Katie Porter should stop Texting, and other Senate ’24 Chismes.

Last week, Irvine Congresswoman Katie Porter‘s angry text chains once again got her unwelcome news attention. It was fun last year reading her texts bashing the Irvine PD and scolding Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan mercilessly. But now after watching her berate a staffer, an abjectly apologizing staffer hired as a “wounded warrior” who had contracted Covid and possibly passed it on to Katie…. Katie just sounds like a mean person. And just days before she announces she’s running for Dianne Feinstein’s old Senate seat too. Maybe Katie should stop texting, or be more careful with what she texts. Wouldn’t hurt to be a little nicer while she’s at it.

Of course I can say all that, I’m a totally independent blogger. But it doesn’t seem appropriate when the DPOC’s Executive Director Ajay Mohan, who also seems to be close with Melahat and Farrah, jumps on the bash-Katie train. We know that Farrah and Melahat hate Katie more than they hate Republicans, we know that Ajay is close to Farrah, and we continue to wonder how much power Melahat still wields down-low in the Party. And we’re not the only ones concerned…

Also we know, from last fall, that Farrah’s hatred and ambition are such that she doesn’t care if she brings down the Party and the nation with her. But, if she’d like Katie to run for Senate so she can take her place in Congress (which seems likely) why bash Katie now? Maybe it’s just the case, simply, that EVERYONE IS A DICK. One good bet is still out there, that Wounded-Warrior Covid-Catching Staffer Sasha Georgiades will soon be on Farrah’s staff.


I began this post, this morning, this year, as a Barbara Lee For Senate man. My late brother Crab and I have been great admirers of her since the 9/11 days when she was clearly the most brave and honest person in the whole Congress; and when she gave the keynote speech at the DPOC’s Truman Dinner recently she was just as good and inspiring. And Barbara has put in her time, Katie is just getting started.

Katie is for sure a great Congresswoman, and she would surely be a fabulous Senator, but here’s the thing – we can’t afford to lose a single Congressional seat, Katie barely beat Scott Baugh last November, and what other Democrats are there down there who could beat Scott Baugh? I have been having nightmares about a Farrah-Baugh race, on which MANY good people would feel compelled to turn their backs.

But then, today, Dan C brought up Harley Rouda, and it’s true – this new district does include Harley’s Laguna Beach. IS HARLEY INTERESTED? Everything would hinge on that. HE could beat Scott Baugh, in fact they’d have good debates – Baugh wouldn’t chicken out like Michelle Steel always did. If Harley will run for her seat, we MIGHT be able to support Katie for Senate as we’ll explain below. But first there’s this song, from back when Harley was clobbering Dana Rohrabacher. It might have to be re-done with Baugh verses:


How Bad is Adam Schiff?

Because it appears he is the front runner in the coming race to replace Doddering DiFi. Katie’s a celebrity but Adam’s an even bigger celebrity, mainly because Nancy Pelosi anointed him Chief Warrior against Donald Trump, who returned the favor by trashing him nonstop, making Adam a hero to most Americans. Even now Kevin McCarthy at the urging of bat-turds like Marjorie Taylor Greene is raising Adam’s pedestal even higher, by removing him from all committees.

But Adam is not a progressive, he is a Blue Dog “deeply enmeshed in corporatism and militarism.(Click that link, and there’s plenty more.) Maybe a fine senator for, say, some other state. But, just as our deep-blue central OC deserves more progressive representation than Correa, Daly Valencia and Umberg, deep-blue California should have PROGRESSIVE FIGHTERS in the upper chamber. And that could be Porter, or Lee, or as far as I know Kounalakis or Ro Khanna, not Adam.

But (as I’m starting to realize over the course of the day) it’ll come down to which of these progressives has the best chance of beating Schiff – making the top two in the primary, and then clobbering Adam in November like Cain clobbered Abel. Seeing the earliness and SPIRIT of her campaign launch this week, that probably WOULD be Katie. So okay I’m in. On one condition.

Harley? The other shoe?

Sidebar: Sowing a Loyal ADEM army

Every two years I’m irritated when the local Democratic elected leaders “endorse” a slate of folks running for ADEM. It’s wrong because ADEMS should be grassroots and these leaders already have plenty of power, as well as the ability to name a few people onto that board themselves. But it’s becoming clear this year exactly why they do that.

Down in AD 73 State Senator Dave Min and Congresswoman Porter got together and endorsed 14 ADEM contenders, and actually they’re mostly pretty good choices. Then I started to realize, Dave will be running in ’24 against another Democrat incumbent senator – my good friend Josh Newman – and Dave’s likely got himself 14 loyal Minions with this endorsement move. I did appreciate Dave coming out a few times to help my pal Hari Lal in his Anaheim Hills Council run (and this came after years of Min avoiding yours truly) – but now I see, that Hari and other folks in THAT area are also going to feel obligated to support Dave against Josh in ’24. Sigh…

Just so, Katie can probably expect loyalty from most of the ADEM folks SHE endorsed, as she goes up against other powerful Democrats for Senate. Hey, I wonder if this means Sharon Quirk-Silva is planning to go for higher office when she’s termed out of Assembly – her husband Jesus created an “SQS Unity Slate” the only criterion of which is that you support Sharon (which no Democrat actually doesn’t.)

Oh well. No big deal. Except that it makes kind of a joke out of the ADEM process. I just gave money to Katie Porter, to be our next Senator. Can somebody contact Harley, before Farrah gets too excited?

PS now that I’ve watched that video… the first 1:15 of it is much better than I expected – she doesn’t introduce herself so much as she GRABS THE SENATE BY THE BALLS. Then the next 30 seconds was frustrating – she as much as says that she aspires to be PERFORMATIVE. Let that not be true, but it shouldn’t even be suggested.

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