Agran Jumps Shark, Votes NO on Anti-Asian-Hate Resolution, pisses off almost everyone

Yesterday our new Irvine blogger Luis Huang called and asked if I could publish his open letter to Councilman Larry Agran expressing his dismay at Larry being the one vote AGAINST the Council’s resolution against Anti-Asian Hate.  So I’ll start by printing Luis’ letter, but the more I heard and thought about it, the more I realized I had to write about it myself;  Luis’ letter will just be an introduction.  Because extreme rudeness is called for here, and Luis doesn’t have that in him.

Councilmember Larry Agran,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to communicate my personal thoughts with you.

I wish to preface first before making my overall comment, I appreciate and I wish to personally thank you for your decades of public service, specifically to the City of Irvine. And I really appreciate you taking into strong consideration Tuesday evening’s City Council Agenda Item 4.2, and your thoughtful and thorough approach at taking the resolution very seriously and for your overall support of “the spirit of the resolution.”

However, with respect, I have to strongly state for public record, I am deeply disappointed in your lone No vote on April 14th. Furthermore, I am personally offended; as a unanimous vote shall state for public record; for the world to see, that the elected leaders of City of Irvine; the 72nd most populous city in the United States; and a city which cherishes, honors, and respects its rich AAPI community; and celebrating the diversity of its many residents’ of Asian descent.

Based on your public comments made Thursday evening, and your publicly released written statements made from your official social media and from your City Council office, is the overall symbolism that the 4.2 Resolution ultimately aims to address. For so many in our communities here in Irvine, AAPI community is SCARED. AAPI seniors are FEARFUL TO GO OUTDOORS. AAPI women are PERPETUALLY LOOKING OVER THEIR SHOULDERS.

AAPI and Asians are being harassed, beaten, sexually attacked, hurt and yes unfortunately some are murdered. Literally on our streets. You are entirely missing the overall point. You have failed in the overall goal of protecting your constituents. You have failed to protect the most vulnerable, e.g. seniors and many who are smaller in stature, and overall you have failed to be a leader on this very important issue.

I am available to speak on this topic, and I welcome any and all opportunities to discuss with you and with your City Council office, regarding the many shared experiences that I personally have lived while being Yellow in United States of America.

Luis Manuel Huang, Northwood.



Luis is right – solely on account of this one cranky politician who passed his sell-by date around the turn of the century, Irvine can not say that their Council stands unanimously against Anti-Asian hate.  And in SUCH a fucking Asian town!  Larry gave his reasoning here, he wanted to change one paragraph, make it more “inclusive,” and it may actually have been a slight improvement, but this was not something that author and Vice Mayor #TammyKim could easily and quickly do – she had worked on it with too many different people.  So, you just don’t vote NO on account of that.

But Larry can’t have anything not exactly his way.  It’s on account of this doddering autocrat, Irvine, that you can’t have a Veterans Cemetery or a Great Park.  And yet the good sheep of the City of Beige just keep electing this guy, so what can the rest of us say?

#TammyKim, the #ViceMayor

Even the two demonized Republicans on the Council, Mike Carroll and Anthony Kuo, had no problem voting for this resolution, which to be fair, didn’t bother them too much because it didn’t mention the source and aggravator for so much of today’s racist hate – Ex-President Donald Trump.

So does Larry’s no vote mean he’s anti-Asian?  Well, not exactly, but it does seem to show that he feels NO URGENCY to the very real problem of Asian-American persecution, as compared to getting his own preferred prose.  His cranky move has turned out to be pretty unpopular, except on the Very Far Right (Christina Shea) and the most hardcore Agranistas who will proffer up excuses for anything the Dear Leader does.  He was already a controversial figure in Irvine’s Democratic circles, and we are now, finally, enjoying the spectacle of his excommunication from various groups he used to lead with an iron fist.

Well, pass the SchadenPopcorn, and enjoy some heated FB discussion between Larry’s most obsequious blog apologist Dan Chemical Lewinsky, Vice Mayor #TammyKim (from the generation which speaks largely in #hashtags which can be #irritatingAF), and various other Irvine pundits.  I share a few screenshots from an Irvine friend (since Dan has had me blocked for a decade) – a friend who wants to remain anonymous because it’s still that kinda vengeful little town.

A Friday Afternoon in Irvine

Energized by this brisk repartee, and the thrill of repeatedly calling #TammyKim “racist” for using the common term “#whitesplaining,” our lumbering hack rushed to his ironically named “Liberal OC” blog to pen a fervent apologia for his idol, an apologia in which, as per usual, the cliches and the typos compete with each other in an endless marathon of disingenuous, malevolent mediocrity.

But the grossest and most revealing part is in the comment section, in which ghoulish homophobe ex-Mayor Christina Shea rears her head, agreeing with Larry for voting no on this, BECAUSE IRVINE HAS NO PROBLEMS WITH RACISM OR HATE … and then Dan practically does somersaults over the fact that Christina Shea agrees with him and Larry!

Oh, did I mention?  Agran is TOAST.



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