More Santa Ana ’23 Recall: Delgadillo’s Dossier on Serrano!

Gerry with some of his politicians – you’ll recognize Fiona Ma and Small Dark Lord Pulido.
Gadfly Tim Rush, face of the recall, at left.

28-year Santa Ana police officer and POA member Manny Delgadillo, who is the Downtown Business Liaison Officer, has prepared the following “dossier” against controversial union chief Gerry Serrano, who at this time is attempting to recall councilwomen Thai Van Phan and Jessie Lopez:

Donation Information Dossier #6

February 13, 2023

Dear SAPOA Membership (disclaimer – I am speaking TO our SAPOA members, not FOR them) :

Here is what our membership should do to try and slowly regain some of the items lost during these last contract negotiations instead of these toxic and cancerous bullying techniques currently being employed.

The first order of business is to clean the slate at the SAPOA from the President to the E-Board. At this point they are doing all SAPOA members a disservice.

Here are the next few steps if our SAPOA is to salvage anything and to advance with our negotiations:

ONE. The President must resign and be replaced by a new SAPOA President who can make peace with the City of Santa Ana.

TWO. We need to hire a General Manager to run the POA’s day-to-day operations (NOT Serrano) – preferably an outsider with experience. Most likely an attorney with prior POA experience.

THREE. This contract is only good for a year. A new General Manager can negotiate a truce, possibly get rid of the lawsuits, and get back to the business of putting POA members’ interests first. When a leader forgets that members’ interests are always more important than their personal aggrandizement, it’s time for them to go. This has been made clearly evident in the pension issue, and was illustrated in the City Manager’s Dec. 29, 2022 letter (reprinted below) where she stated: “The only request, just recently received, is for an agreement to give more leave hours to the Union President at the expense of the Association.”

This says it all! SAPOA membership interests are not important to Serrano!

FOUR. Here is another example: the donations made to politicians Tom Umberg, Josh Newman, Freddie Rodriguez, Bob Archuleta, Tom Daly, and Fiona Ma for their re-elections campaign. After these donations President Serrano received letters supporting his pension increase, which failed. SAPOA membership must stop turning a blind eye. The cost to membership for this was $49,600. Then the e-mail-approved money by the E-Board – a request for $71k was the figure going around or approved. Add to that our recent contract woes, and it’s sickening. At this point our POA needs more than a tourniquet to stop the bleeding of money.

FIVE. Our most recent RECALL effort just cost us $25k. How long before our POA piggy bank empties? Our health and retirees benefits just took a hit due to this last contract, and I do not see them coming back with our current President and E-Board. How much will this RECALL cost the City of Santa Ana? Frankly, the RECALL is DOOMED.

SIX. Our POA is still on the hook for legal fees from some of the frivolous lawsuits. How much is that? Our POA may cease to exist at this rate of spending. Here is an explanation we’ve received from an attorney who may be a good person to help or guide our POA through the next negotiations:

“The ASPOA needs someone who knows what they are doing to save the insurance, the treasury, and the SAPOA building. The PERB complaints filed by the SAPOA are backlogged. Even if they put it on the front burner, it will take a year. In the case against the City and the Chief, why wasn’t the attorney aware that the Chief could not be held personally liable in this type of litigation before the lawsuit was filed? If the Chief sues for malicious prosecution, will the attorney’s malpractice carrier pay the defense costs and any damages awarded against the POA, or are POA members now on the hook for those potential losses?”

These above items or situations are for our SAPOA members to seriously consider. Reference my e-mail to the city – I find it amusing how I’ve lost friends I’ve had for 28 years at the SAPD. It’s obvious some people don’t like hearing the truth. My e-mails and social media comments have not changed the course of history. It’s the bad press our SAPOA has been getting with headlines like:

Do SAPOA members truly believe these headlines and attention endears us to the community or help our contract situation? This horrendous political strategy is killing our POA. It doesn’t matter who our President is because the current one has burned his britches. I’ll say it again: We could have CHEWBACCA as POA President, and politicians seeking re-election will still make their way to us for our PAC dollars.

To those of you who think I have it in for the SAPOA President, I do not. I think he is a great person, and somewhat angelic when he is sleeping, but it’s time for a new face to lead our POA. His current political strategy will be detrimental to any current negotiations. Even his attempt to have me arrested over a difference of opinion backfired. (SEE LINK BELOW.)

In closing many of you SAPOA members will retire in the next few years, including me. But it’s our duty to leave our POA in better shape than when we got it. And it’s unfortunate that this will not be the case unless we take action ASAP.

Manuel Delgadillo.


  • Councilmember Jessie Lopez
  • Councilmember Thai Viet Phan
  • City Manager Kristine Ridge
  • City Attorney Sonia R. Carvalho
  • Human Resources Director Jason Mostick
  • CALPERS Board

And lest we forget: The First Amendment protects Freedom of Speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


  • City Manager Kristine Ridge 12/29/22 letter to SAPOA
  • Politicians’ Letter to CALPERS for Serrano Pension Spike
  • Form 497 money spent on current recall
  • Form 496 contributions supporting Valerie Amezcua, David Penaloza, Phil Becerra

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