Rubalcava Verdict Results Thread

The first thing that I should note here, is that in my recent move from Brea to More Brea, I have somehow lost the ability to use my mouse. I think I misplaced a dongle. Trust me, this graphic would look a hell of a lot better if I hadn’t. (I did price the Trump trial portrait artist’s services, but they have skyrocketed!) I’m also going to try to get my Adobe Photoshop running again, but I expect resistance from corporate powers! Anyway, this is what you get for now, until the dongle or my fine motor control return.

My first reaction to the election results is: I can’t believe it’s this close! We’re going to find, I’m sure, that Disney, public safety unions, and the Trades threw enormous amounts of money into protecting OCBC’s Rubalcava — even beyond that I believe to be those illegally huge banners, of which I’ll post a snap or two here soon — and for it to be this close in the early going is amazing. I’ve been following this mostly from afar — did I mention our going through the big downsize now that the kids are gone and the need for a big house has diminished? — but I sort of expected a blowout win for the money people, and this (at least for now) is not that!

What will happen in the days to come? I’d expect today (as I’m writing this, it’s 4:59 on Wednesday) will be the low-water mark for the recall proponents), and then we’ll see the totals creep to the left.

Oh, it’s 5:00!

The yes vote is already up another half-percent. Not too shabby!

I’m not entirely sure on what the vote margin was on the first day — 504 sounds right, but I expected one of our cough-cough competitors to have put up the raw totals and margins — but as I”ve found regularly when it comes to election recording, if I want to see it done right I had better do it myself.

So: while a win for the recall is still possible, it’s also still a longshot — but that it will have been a valiant and glorious effort is already not in doubt!

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