CD-47: The Problem with Dave Min, and the Virtues of Joanna Weiss.

Dan at the Liberal OC has composed a veritable Bohemian Rhapsody of Whataboutism in defense of embattled Congressional candidate, state senator Dave Min, reaching back to 2009 to name off Republican candidates who’ve had DUI’s, and back to the 90’s to reference Crooked Scott Baugh’s perjury felonies and Dirty Ken Calvert’s prostitution bust.

If there’s one thing Dan’s better at than Whataboutism, it’s Missing the Point.

Nobody is saying that Dave is a terrible person, or would even be a bad Congressman, because he had a DUI. (I’d be the last person to say that, but you don’t see me running for Congress, do you?)

The point is, Democrats need to win this seat. Number one, we need to regain the Congressional majority and can’t afford to lose ONE – just look at the headlines this week about the Marjorie Taylor Greene majority holding our nation hostage on the debt ceiling and trying to undo everything good the former Congress accomplished. Number two, Baugh is a crooked liar, and he is even more of a crooked liar than he used to be, and coastal CD-47 should not be sending him to Congress. But number one is the most important.

This race was ALREADY a long shot, with superstar Katie Porter leaving the race and endorsing Min, who was always a weak and uninspiring candidate. (But I never said anything bad about him before his DUI, thinking he might be the best shot to keep this seat – you could look it up.) Who cares about his endorsements and money, he has had an undistinguished Senate tenure, he’s thin-skinned and arrogant, and he is in the pockets of corporate landlords, prison guard unions, and who knows what other special interests. Sure he’s good on gun control and the environment, but so is nearly every other Democrat.

And now this is all we’re gonna hear about – “Drunk Dave,” “DUI Dave.” I don’t see him beating Scott in that purple district, do you?

The best way we could keep this seat is if Katie used this development as a reason to stay and fight for that seat, but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen.

So, just as Harley Rouda wrote this week, Irvine/coastal voters should consider getting behind progressive activist and attorney Joanna Weiss.

And again, I can’t follow the webs of grudges, vendettas, and promised favors that comprise Irvine politics, but it would be great if Katie Porter decided to endorse Joanna too. Great for the nation and the world.

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