Timely new films on Santa Ana issues, Sunday at 2!

Well, by all means, you do YOU, but I know where *I’m* going to be this Sunday from 2 to 4 – at Santa Ana College watching these three new timely documentaries from Santa Ana Residents First and Chicanxs Unidxs. (Vern here.) I wish we had a group as effective as Chicanxs Unidxs here in Anaheim. They were a big part of getting rent control in Santa Ana, they are a big part of getting police oversight there … hell, they were a big part of getting a decent Mayor and City Council last fall so these things could happen. And now they (and their colleagues) are presenting new short films on timely SA issues – parking, gentrification, and the cruel removal of HANDBALL COURTS. Best part, this show is FREE. GRATIS.


Santa Ana First: Protect Handball Courts!

Handball courts have a history rooted in working class neighborhoods. So what happens when elected officials want to remove a neighborhood cornerstone in order to “curb violence”? This documentary explores the true meaning hand ball courts have had for residents and the impact of removing handball courts.

Santa Ana First: Protect Your Residents!

The lack of parking throughout the city is nothing new to Santa Ana residents, and yet, little has been done by elected officials to address a dire issue. This documentary explores how residents have been impacted by the parking crisis.

Santa Ana First: Protect Your Community!

Drive through key areas of Santa Ana and its evident that gentrification has drastically transformed much of the city. Main Street is facing the current overhaul, bringing serious concerns of eviction and pushout to both residents and small business owners – much of what happened on Bristol Street. This documentary shares the stories of both residents and business owners of Main Street.

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