Santa Ana Recall: More Complaints from SA Cops about Union Boss Gerry Serrano.

Vern here. We’ve just received another missive from SAPD Officer Manny Delgadillo, the Downtown Santa Ana Police Liaison and critic of Union Boss Gerry Serrano. The current attempted recall against Councilwomen Jessie Lopez and Thai Van Phan is just one Manny’s litany of criticisms of Serrano, but it is the one most of us (non-Santa Ana cops) care most about.

That recall, launched by the police union’s boss with help from out-of-town corporate landlords, is now at the stage of collecting signatures to qualify for the ballot. This blog is on the same page with the Democratic Party of OC opposing this wasteful, punitive and dishonest recall, and many of us are phone-banking and canvassing to stop Ward 1/3 voters from signing the lie-filled petition, and letting folks who HAVE mistakenly signed know how to remove their signatures.

For this is something best nipped in the bud, before it goes to a totally unnecessary 2023 ballot (a year before the ladies are up for re-election anyway) and wastes everybody’s money – the supporters of Thai and Jessie, the union dues money of Santa Ana cops, and especially the hard-pressed City of Santa Ana which will have to spend a million on a special election just to satisfy Serrano’s vanity and vengeance.

To refresh your memory, Serrano wants to recall these two for passing a contract that’ll force him to do actual police work to keep getting his money, and for joining all the rest of the council in creating a police review board; the landlords want to punish them for enacting rent control and eviction protections. And this is bigger than these two – special interests shouldn’t be able to recall politicians for not getting their way, and if the recall is successful, politicians will be even more craven in the future. There won’t be any more Jessies or Thais.

Anyway I’ve said enough. DO NOT SIGN THIS RECALL PETITION, SANTA ANA! And here’s Manny:



Where is our contract? We are now in May 2023, and still nothing! This sounds like last year’s contract negotiations. Last Christmas, much like Charlie Brown, our SAPOA Membership got a rock. In private conversations with SAPOA Members, they feel time is running out, and they do not want a drawn-out negotiation process. SAPOA Members are well aware of last year’s lawsuit attacks on the City Administration and Police Chief, and they know that those lawsuits failed miserably. Members believe that the number one reason for this is that President Serrano’s pension issue is his number one priority, along with his fighting to keep his full-time SAPOA President status – for him, the current negotiations take a back seat.

And it is believed that if our SAPOA Membership does get a raise, our President will inevitably demand more money in his pension. This leads me to our following General Membership Meeting Topics of discussion:

Union Dues Adjustment. Maybe a possible decrease in our Membership dues? Probably not; an increase is a safer bet. Remember there are last year’s attorney fee losses to pay to the city! The squandered pension issue money spent! The donations to all the politicians who sent letters supporting the pension issue! The money the SAPOA pays to our political advisor. We believe President Serrano and E-board should be liable for all this unnecessary money spent. An attorney is looking into this matter. And by the way, still no contract.

What is needed is a new SAPOA President and E-Board! Look at all the money wasted and nothing has been accomplished but bad blood and ill will with the City of Santa Ana. Did I mention the $200,000 for the RECALL? The scare tactic is RECALL money. All indications are that the RECALL of Jessie Lopez is going nowhere. The political bullying days are over. Our SAPOA Association would be better served with an amicable relationship with the City of Santa Ana. And (just checking) still no contract.

Our SAPOA Membership is getting hit with loss after loss after loss. Our SAPOA was once the most prominent POLICE ASSOCIATION in the State of California, and now we have become the laughing stock. What is it going to take for our SAPOA Membership to wake up? A line from a letter from the City dated December 29, 2022 reads “The only request, just recently received, is for an agreement to give more leave hours to the union president at the expense of the association.” Does this sound like our SAPOA President has the SAPOA Membership’s best interest? Of course not and we would be fools to believe otherwise. And still… nope, no contract.

Look at this most recent door hanger. Is this what our SAPOA Membership wants?

It’s time to move on. My attorney said it best, “Your association needs a new SAPOA President, and to clear the E-Board. It is going to take years for you SAPOA to recover from this, your current SAPOA President will be long gone, and the SAPOA Membership will be left holding the bag due to the lack of backbone from the E-Board. Your association is suffering a slow death.” And still no raise or contract.

This KNOCK LA article from last week told some harsh truths. You should read it…

If this reading is not enough our SAPOA President even tried to have a SAPOA Members arrested and the issue that upset him was that he was questioned on an article he did not print in the Reliable Source and he was questioned on Dodger Tickets or Angel Tickets he received. And still, by gosh, no pinche contract!

Do SAPOA Members believe that if the City of Santa Ana spends money on a Recall Election, which could cost millions, we will get a pay raise?

SAPOA Members continue to lose pay without a contract.

In closing, a few more surprises will come from our SAPOA, along with a few skeletons that just might dance out of a few closets. STAY TUNED!


Officer Manuel Delgadillo #2322


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