Poseidon Desal: The Greenwashing.

The Tenaya fire, partially greenwashed.

by John Earl, cross-posted from “Surf City Voice.”

Global warming is slowly killing Californians and endangering future generations with extreme heat, fire, and drought.

But profits look good for Poseidon Water, California’s ocean-desalination lord, backed by Brookfield, the world-wide $600 billion self-proclaimed “decarbonizing” company that invests in renewable energy, infrastructure, and real estate.

Poseidon’s faux-environmentalist-for-hire Robert Sulnick jokes with a Poseidon-friendly crowd.

Twenty years of “greenwashing,” which is defined as “the dissemination of misleading information that conceals abuse of the environment in order to present a positive public image,” and millions of dollars spent on politicians, environmentalists, legislators, and regulators has paid off, so far.

Poseidon’s $1 billion desal plant in Carlsbad is operational and its proposed $1.4 billion Huntington Beach plant recently received ocean discharge permits from the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board.

The HB proposal tentatively comes to the Coastal Commission in November or December, the final step in the regulatory process. If approved then, the Orange County Water District (OCWD) would schedule a vote to approve a contract with Poseidon or not.

On sale to highest bidder – former Senator Barbara Boxer

The two plants will each produce around 50,000 acre-feet of desalinated drinking water annually.

The projects will not reduce water imports from the State Water Project or the Colorado River—that water will go elsewhere in Southern California.

Regardless of need, San Diego County Water Authority and OCWD ratepayers, by contract, will have to buy Poseidon’s water for 30 – 35 years—at two to three times the cost of water they could have purchased from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

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