Ambition, Brain Injury, DUI… how will Democrats keep Coastal District 47?

Will these two latest catastrophes be enough to convince the Young And Awesome Congresswoman Katie Porter to stay and fight for her current seat, and postpone her Senatorial ambitions a few more years? Because it’s not looking now like any other Democrat in that district could beat Scott Baugh, and America can’t afford for us Democrats to lose a seat. Not one.

I don’t need to make that case here, do I?

Fine, just two paragraphs.

During Biden’s two-year razor-thin Democrat majority, the 117th Congress shored up the nation’s infrastructure, tightened gun laws, protected same-sex marriage, revamped retirement savings programs, bolstered veterans’ health benefits, sent tens of billions to help Ukraine defend itself from Russian aggression, expanded tax breaks for low-income Americans, boosted health-care subsidies, funded CLEAN ENERGY to battle climate change, lowered the cost of prescription drugs, AND THEY WERE JUST GETTING STARTED.

In contrast, the current 118th Congress with ITS razor-thin Republican majority, “led” by spineless dolt Kevin McCarthy at the price of ceding power to whack jobs like Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, have spent most of their time on vengeful and ridiculous “investigations” into general nothing-burgers, and are currently playing a “Jackass” episode with our debt ceiling.

Yes, I mean, no, WE CANNOT LOSE A SEAT in ’24.

I never understood why Katie chose this Min fellow to be her successor, enthusiastically endorsed him, and even told us all that the timid corporatist was “progressive.” Sometimes it seems like every political decision made in Irvine is based on inscrutable webs of grudges and vendettas, or is that just me?

I’ve never said or written anything bad about this cat till now (you could look it up.) He was helpful to my friend Hari Lal when he ran for Council. I thought he could be better, maybe good for a few votes. All I need is another powerful politician that hates me. And I didn’t want us to lose that Congressional seat, but that ship has sailed.

It’s the prison guard unions that put Min over the top against John Moorlach, and he has repaid them handsomely. He did not cover himself in glory in this SB 567 (Homelessness Prevention Act) debacle, helping to strip out most of the bill in committee and falling on the fainting couch when his staffer was confronted for not taking notes. (To be fair, my hot-tempered friend Victor Valladares, with his years-long record of opposing Min, was probably not the ideal choice to lead that delegation.)

The two things he’s been good on, interested in, are climate change and gun violence, two things that America needs to do a lot more about but not so much California. Which kinda lends a little more weight to observers who sensed that he was never really into that state senator job, that he really always just wanted to be a Congressmin.

And throughout his unremarkable Senate career you could sense him thinking “How will this affect my political career in the future?” and as often as not, ducking out of controversial votes. All the way up to two weeks ago when he hid from all his constituents, desperate to not get landlords mad at him during his race against Baugh, which won’t be happening now.

Cuz with this DUI, Dave Min is out. Right?


So. If not Katie then who? And if not now then when?

And by the way…

Kim Bernice Nguyen will kick Michelle Steel’s Butt.

I’ve said it before but apparently not everybody was listening – I’m a big supporter of KBN taking on the loathsome Steel. Kim and I don’t get along, and I’m glad Vince Sarmiento is our Supervisor. But Kim is SMART and TOUGH, and I look forward to standing on the sidelines and watching her demolish the racist, mendacious, brain-dead Stepford Wife Mrs. Steel.

Again, we need EVERY SEAT. The only way to deal with this current incarnation of the national GOP is to drive a stake through its heart. Are you listening Katie? Ada?

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