Tito’s Credo 4: The Stolen Election (NOT!)




No, Tito did NOT go to DC for the Insurrection. Read the story. (Please)

[This is the fourth installment in a series of articles about the conspiracy theories Mayor Pro Tem Ortiz believes and promotes, and how they may impact the HB citizens he was elected to represent.]

On January 6th we watched in collective horror as QAnons from all over the country looted our Capitol, threatened our elected representatives, and assaulted and killed police officers; in the month that has passed since, we have pursued justice at every level. Even this blog has done its small part: not to brag or anything, but our piece on the ‘Insane Coup Posse’ – still in progress – has helped law enforcement identify and arrest some of Orange County’s resident traitors. 

As images of the insurrectionists flooded social media, some suspected that Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz was at the Capitol that day. I rarely jump to Tito’s defense, so I hope you’ll trust me when I say he is actually telling the truth about not going to DC. While his friends ransacked the halls of American democracy, he was exercising with his kids at a local park.

That doesn’t mean he’s blameless.

Hail! Hail! The gang’s all here! (Click for larger image)

It’s hard to hold the leaders of QAnon accountable because they don’t exactly exist. The decentralized hierarchy of the alt-right, explained best in Ian Danskin’s Alt-Right Playbook, makes it difficult to pin the crimes of “lone-wolf,” stochastic terrorists on the political figures who inspire their actions. By design, every alt-right leader from Donald Trump right on down to Tito Ortiz maintains some level of plausible deniability. 

The Jan. 6 Insurrection was a little different– it appeared better organized than most alt-right violence, and it was more visibly a direct result of Trump’s lies about the 2020 election. And over the course of the last several months, Tito Ortiz has used his fame to amplify those lies to his hundreds of thousands of online followers.

Ortiz never explicitly asked anyone to commit violence on behalf of the former president, but he certainly belonged to the echo chamber that helped them justify that violence to themselves. In fact, given the opportunity to publicly condemn the insurrectionists in his official capacity as a member of the Huntington Beach City Council, Tito Ortiz abstained. He instead spread more disinformation from the virtual dais, blaming Anti-Fascist and Black Lives Matter activists despite the fact that some Q compatriots, like his friend Michelle Peterson and campaign manager Rick Brown, were recorded in the Capitol building on January 6th.

Tito chilling with Rick and Michelle on Election Night.

If Tito Ortiz were truly as concerned with upholding democracy as he claims, he would encourage his followers to accept the results of the election instead of denying Biden’s win– but he still hasn’t let it go, and neither has the Huntington Beach alt-right. Though their numbers have dwindled somewhat since November, a small group of holdouts continues to gather at the pier faithfully every Saturday night, waving their little flags and chanting “Stop the Steal!” 

The truth is, the 2020 election was one of the most secure in history. And on the very same ballots Biden supposedly used to “steal” the election, Tito Ortiz won his race for Huntington Beach City Council with a record-breaking number of votes. 

If someone was rigging the election for Democrats,
why didn’t Brian Burley get more votes?

He got enough votes to break a record, how many more does he need?

Just last week, this election statistic served as his primary defense against a vote of no confidence that would have cost him the opportunity to serve as Mayor next year. Everyone who called and emailed in support of Ortiz mentioned his large number of votes. It was so important to his case, his girlfriend posted an Instagram story in advance of the meeting that seemed to suggest he won even more votes than indicated by the official count (an allegation which is almost certainly false, and which would be both impossible and pointless to prove. )

By the way– Tito’s followers have been celebrating their little “victory” for the last week, but there was only one phone call that turned the tide for Mayor Pro Tem Ortiz… and that’s the phone call Mike Posey received from OC GOP leadership before the meeting, demanding he table the vote of no confidence. (The second time he’s bent the knee to Fred Whitaker this year, but who’s counting?)

Still, over and over again, we’ve heard our neighbors tell us that Tito Ortiz should be exempt from the consequences of his actions because he won an election. So why, then, are these same neighbors asking us to sign their Recall Newsom petitions? 

Ortiz himself has long supported the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom, despite not knowing enough about him to correctly spell his name. Before his entry into local politics, Ortiz attended numerous anti-mask and anti-shut down rallies in downtown Huntington Beach, in defiance of the governor’s emergency orders. He once drove all the way to San Diego to speak at a Recall Newsom rally– admittedly, he mostly spoke about himself, but at least he showed up for the cause, I guess? 

Newsome? Newson? Just pick ONE misspelling and STICK with it please…

And Tito Ortiz is not the only one in his circle who wants Newsom gone. Steadfast Tito supporter Major Williams, a former NBA reject and current gubernatorial hopeful, hosted a ‘Recall Newsom’-themed campaign event on Saturday at the Newport Pier, enlisting Amber Nichole Miller and her clique of alt-right influencers to help spread the word on Instagram. Ironically, it appears that one of the obstacles to the recall is getting people to sign the petition again (the signatures collected during the first five failed attempts don’t count), so their rather modest attendance despite the star-power below must have been a bit of a disappointment. 

Major’s Angels or something: Savannah Finch, Jaime Wilson, Amber Nichole Miller, and some chick named Alison.

The organizers of the petition to recall Tito Ortiz will undoubtedly face a similar obstacle starting on March 7, when his 90-day grace period expires. None of the over 3,000 signatures they have collected online will be counted toward the recall, and they’ll have just 160 days to convince at least 13,000 of our city’s 130,000 registered voters to sign. (For reference, here are the county and state guidelines on recall petitions.)

It doesn’t appear that Ortiz has publicly acknowledged the Recall Tito effort, but Amber addressed it in a video last week, saying the petition is “cancel culture,” and calling the organizers “mean, nasty people.” After Tito’s emotional speech at last week’s city council meeting, it’s easy to imagine he agrees with his girlfriend on the matter. 

That would be pretty hypocritical, wouldn’t it? Ortiz won the City of Huntington Beach by a margin of 4%, and he’s walking around town as if we elected him king for life, refusing to be held accountable for his mistakes because he’s the “voice of the people.” Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom won the entire state of California by a margin of 23%, and Tito wants to boot him out of office. Mayor Pro Tem Ortiz would lose that mandate-measuring contest by over 7.6 million votes. 

Local conservatives have ranted about Gavin Newsom’s dinner at the French Laundry for months, but consistently fail to call out the rank hypocrisy right under their noses: 

  • Tito Ortiz respected the mask rules of his corporate friends in Las Vegas, but not local business owners here in Huntington Beach. 
  • Tito Ortiz accepted government bailouts, but advocates against social welfare programs for the poorest Americans. 
  • Tito Ortiz served local charities, but only when it involved serving his own ego. 
  • Tito Ortiz billed himself as the people’s man, but consistently refuses to listen to the 80% of his constituents who did not vote for him. 

BLM organizer Tatiana Turner, held by Spitzer for $1MM bail. OJ story coming soon.

But I’m not surprised. We’ve seen this brand of cognitive dissonance before in Orange County. 

It’s the reason OC Democrats were smeared for “ballot harvesting” while OC Republicans got away with setting up fake ballot boxes.

It’s the reason violent white supremacists walk the streets, while a Black woman they threatened with death sits in jail, guilty only of self-defense. (right)

And now, it’s the reason Tito Ortiz can be regarded as a strong enough leader to be worth following ANYWHERE… let alone up the Capitol steps. 

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