Orange Juice Blog 2022 Voting Guide – SHORT VERSION!



Each row read left to right:
Sarmiento, Foley, Park, Lal, Mahmood, Porter, Chen,
Rodriguez, Gomez, Shayanne Wright, Rowe, Lee Yoo, Buck, Diedre Nguyen,
Branda Lin, Tinajero, Aitken, Bell, Quirk-Silva, DODSON!

(Yes, it’s blurry to make you look harder.)


  • Governor: Abstain. Gavin’ll win anyway.
  • Lt. Gov. race: Abstain. Eleni’ll win anyway.
  • Secretary of State: Shirley Weber!
  • Controller: Greg abstain. Vern (and Jodi Balma) Lanhee Chan.
  • Treasurer: NOT Fiona Ma! Greg abstain; Vern Jack Guererro.
  • Attorney General: G. Rob Bonta V. abstain.
  • Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara.
  • U.S. Senate: G. Alex Padilla x2; Vern abstain x2; Padilla’ll win anway.

… and Board of Equalization District 4: DAVID DODSON!!!!!



  • 38: Linda Sanchez
  • 40: Dr. Asif Mahmood!!!
  • 45: Jay Chen!!!
  • 46: Abstain (Correa’ll win anyway)
  • 47: Katie Porter!!!
  • 49: Mike Levin!


State Senate:

  • 30: Abstain. Archuleta sucks but will win anyway.
  • 32: G. Bryan Nash V. no opinion.
  • 34: Tom Umberg
  • 36: Kim Carr!
  • 38: Catherine Blakespear!

State Assembly:

  • 59: Leon Sit for the hell of it; Chen’ll win anway.
  • 64 (La Habra): Blanca Pacheco.
  • 67: Sharon Quirk-Silva!
  • 68: Mike Tardif as a protest vote; Avelino’ll win anyway.
  • 70: Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen!
  • 71: G. Kate Sanchez; V. no opinion.
  • 72: Judy Mancuso.
  • 73: G. Cottie, V. abstain.
  • 74: Chris Duncan – V. Yes! G: (ok).


Superior Court Seat 30: Michele Bell!!!!!

Appellate Retention Races: Vote to keep all the incumbents, or save your ink – they’ll win anyway.


Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond!!!


North OC CCD

  • District 1: Barbara Dunsheath.
  • District 6: Jeffrey Brown.

Coast CCD

District 1: V. Jim Moreno is okay for this office; G. even less enthusiastic.

Rancho Santiago CCD

Area 2: John Hanna is okay for this office.

South OC CCD

  • Area 4: Terry Whitt Rydell!
  • Area 6: Ryan Dack!

Unified School Districts

Brea Olinda USD

  • Area 1: Greg says Flanders, Balma says Colon, Vern agnostic.
  • Area 4: Becerra!

Capistrano USD

  • Area 2: Parham.
  • Area 4: Pritchard.
  • Area 7: Conrtreras.

Garden Grove USD

  • Area 2: Paredes!

Irvine USD

  • Area 2: McEwen!

Los Alamitos USD

  • Area 1: Davidson.
  • Area 3: Hill.

Newport Mesa USD

  • Area 2: Murphy.
  • Area 4: Pearson.
  • Area 7: Anderson.

Orange USD

  • Area 1: Yamasaki.
  • Area 4: Moffett.
  • Area 5: Erikson.
  • Area 7: Griffin.

Placentia / Yorba Linda USD

  • Area 4: Freeman.
  • Area 5: Buck!

Rowland USD

  • Area 5: Hayakawa.

Saddleback Valley USD

  • Area 1: Walsh.
  • Area 5: Shulman.

Santa Ana USD

  • Area 4: Brazer Aceves!

Tustin USD

  • Area 3: Davis!

Union High School Districts

Anaheim UHSD

Area 1: Guerrero!!!

Fullerton Joint UHSD

Area 4: Klatzker.

Huntington Beach UHSD

  • Dishno!
  • Castrey!
  • Vern says Carey, Greg says Lankster.

Just Plain Ol’ School Districts!

Buena Park School District

  • Area 4: Estrada.

Centralia School District

  • Area 1: Chareon.

Cypress School District

  • Area B: Chanaka.
  • Area C: Greg: Chang; Vern is busy.

Fountain Valley School District

  • Phu Nguyen!!!
  • Irvine!
  • Maeda!

Fullerton School District

  • Area 4: Hanchett.

Huntington Beach City School District

  • Area 4: Marks.
  • Area 5: Morrow.

La Habra City School District

  • Aguirre!!!
  • Pruitt!
  • Rogers!

Lowell Joint School District

  • Area 2: Berg.
  • Area 4: Evangelista.

Ocean View School District

  • Singer!
  • Briscoe!
  • Souders!

Savanna School District

  • Area 2: Burdette.


  • District 2: SARMIENTO!!!
  • District 4: PARK!!!
  • District 5: FOLEY!!!


Aliso Viejo

  • Greg says Ackley & Avellan.
  • Vern thinks those two are ok but wouldn’t vote for anyone who endorses Farrah Khan.


  • Mayor: Ashleigh Aitken!
  • District 2: Carlos Leon!
  • District 3: Al Jabbar!
  • District 6: Hari Shankar Lal!!!
  • NOBODY whose mailers come from SOAR!


  • Hupp, Herrera, & Windes.

Buena Park

  • District 1: Ahn.
  • District 2: Trinidad Castaneda.

Costa Mesa

  • Mayor: Stephens! (Moorlach shouldn’t-a sold his soul by endorsing Trevor in Anaheim.)
  • District 3: Marr!
  • District 4: Chavez!
  • District 5: The great Reynolds!!!


  • Burke, Le, no third endorsement.

Fountain Valley

  • Harper, Cao, no third endorsement.


  • District 3: Charles.
  • District 5: VALADEZ!!!

Garden Grove

  • District 1: Rodriguez!
  • District 3: No endorsement.
  • District 5: Vern says Trung Ta, Greg says Dovinh (but Greg may concede to Vern here.)

Huntington Beach

  • Rodriguez!!!!
  • Inouye!!!
  • Hardy!!
  • Clayton Tarvin!



  • Mayor: Branda Lin!!!
  • Council choice 1: Dr. Kathleen Treseder!!!
  • Council choice 2: Vern says (with reservations) Larry Agran. Greg says Sadigh (or Agran if you wanna).

Laguna Beach

  • DIFFICULT! Six good people vs, one asshole (Blake.) Greg says: Kempf, Rounagi, Pudwill.

Laguna Hills

  • Khosravi, no other endorsements.

Laguna Niguel

  • Oddo & Mokhbury.

Laguna Woods

  • Moore & Tao.

La Habra

  • Juarez Bernier! That’s it, cast just one vote!

La Palma

  • Patel & Conklin!

Lake Forest

  • District 2: Betz is Bezt! (District 3 looks to be stuck with Voights.)

Los Alamitos

  • District 4: Hibard!

Mission Viejo

  • District 1: Shepard!
  • District 2: Holmes!
  • District 3: Vasquez!
  • District 4: Aprati!
  • District 5: Miller!

Newport Beach

  • District 1: Miller.
  • District 3: Mosher!
  • District 6: Brenner!


  • Mayor: SLATER! (Murphy has to go..)
  • District 1: White! (Barrios has to go.)
  • District 3: Russo.
  • District 4: We’d endorse Bilodeau if he’d shown his public-spiritedness by endorsing Dodson for BOE.
  • District 6: Gladson.


  • District 2: Kirwin! (District 4 seems to be stuck with A Man Named Wanke.)

Rancho Santa Margarita

  • KEN DIXON! No other endorsements.

San Clemente

  • Zhen Wu!
  • Dennis Kamp!
  • And Vern says Enmeir, Greg says Vidrine. Both are good choices.

San Juan Capistrano

  • District 3: PAUL LOPEZ!!!

Santa Ana

  • Ward 2: Vasquez!!!
  • Ward 4: Mejia!!
  • Ward 6: Escamilla!!!
  • Say NO! to OC’s greediest, most dangerous Police Union.

Seal Beach

  • District 1: Kalmick!
  • District 3: Landau!
  • District 5: Klinger!


  • You’re stuck with Mayor Shawver forever, as well as Taylor in District 3.
  • District 1: Torres! (Who a commenter tells us is Ada’s son!)


  • Mayor: BECKIE GOMEZ!
  • District 3: FRANK GOMEZ!

Villa Park

  • Wu!
  • Jones.
  • No third endorsement.


  • Mayor: Write in TERRY RAINS!
  • District 1: GENTILE!
  • District 4: PHAM!

Yorba Linda

  • No endorsements. 🙁



Rips and Shade

Serrano Water Dist.

Diana Fascinelli

Silverado-Modjeska Recreation & Parks Dist.

Bullis, Martz, Wright, Kuhn

Costa Mesa Sanitary Dist.

Re-elect Scheafer, Ooten, and Schafer!

Midway City Sanitary Dist.

We both endorse Contreras! Greg also endorses both Nguyens.


Irvine Ranch W.D.

Greg endorses Doug Reinhardt, but likes Soha Vazirnia a lot, and hopes to see her elected when Reinhardt retires.

Moulton Niguel W.D.

Greg endorses incumbents Rifkin, Moorhead, and Froelich.

Mesa. W.D.

Division 1: Baldwin is better than the OK incumbent.

Division 4: Wright is WAY WAY WAY better than the catastrophically horrific incumbent!

Orange County Water District – these races are critical

Division 1: Ray Hiemstra!!! Strongly endorsed by water politics Maven John Earl!

Division 5: Lee Yoo!!! Beware — slimy Steve Sheldon is trying to split the Asian vote!

Division 7: Kelly Rowe!!!!! The best of the best!

Yorba Linda W.D.

Brooke Jones (i), Sean Phayakapong, and Kim-Anh Le! DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THIS! (sorry to be rude)

Municipal W.D. of OC

Division 2: Larry Dick

Division 5: Russell Crane


G – Capistrano Unified School District SFID No. 3 Bond Measure LEAN NO Now is not the time to take on bond debt

H – Santa Ana Unified School District Term Limits NO no one argued for or against it, so don’t be drastic

I – City of Aliso Viejo, Councilmember Term Limits NOfinally seems like a good council with competitive races

J – City of Anaheim, Anaheim Hotel Tax (TOT Measure) LEAN NO — if it’ll just go to Police and Fire interests, forget it

K – City of Costa Mesa, Ordinance to Revitalize Commercial and Industrial Areas and Protect Residential Neighborhoods NEUTRAL Weird and confusing. Just ask Arliss Reynolds and do what she says.

L – City of Huntington Beach, Charter Amendment Measure 1 YES! Measures L, M, and N are needed reforms to help the HB City Council stand up to power-mad City Attorney Michael Gates!

M, N — See Letter L just above. BIG YES on both!

O – City of Huntington Beach, Taxation on Cannabis Businesses YES! Taxing it just makes sense. Needs 2/3 vote!

P – City of La Palma, La Palma City Services Measure YES! Moves the TOT for hotel rentals and short-term rentals from 8% to12%. OC’s guests can pay more for proximity to OC’s tourist attractions.

Q & R: Q – City of Laguna Beach, Municipal Code Amendment to Create an Overlay Zoning District and Require Voter Approval of Major Development Projects YES? Requires voter approval for more major projects within the city.

S – City of Laguna Beach, Municipal Code Amendment to Create a Minimum Wage and Workplace Standards and Protections for Hotel Employees YES! $18 minimum wage and protections for housekeepers. C’mon, wealthy LB!

T – City of Laguna Woods, Cannabis Business Tax Ordinance YES! It’s a good way for liberal Laguna Woods to raise revenue and take a step its more conservative neighbors might not

U – City of San Clemente, Appointive City Clerk YES. An elected City Clerk has done wonders for Huntington Beach — but it hasn’t done much for San Clemente.

V – City of San Clemente, Appointive City Treasurer YES! This position requires expertise, not bought popularity!

W – City of Santa Ana, Santa Ana Business License Tax Equity and Flexible Tax Holiday YES! Not sure, but seems good!

X – City of Santa Ana, Charter Amendments NO! Some good ideas that should have been a separate measure she mixed in her with some BIG BAD ones!

Y – City of Westminster, No-Tax Increase Local Services Measure. YES! Extending an existing tax rate that keeps the city on par with its neighbors is a pretty modest ask.

Z – City of Yorba Linda, Housing Element Implementation General Plan Amendments and Rezoning LEAN YES. Some people want to fight with the state to keep out affordable housing; others say that losing that battle means even more of it. Yes seems the more prudent position.


Prop 1: YES! Lock in Reproductive Rights! Put them into the state Constitution!

Prop 26: NO! Not only a bad idea, but a really shifty piece of work! Renegotiate the compact if you must!

Prop 27: NO! At first I thought was a competitor to 26; now I see that they’re reach and overreach!

Prop 28: YES! Put arts and music education back into the public schools!

Prop 29: YES! Better regulation of the kidney dialysis industry. And the government should prepare to build its own!

Prop 30: YES! Tax surcharge on income over $2MM to help clear the air and prevent wildfires!

Prop 31: YES! Referendum to Keep 2020 Law Prohibiting Retail Sale of Certain Flavored Tobacco Products! Tobacco ain’t candy!

Again: for a fuller discussion of these endorsements, go to OJB’s ENDORSEMENTS for Fall 2022!

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