Pride Month, Trump Ties, China Treason… So Many Reasons to Vote Against Michelle Steel!

Such love and joy! Pity that desecrated flag.

Today we got TWO press releases from Derek Tran, who is running against Congresswoman Michelle Steel in the 45th district (which includes “all or part of Garden Grove, Westminster, Cerritos, Buena Park, Placentia, Hawaiian Gardens, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Artesia, Los Alamitos, La Palma, Brea, Lakewood, Fullerton, and Rossmoor.) They both give voters very compelling reasons to vote for Derek and get those damn Steels out of Congress. And, as we post further below, you can meet and help Derek (and other good people) THIS SUNDAY AFTERNOON! Here’s Derek:

For Immediate Release: June, 03 2024

Derek Tran Kicks Off Pride Month with Endorsements from Equality California & Equality PAC

Opponent Michelle Steel Votes Against LGBTQ+ Hate Crime Funding and Brags About Pulling Her Daughter Out Of School Because Of Gay Influence

Garden Grove, CA —  As Pride Month begins, Democratic congressional candidate Derek Tran proudly announces the endorsement of Equality PAC and Equality California. The 45th District, which is home to the largest Vietnamese community in the country, is currently represented by corrupt MAGA Republican Michelle Steel. Her consistent votes against the interests of middle-class Southern California families, local pay-to-play schemes and sweetheart deals beneficial to her wealthy campaign donors, and extreme LGBTQ crusades have made her one of the most corrupt and vulnerable Republican members of Congress.

“Michelle Steel’s actions and voting record demonstrate a complete disregard for the fundamental rights and dignity of the LGBTQ+ community,” said Derek Tran. “We need leaders who will fight for every Americans’ right to equality and justice, not those who pander to far-right extremists. My commitment to LGBTQ+ rights is unwavering, and I will continue to champion policies that protect and empower every individual, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Michelle Steel’s record on LGBTQ+ rights is appalling. She was the lone county supervisor to vote against funding the Orange County Human Relations Commission, even as hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community surged. In Congress, has consistently voted against bills protecting LGBTQ+ individuals from discrimination, including the Equality Act. Steel even bragged about withdrawing her daughter from a school for expressing support for gay marriage, a move that drew backlash from human rights leaders.

Derek Tran’s dedication to LGBTQ+ rights is both personal and professional. He supported his younger brother and niece when they came out and has fought for queer individuals in discrimination and wrongful termination cases as a consumer rights attorney. In Congress, Tran plans to champion legislation to correct less-than-honorable discharges for LGBTQ+ service members, federally codify the right to marry, and restrict federal funding for institutions that do not provide gender-affirming care.

For Immediate Release: June, 03 2024

The Steels Peddle Access To Trump – Is Michelle Steel’s Silence Surprising?

Steel Family Has A History Of Peddling Access To The Trump Administration To Chinese Communist Officials

Steel’s Silence On Trump’s 34 Felony Convictions Draws National Attention

“Report links Shawn Steel with Chinese efforts to influence Trump administration”

Orange County Register 6/24/20

Garden Grove, CA —  In a stunning display of political evasion, Congressmember and Trump subsidiary  Michelle Steel has remained silent following the news of former President Donald Trump’s 34 felony convictions. Today, Army veteran, consumer rights attorney, small business owner, City Commissioner, and Democratic nominee for California’s 45th Congressional District Derek Tran condemned Steel’s history of corruption and choice to put her own financial benefit over an independent judiciary and the rule of law.

“The Steels peddles access to Donald Trump, and her refusal to condemn 34 felony convictions only highlights her own illegal dealings,” said Tran. “Our community needs a Congressmember who puts the rule of law over their own financial interests, it’s time we end the corruption and vote Michelle Steel out.”

Steel’s self-serving corruption dates back to her time as a county supervisor. In local office, Steel frequently used her power to perform favors for campaign donors, pushing sweetheart deals and awarding contracts to those who filled her campaign coffers. She cast a tiebreaking vote to award a private jet contract to a donor who subsequently funded a SuperPAC against her opponent with $80,000. Steel also voted to extend a prison company phone contract to a donor, despite concerns over constitutional violations, and pushed for a voting system upgrade from a company whose representative was a major donor to her campaign. Most shockingly, her husband and business partner facilitated the presence of Chinese foreign nationals with ties to the CCP at an exclusive GOP strategy meeting, highlighting the depths of her conflicts of interest and ethical breaches.

Here’s a quick refresher on the Steel family’s criminal enterprise:

“Report links Shawn Steel with Chinese efforts to influence Trump administration”

– Orange County Register 6/24/20

“Seal Beach attorney Shawn Steel, a Republican National Committee member and husband of Orange County Board of Supervisors Chair Michelle Steel, was linked in a Wall Street Journal report with an effort by Chinese foreign nationals to influence the Trump administration.”

“Shawn Steel’s wife, Supervisor Michelle Steel, who is registered as chief financial officer at her husband’s law firm, is running against Rouda for [congress]”

“Political Donors Linked to China Won Access to Trump, GOP”

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations opened doors in Washington for Chinese nationals with high-level ties”

-The Wall Street Journal 6/23/2020

“As guests of a Republican official named Shawn Steel, Chinese nationals, including a man working for China’s central government, attended an invitation-only gathering in May 2017 where GOP leaders discussed campaign strategies and other issues.”

Come see and support Derek, as well as important Supervisor candidate Frances Marquez, THIS SUNDAY afternoon 3-6, with the Anaheim Democrats Club, special guest speaker Rep. Suzan DelBene (who is chairperson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee), Senator Josh Newman with his ice cream truck, and other special guests to be announced, at the home of Sharon Quirk-Silva and Jesus Silva! Great food, great music! (Vern Nelson on piano, Annemarie Randle-Trejo singing.) Bigger announcement to come, but here’s the Facebook event page.

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