Inge Questions Vaccine Mandates.

This year I decided that I would stop following politics and definitely stop watching the news. The whole thing is one endless Jerry Springer show. It seems that people enjoy all the endless drama. They love the endless gossip. That’s probably why the “fake” reality shows are still on the air. I no longer have television nor do I pay for cable TV. My goal is to live a happy, peaceful life. People are free to do what they like. If drama is their thing, more power to them.

And then the guy who now lives in the White House, the one who looks like everyone’s sweet old grandpa announced that if you want a job, you have to get vaccinated or get a weekly covid test. There goes my peace and quiet. I have lots of questions and it appears to me that I am the only one who does. At least openly anyway. All of my FaceBook friends (they really aren’t my friends. They really could care less about me) echo his words. I bet none of them ever took the time to research any vaccines, like how long it takes to create (testing, clinical trials, etc.) a vaccine to make sure it is safe. You can find the polio vaccine timeline here: I will tell you, it definitely took longer than 8 months.

Why does the information about this vaccine keep changing? At first, we were told the vaccines worked; then there were “breakthrough” cases from people vaccinated. We were told that a vaccinated person can still spread the virus, so wear a mask. Then they said don’t wear a mask. All the information comes from different sources who have different opinions. It’s like they do it on purpose. Information overload.

So let’s say I get vaccinated. I get a severe life-threatening reaction, like Epstein Barr. Who pays for my medical care? I asked my friend Google and got the following information from a vaccine lawyer’s website. “In 1986, Ronald Reagan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) into law, and this law created the VICP. The VICP protects the pharmaceutical company from liability related to vaccines. If someone suffers from a vaccine injury, they can’t bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Instead, they must make a claim to the government, and then, they may receive compensation through this program.” ( Don’t hold your breath.)

I found this information on the CNBC current website: 1. Under the PREP Act, companies like Pfizer and Moderna have total immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines. 2. A little-known government program provides benefits to people who can prove they suffered serious injury from a vaccine. 3. That program rarely pays, covering just 29 claims over the last decade.

So let me get this straight. I have to get a vaccine that is not guaranteed to work and if I get seriously injured or croak I am SOL. This is reassuring.

Let’s continue… Are you aware that Johnson & Johnson has class-action lawsuits against them? Like right now? That sweet “family-owned” company knew for ten years that their baby powder caused cancer and continued selling it. This is the latest one filed in July 2021. “A lawsuit alleging that Johnson & Johnson marketed talcum-based baby powder to Black women amid concerns over the product and ovarian cancer risks was filed Tuesday on behalf of the National Council of Negro Women. Attorneys Ben Crump and Paul Napoli, who filed the suit, accused the company in a statement Tuesday of “specific marketing of talcum-based baby powder to Black women, despite links to ovarian cancers.” (source: USA Today) I feel so comforted knowing they are allowed to vaccinate people. How many people know about this lawsuit?

Did you read about the FDA approving an Alzheimer’s drug that does not work? “Three experts have now resigned from a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee after the agency approved an Alzheimer’s drug called Aduhelm against the wishes of nearly every member on the panel.” (source: NPR website). What? Why???

Did you know the FDA’s two top federal vaccine regulators are leaving?

“Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review, is scheduled to depart the FDA at the end of October. Phil Krause, the office’s deputy director, will retire in November. Neither FDA official has spoken publicly about their reasons for leaving, but there has been speculation that Gruber and Krause grew frustrated with an increasing lack of autonomy and encroachment by other agencies, particularly around booster shots.” (source: CNBC)

Scott Gottlieb, the FDA commissioner under former President Trump, said on CNBC Wednesday.“There’s a deep bench in that group, but I think this evidences some frustration that’s coursing through the agency particularly with CDC and the way CDC’s been encroaching on FDA’s regulatory affairs.” (source: CNBC)

Who will replace them? Will they be doing the bidding for the drug companies? Oh, and did you know the FDA is partially funded by the drug companies they regulate? How is this even legal?

There is so much corruption nowadays or maybe there always was and now they are more open about it. The Internet is a great source to find out information and at the same time a great way to sell FEAR.

We are told to help stop the spread of the virus, we need to wear a mask, even those who are vaccinated. I am all for wearing masks. But, I think drug companies are not satisfied with that, there is too much money to be made! There is not enough money selling masks, but drugs? Billions of dollars and there are zero risks on their part! And yes, I know a person can get tested weekly for covid instead of getting the shot, but who knows if grandpa in the White House will change his mind?

All this smells bad to me. I was born in Munich, Germany 1955. My mother saw what happened during Hitler’s regime. She told me stories that would make you sick and guess what, it all started by focusing on a group of people who became the scapegoat.

That’s my post but I don’t want to leave you on a negative note, so let me just say, “Have a nice day!”

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