Ron & Anna review “No Time to Die!”

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“No Time to Die”…….the Un-fettered Review!

Looking forward to seeing the latest James Bond movie with great urgency…..seemed somehow out of sorts for us. Usually, we do not follow the herd mentality and just jump off the cliff every time someone yells “Lemming!” in a crowded room. In this case however there seemed to be some compelling force pushing us to get there early and pay close attention. To put this into some context, the first James Bond we ever saw was at the Port Theater in Corona del Mar, way back in 1964. It was called “Dr. No”. From the time we saw that flick, we have been hooked James Bond, 007 fans without doubt. Sure, we were quite upset when Roger Moore took over the reigns for Sean Connery…..George Lasenby never counted back then.

“No Time to Die” is the 26th edition of what Cubbie Brocolli envisioned and conceived of, taking the works of Ian Fleming and making them into the first major film Franchise in US History. Having to endure the likes of Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton were painful to those of us that were devout Sean Connery fans. In retrospect Roger Moore wasn’t that bad for the Bond Purist Set. Along comes Daniel Craig into our world……along with a great array and endless list of bad, terrible, crazy, nutcase villains of the worst repute with one worse than the next.

In “No Time to Die” you wind up with maybe six or seven different bad guys, a Black Female 007 (that is supposed to be on the good guys side!), Earnst Stavro Blofeld (incarcerated!), a Love of his life and a daughter! Giveaway Alert: This film is tough to watch, tough to keep up with and violent without any redeeming reasons.

Moving on; the opening of the film is great…..enjoyed it a lot. Then things get way too confusing for anyone to try to unravel. We will not attempt to even give you any incite. Watch the movie carefully….especially in the beginning. The connections soon become cartoons rather than touchy feels on reality. Felix Lighter? The CIA? MI6 Retirement? Why do the bad guys want him dead so early? Was it something he did in the past? The ragged connection with “M” and “Q”? Who was that great cute Intern Agent in the Cocktail dress? She was awesome! Probably our favorite cast member for this film.

The bad guys as you can well imagine were BAD! Very BAD! The Love Interest was disconnected by any standard …..we never did get how this relationship ever developed even in the beginning. Character Development, Character Development: they say! Anyway, it took a great deal of time to discover the Essential Threat to Mankind and what needed to be done to save most of the people on the planet. No Give-A-Way Alert: Cyber DNA! Sorry, but even if we told you everything we saw….it wouldn’t help. By the way, the Theme Song by Billy Elish was not to our liking… biggie! The music was fine, the lyrics were awful. We expected better music however throughout. The Negativity was rampant throughout. The brutal answer by Government at the end of this film was not necessary. In fact, the ending was awful in every respect.

We will leave you with this: Go see “No Time to Die”, but do not accept the outcome. There should have been three or four selections to choose from…..for the best ending. Many of us will probably have to go back and see this film two or three more times….to get depressed enough to write the filmmakers and demand a “Recount”!

“No Time to Die – the Un-fettered Review! Hoping that the next 007 will be coming soon!

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