so proud.

Sean also was rather gracious about Nguyen’s victory. Here is the letter he sent her:

I would just like to offer my congratulations on your victory last night. Clearly I did not support your candidacy and wehave strong disagreements over some of your decisions on the Board of Supervisors but the voters have spoken and it is now time to move forward.

I am truly concerned with makingour community a better place to live and work for all of our residents. I hope that over the next four years you will dedicate yourself towards improving the quality of life in the First District for all of our residents. Santa Ana is the heart of this district and I hope that you will strive to make sure that we get our fair share.

I wish you well in your endeavor and hope that you will place good policy over politics. Again congratulations on a hard fought victory and should you ever need my help please don’t hesitate to call me at (714) xxx-xxxx.Though we may disagree over how to do it, I believe we both want to see our community flourish and grow.

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