Kleptos Line Up: Trevor Mayor, Meeks D6. Plus, buy Jeff Flint’s $3 million San Clemente home!

So many Anaheim chismes for you today, where do I even begin?

I know, here: my buddy Mark Daniels was chatting with Play-Mayor Trevor O’Neil at a Memorial Day ceremony at Anaheim Cemetery, a little after all the FBI revelations and Sidhu’s resignation. And everybody knew Todd Ament was in trouble. But we’ve all been waiting impatiently for more shoes to drop. And Trevor brought up his friend, Cabal-Master Jeff Flint: “Don’t you think that if Jeff was in trouble, we would have heard about it by now?” And Mark had the impression that Trevor was trying to convince HIMSELF that we’d heard the last of the FBI.

But re-reading the FBI’s Ament complaint, it’s hard to see how Jeff isn’t in, at least, a large fraction of the trouble Todd is. He’s obviously just as much of a swindler and a liar. Donna and I took a field trip to the Chamber of Commerce, to see the center of power running our city. Just as we’d heard, the Chamber, Visit Anaheim, and Jeff Flint’s FSB Consulting (later re-named Core Strategies) were all on the same floor, and not separated by windows or doors. The day we visited, Flint was busy moving his firm out though. I wonder where they are now?

He’s apparently keeping busy and still running Anaheim from SOME undisclosed location. I’ve confirmed that, as I suspected, Flint ghost-wrote all of Harry Sidhu’s pieces in the Register, and now he’s obviously ghost-writing for Trevor – as see when the Play-Mayor tried to take on Senator Moorlach back in June. Flint is a salesman and cheerleader, his style’s unmistakable, and he’ll be composing all the Trevor for Mayor mailers too.

But apparently not everything is going swimmingly in Flintville, as for some reason he’s selling his $3 million dollar San Clemente home. You can see pictures of it here, and you can even sign up to take a tour of it! Five bedrooms, six bathrooms! I’m reminded of Melahat Raifei‘s tantrum when she realized she and her clients were being ripped off by both Todd and Jeff:

I lost a shit-ton of money..,. At least a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. That’s a lot of money in my life! It may not mean much to the Big Bear-owning, yacht-owning, riverhouse-owning person like Todd, or to you and you gorgeous life, I love seeing you with your beautiful family, but that was a lot of money for me. So there’s two hundred and twenty fucking thousand dollars

Hard to feel sorry for a guy who was the consultant for Proposition 8, and killed Sunkist Plaza for 10 grand a couple years ago, and what have I left out?

Anyway back to Trevor. He IS running for Mayor (so maybe Galloway will get her Democrat-spoiler money after all.) He’s been walking around the Hills like a dork, telling everyone he’s running for Mayor. I don’t know what trick he’s up to filing for Council District 6, but that only fooled Dan Chmielewski, in his blind hope for a Mayor Galloway. The district 6 candidate will be Planning Commissioner and former Public Works Director Natalie Meeks (right), who’s been getting shown around the Hills by Curt Pringle. (Remember Curt? I told you he never left Anaheim.)

Is it smart, though, for Trevor to run for Mayor while trying to pass an initiative to end rent control in Anaheim? A conservative friend of mine doesn’t think it’ll hurt him (“Most voters are homeowners”) but I don’t see how it endears him to the Flatlands. Or how it’ll even be possible or legal for Anaheim landlords to vote themselves out of California law. I’ll hand you over to Fred Sigala Jr. now, who wrote this blurb and made this video:

What does AB 1482, (the California Tenant Protection Act of 2019”) do?

  • Statewide law that went into effect on January 1, 2020 and expires on January 1, 2030.
  • Requires a landlord to have a “just cause” in order to terminate a tenancy.
  • Limits annual rent increases to no more than 5% + local CPI (CPI = inflation rate), or 10% whichever is lower.
  • A tenant may not waive their rights to these protections and any agreement to do so by the tenant is void as contrary to public policy.

Cabal Face Trevor O’Neil’s proposal is indeed “contrary to public policy.” Even if council approved this attempt at circumventing State Law, AB1482 shows there would be no lawful way for owners to implement it on their tenants. The fact that the Cabal is trying to get this proposal on the November ballot anyway, despite an FBI investigation into past attempts at circumvention, (Google PHTFOC Brown Act Lawsuit) for purposes of city asset (Angel Stadium) theft, further illustrates the Cabal’s unwillingness to abide by State and even Federal law.

Please help us report these Criminals.

Call your California Legislator and ask them to hold Mayor Pro Tem Trevor O’Neil and the Anaheim Cabal accountable. It would be illegal to increase the already rising cost of residential and commercial rent in our City. He wants to give private property owners an excuse to ignore State Law so they can try to exploit their already struggling tenants. We must call on them to enforce our state law, AB 1482!

  • Senator Josh Newman Phone: (714) 525-2342
  • Senator Tom Umberg Phone: (714) 558-3785
  • Assemblymember Sharon Quirk Silva: Phone: (714) 525-6515
  • Assemblymember Tom Daly: Phone: (714) 939-8469
  • Also, address your public comments to the Anaheim City Council at:
  • publiccomment@anaheim.net
  • lday@anaheim.net
  • toneil@anaheim.net
  • jmoreno@anaheim.net
  • jodiaz@anaheim.net
  • sfaessel@anaheim.net
  • avalencia@anaheim.net
  • gmaae@anaheim.net

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