OCGOP statement on Trump Indictment: They say “Weaponization” but forget to mention SOROS.

The Republican Party of Orange County (OCGOP) put out the following statement on Thursday, March 30:

Statement on the Indictment of President Trump

Orange County, CA. Hon. Fred M. Whitaker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, released the following statement on the indictment of President Trump:

“Since 2016 radical Democrats have been obsessed with dragging the country into their personal vendetta with President Trump.

“We’ve seen this episode time and time again. No matter how many times Democrats fail, they continue to shop for a crime and a jury that will convict. Now they’ve found a county District Attorney who refuses to convict violent criminals but is more than happy to indict the former President for a supposed campaign finance violation.

“The radical Democrats’ weaponization of law enforcement against their political opponents is destroying our country. They cannot be trusted with power. In 2024 we must make sure they never hold it again.”


That last part is funny – Fred Whitaker is gonna make sure Democrats NEVER HOLD POWER AGAIN. It reminds me of the two things that come up first when you Google “Fred Whitaker OC Republicans” – a letter from rightwinger Deborah Pauly demanding “Feckless Fred” resign because of all this decade’s Republican defeats and Democrat victories; and a Change.Org petition from rightwinger Brian Burley demanding the same thing. Maybe Trump’s indictment will finally give Fred some success? But I don’t see how, OC hates Trump.

It’s really a generic and unimaginative statement, probably identical to a thousand other local Parties’ statements. It is inconceivable that Trump is guilty of anything, and even if he were, any attempt to hold him accountable must be a “personal vendetta” that “radical Democrats” are “obsessed” with “dragging the country into,” thus “destroying” it. Also, what were the times we “radical Democrats FAILED” in holding him accountable? All I can think of is the two times that SENATE REPUBLICANS refused to IMPEACH him, first for extorting Ukraine and then for inciting an insurrection – REALLY LOW POINTS in American history. (The Senate Republicans’ refusal I mean.)

Fred earns ONE GOP brownie point for using the word “weaponization.” Don’t you wonder who decides, and how the decision is so quickly propagated, that all of a sudden every Republican in the country is gonna use the same weird-ass word in every statement? I remember when Jack Smith got named to look after Trump matters for the DOJ, and Trump called him a “fully weaponized prosecutor.” That cracked me up – I pictured Jack as Robo-Cop. What does this shit even mean? Of COURSE there are consequences to breaking the law, and if you’re a poor fucking lawbreaking SNOWFLAKE, then consequences ARE gonna feel like a weapon!

Aside from that, sure, go ahead and paint us as tough and scary. After all, we ARE the Daddy Party these days.

Fred LOSES a GOP brownie point for failing to utter the magic word SOROS. What was Fred thinking, not invoking the Satanic name of this era’s Emmanuel Goldstein? Is Fred just too genteel for this job after all? Did he flinch at the innate anti-Semitism of blaming all evil on this one wealthy Jew? Or the absolute falsehood of claiming Alvin Bragg is “Soros-funded?” That’s not stopping anyone else! Fred should spend more time with his old friend Matt Cunningham, who’s been Soros-ing like there’s no tomorrow on HIS blogs.

It’s looking like ALL Republicans, those who’ve been big Trump supporters and those who haven’t, are defending the Ochre Abomination from this indictment with the same lame talking points, and the folks on TV who are considered smart have been concluding that “This shows Trump still runs the Party, that the GOP is still the Party of Trump.” I say, well yeah, partly, but that’s kind of secondary. Primarily, all Republicans, in the same sort of groupthink that made them all suddenly say “weaponization,” have decided this is the best way to attack the Democratic Party – as overbearing tyrants who are gonna come after YOUR porn-star hush-money next!

Well, have at it, chumps.


We are underselling the Beauty and

Historic Import of this Moment.

When I considered how to end this piece, how to tie it up with a serious thought that’s not exactly what all the smart people on TV are saying, LO – I felt a patriotic stirring in my heart. ¡SERIO! This is a new fucking chapter in the American Revolution, as surely as the Civil War and Civil Rights were. George Washington refused to be King, and insisted on elections. Still, up until last week, every President had been treated as a King in some big ways – including NEVER having to face the consequences of their crimes. Think about it, guys and girls. THIS IS A BIG FUCKING DEAL.

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