Klepto-Labor: Ernesto Medrano backs Joe Kerr!

Wow! The endorsements for CA-40 Congressional candidate Joe Kerr just keep pouring in (as they do for CA-47 candidate Dave Min.) The latest endorsement Joe boasts of is from Ernesto Medrano‘s Building Trades / CLF. As the kids say, this endorsement “checks out.” We reproduce Joe’s press release here, with a little additional background on Ernesto and Joe added in that you need to know about. To be clear, the Orange Juice Blog strongly prefers Democrat Allyson Damikolas in the March race to take on valueless Republican Young Kim in November.



On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, the California Labor Federation announced its unanimous decision to endorse Retired Fire Captain and longtime California labor leader, Joe Kerr, in California’s 40th Congressional District. The Kerr campaign also earned the endorsement of the LA/OC Building Trades Council this week…

Ernesto Medrano, Executive Secretary of the LA/OC Building Trades Council, stated, “After reviewing your public experience and your commitment to working families, we think you will be a great asset when you are elected. Your experience will benefit all the constituents that encompass the 40th Congressional District. The Building Trades Craft Unions are proud to support your campaign.”

Ernesto has been an invaluable member of the bipartisan, corrupt, self-styled Anaheim “cabal” for many years, a steadfast supporter and ally of the disgraced former Mayor Harry Sidhu, Jordan Brandman and Kris Murray, fighting hard for every luxury hotel subsidy and for the failed Angel Stadium giveaway, and pressuring his misinformed union members to speak out for those scams as well.

Far from a dependable advocate for workers, Ernesto also fought tirelessly against the efforts of hotel and resort workers to improve their wages, speaking out passionately against 2018’s Measure L Living Wage ordinance – thus pleasing his real masters at Disney and the resort. (Anaheim voters disagreed and passed Measure L handily.)

Years earlier Ernesto lobbied hard at the OCTA for the very unpopular plan to put toll lanes on the 405 freeway, apparently because he hoped some of the resultant toll revenue might go to some union construction projects.

In response to the California Labor Federation’s endorsement, Joe stated, “I am honored to have the full force of the California labor movement behind our campaign. 2024 is the year of organized labor, and I’m proud to be considered a champion of California’s working people.”

Joe and Ernesto worked hand-in-hand in 2021-22 to try to push through the wasteful and environmentally harmful billion-dollar Poseidon desalination boondoggle, simply because it would have provided a few temporary union construction jobs. In one of Gavin Newsom’s more corrupt moves (see the French Laundry Lunch Scandal) the Governor cleared out honest scientists from Water Boards, replacing them with labor kleptocrats like Joe Kerr and Kris Murray, to grease the skids for the subsidized scam. (See “The Poseidon Whores.“) Meanwhile Ernesto and a few fellow vendidos tried to paint opposition to Poseidon as an effort of spoiled white people to make Latinos die of thirst:

Fortunately for OC taxpayers and ratepayers, and for the ocean, the atmosphere and sea creatures, Joe and Ernesto failed to foist this disaster on us, as the Coastal Commission voted unanimously that the plant was unnecessary, would raise all our water rates while getting us no new water, and would create all manner of environmental damage. So NO POSEIDON!

Orange County beat Joe Kerr and Ernesto Medrano then, let’s help Allyson Damikolas beat them again in March! And then let’s go get Young Kim!

[And I haven’t even mentioned all of fire-hero Joe’s residence shenanigans! – Vern]

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