(Chen, Porter, Mahmood, Dodson, Bell, Foley, Sarmiento, Park.)

1. Save America, and Democracy!

  • JAY CHEN for Congress (Northwest-county CA-45)
  • DR. ASIF MAHMOOD for Congress (North/east-county CA-40)
  • KATIE PORTER for Congress (Coastal CA-47)
  • MIKE LEVIN for Congress (South-county CA-49)

(No offense leaving out Lou and Linda, but Lou and Linda won’t lose.)

2. Save us all from Shame: Vote David Dodson for Equalizer!

3. Save Orange County!

  • KATRINA FOLEY for Supervisor (South-county district 5)
  • VICENTE SARMIENTO for Supervisor (Central-county district 2)
  • SUNNY PARK for Supervisor (Northwest-county district 4)

4. Save Anaheim!

  • ASHLEIGH AITKEN for Mayor!
  • CARLOS LEON for Council District 2.
  • AL JABBAR for Council District 3!
  • HARI LAL for Council District 6!

5. Save Santa Ana!

  • SAL TINAJERO for Mayor!
  • BENJAMIN VASQUEZ for Council Ward 2!
  • AMELIA MEJIA for Council Ward 4!
  • MANNY ESCAMILLA for Council Ward 6!

6. Save Irvine!

7. Save Huntington Beach!

  • For Council: Oscar Rodriguez, Jill Hardy, Kenneth Inouye, & Gina Clayton-Tarvin!

Greg and I will be weighing in on a whole lot of other races this week, as well as the initiatives, but the above is what I really think is most important. And apologies to my favorite assembly candidates like Sharon Quirk-Silva and Chris Duncan for not including you here, but Democrats are NOT going to lose our super-majority.

And I regret I’m still not aware of any decent Republicans I could support this year, and that’s a first for me. That’s sad. Or “Tha’s sah” as they say in Pico Rivera!)

[Greg adds a warning: Michelle Steel ads have been spotted on our site. We didn’t choose them! IGNORE THEM!]

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