Harley suffers brain injury & withdraws; CD 47 race will be Min vs. Baugh.

Earth-shattering news for the (coastal OC) 47 Congressional seat currently held by Katie Porter: Democratic candidate Harley Rouda has suffered a traumatic brain injury and is leaving the race. He is expected to make a full recovery they say, and we wish him well, and you can read all about it in cub reporter Hanna Kang’s Register piece.

Perhaps it will brighten his spirits, or not, to hear, once again, the Harley Rouda Chorus, that a bunch of us made 5 years ago when he was running against Dana Rohrabacher. (THAT was a splendid, long-overdue victory!)

This pretty much leaves the Democrat side of the field to Senator Dave Min. There are a couple of other minor candidates, but till now the frontrunners in the race to take on mildly corrupt Republican lobbyist Scott Baugh had been Harley and Dave (neither one of which was particularly progressive to write home about, but they are decent.)

So the nation is counting on you, Senator Min! Not necessarily because Baugh is so awful, but because America can’t take another two years of MAGA Republicans fucking everything up.

On second thought, Scott Baugh IS pretty awful – he called Katie Porter a pedophile enabler, totally twisting her words when she was only saying that gays and trans people shouldn’t be painted as pedophiles and groomers. When I heard about that, what could I do but write THIS piece?

Good Luck, Dave!

Get better, Harley!

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