Pat Bates Recruited for 5th District Supe Race – Buh-Bye, Harkey!

When the press release below came across my transom late last night (forwarded by the Winships) I had, after a quick glance, a series of predictable thoughts: “How freaking boring – these south county folks had eight years of Bates as a Supervisor, then eight years of Bates as a state senator, and now she wants to be their Supervisor again!” and also “Can’t any of these old politicians retire in dignity? Can’t they EVER let go?”and also “Isn’t this lady nearly 80 by now?”

But then, when I looked closer, I saw that Bates was RECRUITED – CONVINCED to run. This letter is signed by about 40 insider Republicans, not all from the South County. This means they’re not as enamored of heartless, Trump-endorsed, financial crook Diane Harkey as it first seemed. Or rather, they think Harkey would be easier for Foley to beat than the familiar, somewhat likeable Bates.

And they’re probably right. This will be an added challenge for Katrina Foley.

I hope Harkey stays in the race just out of spite. But Republicans are too disciplined for that. (After typing those words, I remember the last Moorlach – Muldoon debacle which originally paved the way for Supervisor Foley – so maybe not!)

If I remember right, with Supervisor races unlike some other races like the “special” one just referenced, the top two from the June primary go on to November even if one of them DOES get over 50%.

Another thing that’ll help Bates in San Clemente and thereabouts is she actively PROTECTED that area from a 241 extension, while Harkey supported anything the TCA wanted to do. Katrina should go farther and get really tough with the TCA. Also, this is more than ever a coastal district – Katrina needs to exploit her environmental, anti-big-oil bonafides and Bates’ shortcomings.

Anyway, here’s yesterday’s missive:

We are proud to announce that State Senator Pat Bates has agreed to run for the new Orange County 5th District Supervisorial seat currently held by progressive liberal Katrina Foley. [Not technically true – due to the vagaries of redistricting, Katrina currently has the 2nd district seat where she doesn’t even live! – Vern]

Orange County has managed to fend off many of the serious disruptions that other counties have faced because we have always had a conscientious majority.  Katrina Foley’s election put that fragile balance at risk.

Pat Bates has never had a misstep in her public service to this great county and our most precious state. She IS the epitome of leadership – always acting with that rare combination of grace, determination, grit, and compassion. Her deep knowledge of the cause and effect of good governance (and bad) is unparalleled. 

Her candidacy virtually ensures that we will restore proper leadership to this district and re-instill confidence amongst the voters.

Please join us in endorsing her and supporting her efforts financially.  She is the right candidate at the right time.

Thank you for your consideration,

Rick Albrecht
David Bahnsen
Rusty Brown
Dmitriy Chebotarev
Brandon Day  

John and Carolyn Ben
Kim Bengard
Joellen Chapman
Jo Ellen Chatham

Mary and Pat Dirk
Hon. Al Frink
Darren Gallaway

Doy Henley
Teresa Hernandez
U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA)
Tafa Jefferson

Ed Laird
Linda and Wayne Lindholm
Bob Loewen

Senator John Moorlach
Benny Mor
Bill O’Connell, Jr.
Lisa Ohlund
Dryden Pence
Manuel Ramirez
Kathy Salter
Susie Spanos
Tim Tunney
Lei Wang

John Warner
Glenn Woody
Kimberly and John Word


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