The Hard New World of 2023!

How many car chases do we see a year? How many shootings do we hear about on a daily basis? How many wars rage on across the globe every day of every year? How many people starve to death throughout the world? How many immigrants crowd every border of every country to leave either poverty, war, crimes, health concerns or imminent death? How many people are put on Pain Medication to shut them up every year?

Overpopulation is a problem that no one seems to address. In 1970, the United States had about 180 million human
residents. Today it is well over 340 million. Our roads are clogged, our rents and mortgages are out of control. The price of food, goods and services are and have been skyrocketing for years. There are soon more retired people than there are working folks. Despite the protestations of the naysayers, CO2 from humans is greatly affecting our Global Warming and the rising ocean tides. As our Coastal Communities around the world erode in front of our eyes, we take it all in stride? Our quality of life has diminished to the point that daily shootings of our neighbors and friends has become commonplace.

Partisan Politics in every country with the hard language and actions of those Administrations are killing protesters, killing law abiding citizens and making our lives into a day to day operation. The state of our Healthcare Systems are in shambles. Just getting a Primary Care Doctor becomes a major task. When these folks retire, their replacements are not so forgiving or caring and demand various operations or procedures to enhance their pocketbooks. Revision surgeries have become “Standard Operating Procedure”. Finding caring and effective nursing has become almost impossible because of the terrible wages that won’t allow an adequate living for either the Nurses or their families.

The Political Environments across the world are not just “Contentious” but verge on accepted Criminal Physical Attacks with Liars, Criminals and Miscreants becoming “Representatives of the people”! The early deaths of Celebrities, Athletes, and Activists are being unduly accepted as “just bad luck”? Our greatest thinkers and
Scientists are being discounted and pushed to the side of critical thinking, being replaced by devout liars and rumor mongers – and home grown Social Media Terrorists!

The Death of our young, old and in-between has become accepted and commonplace without anyone asking critical questions or demanding investigation. Mutations of various diseases are being developed by drug companies around the world to ensure a constant demand for New Drugs and Drug Therapies. Not cures?

As they said in the film “Highlander” – “there is a quickening” and our world is spinning so fast that all of us; will soon be unable to control it. Being kind to others has become a seldom thing. Watching people drive on our freeways, blocking folks out for no reason, slowing down in the fast lane, living in their own world without regard to others has become a “cottage trade” with “Badges and Marques” on vehicles being an excuse to be complete uncaring human beings.

Our world has become hard, not because anyone wanted it to be, but because of the Political Leadership of every country has been accepting of bad behavior by their leaders and those with evil intent and corrupt, self serving behavior running the show for several years.

We are reminded by the words of the Poet John Donne in the 1600’s who said:
“The loss of one life – diminishes us all!” Donne was a Catholic living in England where Catholics were banned. Today, those who want to ban abortion, have no qualms about accept the killing of someone in war or even a neighbor with a different political view. The Evangelical World today seems to have accepted the Catholic version of “Situational Ethics” without exceptions! “It doesn’t matter what you do, even if you get caught!”

Our world has become harder because we are becoming overpopulated and everyone is afraid they will not have enough to eat, enough to take care of their families, “enough….enough!” These are the same folks that say that there is plenty of room for more people on this earth as they fly over various deserts and open space, then complain bitterly when immigrants move into their town.

Time for all of us to take a new look at our world, our country, our state, our county, our family and our friends. Time to embrace the Chinese Year of the Water Rabbit, coming on January 22nd. Time to make a warm and cozy feeling for all of us in 2023. Either than or cling tenaciously to the last gasp of the Year of the Tiger and approve of “death warmed over” on a daily basis!

The Hard New World of 2023?

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