Urgent Call for Hispanic Representation in the OC Republican Party

Margarita Wilkinson

We are writing to highlight a pressing matter that demands immediate attention from the Hispanic members of the Republican Party in South Orange County. Actually this a letter to all Hispanics in South Orange County who want equal representation. Our time has come.

Despite its assertions of inclusivity, it is evident that the OC GOP has yet to make significant strides in embracing diversity and relevance. The persistence of an outdated mindset, reminiscent of strategies employed prior to the 2018 “awakening” or “ass kicking” from the Democratic Party, is concerning. Many within our community are growing disillusioned with the GOP, particularly due to what appears to be a disingenuous proclamation of diversity.

A perfect example of this is the candidacy of Margarita Wilkinson for the 49th congressional district currently held by Mike Levin. Here was the perfect opportunity for the Republican party to support a well-qualified Hispanic for a key seat in the United States Congress. So what did they do? They chose a White Male loser, Matt Gunderson. He lost his first race in the 38th state Senate District. And now he’ll lose his second race in the 49th district. He should look to run in the 50th district. Maybe the third time’s a charm…..and the world is flat.

Now to add insult to injury. Injury being that the Republican party in their desire to be more inclusive rejected Margarita Wilkinson. Insult being that on the same night that Ms. Wilkinson had a fundraising meet-and-greet event, Matt Gunderson (reportedly) also had an event attended by all the Republican party officials and electeds, sending Margarita the unmistakable message, “Go back to San Diego.” The Republican Party of South Orange County had an opportunity to support an outstanding Hispanic candidate. They passed on supporting Margarita. Well, WE pass on “white Repubs.”

One prominent figure exemplifying this lack of progress is Assemblywoman Laurie Davies, former mayor of Laguna Niguel (and failed wedding planner.) The Republican Party under her leadership appears resistant to change, displaying a notable absence of diversity and an entrenched sense of entitlement. Davies’ vocal opposition to district voting, as reflected in her rallying cry of “No CVRA,” reinforces the perception of resistance to inclusivity. Davies’ actions have contributed to the vile and vulgar acts and statements of the Laguna Niguel City council in addressing the CVRA demand. Her complicity with these racist actions has led to the Republican white city councils of Rancho Santa Margarita and Laguna Niguel treating the CVRA demand as nothing more than an acceptable path to gerrymandering.

Furthermore, the assumption under Davies’ leadership that minorities, especially Hispanics, do not require specific representation is problematic. This notion negates the importance of having diverse voices that authentically understand and advocate for the unique needs of different communities. The belief that the white race knows best and can dictate the needs of Hispanic voters undermines democratic principles and hinders progress towards a more inclusive political landscape.

An illustrative example of the party’s lack of inclusivity is observed in the Laguna Niguel, where nepotism appears to determine one’s chances to serve on Council. The cases of Kelly Jennings and Ray Gennawey are emblematic. Jennings inherited her father’s seat and voting bloc, while Gennawey, in what some would describe as an aborted campaign against Katie Porter, eventually relocated to secure his mother’s seat and voting support. It’s essential to scrutinize these instances, as they raise questions about the legitimacy of their representation and the democratic process.

The time has come for Hispanic voters in South Orange County to critically assess their political choices and challenge the existing status quo. Voting out representatives who perpetuate a master-complex and undermine the necessity for genuine representation is pivotal in fostering a truly inclusive and diverse political landscape.

We have constantly urged the Republican Party in South Orange County to take proactive measures, address these concerns, and demonstrate a commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and fair representation. We will no longer beg the Republican party to do what’s right. If they have not done it by now they never will. Their disrespect of Margarita Wilkinson is proof of that.

About South OC Paine

South OC Payne, anonymous FOR NOW, is an anti-establishment, reformist Republican in southern Orange County who is currently on mission to bring more race diversity into the GOP.