“Marjorie Cheesecake Greene”: the Insidious Lies of Amber Nichole Miller.

(Another installment of “Insane Coup Posse“)

Before I start deconstructing this disingenuous and destructive QAnon proselytizer, I know you’re gonna ask me, “Don’t you care about The Children?  What about THE CHILDREN?  Why don’t you want to #SaveOurChildren???”

So let’s just pre-empt that shit, and list some legitimate groups that actually DO work to combat child sex abuse and trafficking:

It’s always good to put your ass on the line for something you believe in!

If the thought of children going missing around the world and consigned to who knows what awful fate is something that bothers you, the organizations above are worth your support.  BUT we should keep the problem in a bit of perspective.  Despite Amber Nichole Miller’s constant cries that “800,000 children go missing in the US per year – that’s nearly 2000 a day – one every FORTY SECONDS!” the FBI actually estimates “fewer than 350 children are abducted by strangers in the US every year” – and it almost never happens in places like Huntington Beach.  800,000 children versus less than 350?  That sounds about as truthful as Amber’s claims about the Ocean View School District’s sex-ed curriculum!  But we’ll get to that later.

Do you ever wonder, where does the wild unending RAGE come from, on the MAGA side of our politics, the rage we saw at the Jan 6 Insurrection?  First, these people really seem to believe a lot of things we know not to be true, such as that the election was stolen from Trump.  But there are other things QAnon has taught them that are even more enraging – such as that American children are disappearing, one every 40 seconds, into Democrat-run trafficking rings where they are tortured and harvested for their adrenochrome, to which liberals are addicted.  You’re laughing … but close your eyes and try to imagine believing that – you would also want to burn down the Capitol.

Like I was saying.

The rash of make-believe “Save the Children” groups that popped up about a year ago, run by folks like Amber, are the gateway drug to the addictive Hard Stuff – one researcher calls it “Pastel QAnon.”  EVERYBODY wants to save the children, but then once you hear HOW MANY OF THEM ARE DISAPPEARING, you start to wonder, WHO IS TAKING THEM?  And to help you find the answers, “influencers” like Amber provide #hashtags and clues to get you over to the hardcore Q.

You really gotta see the Jan. 26 VICE News segment on Amber and her foundation, it’s only 20-something minutes, but it’s that good.  Click here, VICE lets you watch up to five shows for free.  [UPDATE: It is now on YouTube.  See bottom of story.]  But first I’ll tell you what you’ll see, in an episode Amber later called a “hatchet job,” but really lets her hang herself with her own words. 

Amber, literally in shock.

A little over a year ago, when lots of other alt-right people were doing it, the 40-something former model and reality star suddenly took up an interest in the problem of child sex trafficking, and (being a creature of Instagram) started exploring what #hashtags would get her the most followers – surprise, most of those hashtags were associated with QAnon, even though she claims to know hardly anything about QAnon.  When the VICE interviewer mentions to her that 70% of her traffic comes from QAnon-related hashtags, Amber reacts in awed amazement:  “Really?? I’m literally in shock right now!”

Unlike the august groups at the top of this story, it’s really hard to say what Amber’s doubly named organization, “Save Our Children Initiative” and “SOCIAL Foundation” actually do besides sell t-shirts and solicit donations to “meet our goals, improve conditions… [and] fund our mission.”  With the help of her long-time partner HB Mayor Pro-Tem Tito Ortiz, Amber did put on ONE workshop for worried parents, teaching them how to avoid “stranger danger” – one workshop in one year.  Our own Tito Watch reports in frustration that Amber “refuses to publish her organization’s financial records.”

Amber and a friend got a tour of DC in November from a Trump staffer and had her picture taken at the Lincoln Memorial; ten days before the Jan 6 Insurrection she retweeted that, with commentary about a coming STORM and hashtagging it January 6.  Her explanations for that, to VICE, are as garbled, mystical, and drenched in hashtag follower measurement as anything else she tries to explain.

But when the VICE interviewer tells her that talk of an oncoming “STORM” is one of the key tenets of QAnon … Amber reacts in awed amazement:  “Really?? I’m literally in shock right now!”

From the summer thru January Amber’s social media accounts got taken down in general purges of QAnon related propaganda, which Amber thinks is hell of unfair:  “I’m not making any money at all now!”  VICE shows her sitting in a living room with a couple of girlfriends – a sort of coven of  Q-influencers.  One spews the wisdom that every time you get “de-platformed” it’s a good sign – it means you’re DANGEROUS, you’re getting close to the truth!  The other two nod sagely.

At one point one of these women, supposedly ignorant of and unconnected to QAnon, drops the word “Frazzledrip,” and the interviewer asks, “What’s Frazzledrip?”  They all respond, “Oh, it’s HORRIBLE.  You don’t want to know about it.  It’s not a good place to start.”  As though knowledge of Frazzledrip is some goal to work towards, on your long journey from the starting point of #SaveOurChildren.  Frazzledrip is the belief that Hillary Clinton and her exotic aide Huma Abedin kidnapped a little girl, cut off her face, and took turns wearing it in an effort to scare her into producing a goodly amount of ADRENOCHROME that they could then ingest, and that the whole act was videotaped and is on the laptop of Huma’s ex-husband Anthony Weiner, the progressive former New York Congressman and dick-pic purveyor.  (Only the last few words are true.)  WHO THINKS UP THIS SHIT?  But belief in Frazzledrip is the end goal, to which Amber-style Pastel QAnon is the gateway.

Too un-clever by half, Amber attempts to maintain a distance from and charming ignorance of QAnon to the very end.  When questioned a little harder by VICE, she stammers, “Yeah no I mean as far as now, no, because the negative connotations to QAnon itself is CAREER-ENDING.  It is JOB-ENDING.  It can end your career.”  And that’s why we should believe her, that she knows hardly anything about it, even though she quotes it left and right.  Got it.

Bringing it Home to HB – All Politics is Local.

Well, what use is this mastery of social media, this penchant for propaganda, this blithe indifference toward truth, if you can’t use it locally against your Mayor-Pro-Tem boyfriend’s political enemies?  And so, Amber has gone to war with the Ocean View School District (which kicked Tito out for not wearing a mask when handing out turkey) and their outspoken liberal Board trustee Gina Clayton-Tarvin.

Either comically misinformed or darkly imaginative, Amber accuses Gina and OVSD of a sex-ed  curriculum that is “despicable” and would make any parent “sick to their stomach” – she “can show you some of the pages” (which she never does) and she equates it to the “grooming” of a sexual predator.  Gina angrily asked Amber to show what she’s talking about, and Amber reacted in true Instagram warrior fashion by blocking Gina.

But she went even farther in her interview with Dominick Izzo.  Who’s Izzo?  He’s a retired Chicago cop and well-known QAnon purveyor who does an internet radio show every night.  VICE features him in another Q special – Izzo is best known for pushing the theory that Michelle Obama is a man, and for calling Black Lives Matters and anyone who supports them “subhuman.”

Old Q friends – Izzo, Tito, Amber. Sharing disinfo and misinfo!

And you should hear how familiarly this Q Star welcomes Tito and Amber onto his show, “You guys need no introduction!”  At about 30 seconds past the 1-hour mark, Amber claims that “our school district” teaches “all kinds of sexual positions, anal, oral, BLOOD RITUALS”…

Do you want to actually see the sex-ed curriculum of Ocean View School District?  It is right here.  It is only four pages, but I won’t blame you if you fall asleep.  It’s as modest as can be, with an emphasis on abstinence, and it’s been the same since the 90’s.

Amber is a big liar.  Nobody should donate to her #SaveOurChildren, nobody should go to her workshops if she even has another one, and nobody should believe her.  I’m sorry.

(h/t Hilarie Kelly)

UPDATE: The Vice special is now on YouTube!

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