Eric Neshanian’s Armenian Grievances Post

Because one of our readers, Eric Marcus Neshanian, Esq. — foe of Farrah Khan and intrepid disrupter of business as usual — has been unable to resist posting off-topic comments expressing Armenian grievances on other serious posts, we have created this post for him to talk about whatever he wants that doesn’t violate site standards. (Some mild mangling of Yiddish terms, justified by Eric as a response to Israeli support for Turkish denial of the Armenian Genocide, will be tolerated, because that really was wrong.)

Many, perhaps most, of his previous comments will be transported here. Here is a map of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the disputed territory they each claim from the Wikimedia site, used in an article today by Newsweek. Nagorno-Karabakh has a different name in Armenian, but I don’t recall what it is and I hope that Eric will fill us in on it. As you can see, the borders are a mess (thanks to the colonial Soviet regime’s mangling the border lines as badly as Great Britain once did in the Middle East.)

A troubled part of the word, now impacting Orange County, Irvine, and this very blog!

Here are some of Eric’s previous comments on topics of his choosing, along with my occasional replies:

Somewhere Orly Taitz is scratching her head wondering how she missed out on this mishegas [over Farrah Khan, Mike Carroll, and the Dan Chmielewski payment.] That is some good feather ruffling bubby. Way to scramble up the kugel.

[Greg] Two out of three Yiddish words used correctly is not bad these days! (No one scrambles kugel.)

I didn’t write this for your enjoyment, but I did realize that you’d enjoy it. I’ll bet I know what publication is likely to pick it up.

They do, if Kugel is slang for one’s mind or brain as in your kugel is soft. Which it is, in some circles.

Kugel has several meanings beyond noodle pudding, bubby! Carry on!

There is no indication on Google or Wikipedia that what you’re saying is true, although it is apparently used as slang among the older generation of South African Jews for what we in this country would once have called a “Jewish American Princess.”

Eric, what you’re doing is called “hijacking a post,” and I’m done with it. I’ll create a new post for you [n.b., this one!] to put all of your Armenian patriotic commentary on Turkey, Azerbaijan, etc, and you can post it there, along with your mangling of Yiddish and other grievances. This is an alternative to simply banning you rather than putting you into moderation (as I’ve done), out of deference to your having a cogent perspective to offer but just seem unwilling to refrain from hijacking other posts. But I’m going to start deleting everything you have to say that detracts from the topic at hand. If I’m in a good mood I’ll move it to that [this!] post.

Melahat is a Turkish name. Just saying. Speaking about thick plots.

You mean the ‘news’ outfit Voice of OC that has Wylie Aitken (ADL acolyte = Genocide denier sympathizer) as the Chairman of its Board and is touting his daughter’s run for Santa Ana mayor. There is an Armenian-American population in Santa Ana wait until they get wind they Wylie and Darren took awards from ADL an organization steeped in lobbying against formal US recognition of Armenian Genocide on behalf of Israel and Turkey. The DNC wouldn’t appoint a supporter of an organization that lobbied for Holocaust denial to chair it’s senate federal judge appointment committee so why is Wylie who is in bed with Genocide deniers be so qualified for the position.

Turks infiltrating US opportunity zones. Me wonders: is that is afoot in the OC.

But, farrahkhan is speaking at builders convention later this month.

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