Holiday Weekend Lincoln Project Open Thread

Merry Christmas or whatever floats your boat, here’s your Weekend Open Thread – pontificate, bloviate, hold forth on whatever your hearts desire, we’re gonna watch this new Christmas Lincoln Project video (since we did this same thing for our Thanksgiving Open Thread) – it’s called “Legacy,” and like the Thanksgiving one it uncharacteristically, stubbornly, and pointedly ignores today’s raging fucktards:

Hey, how about that President of ours? He’s got 26 more days in office, how can he hurt us any worse? Well, rest assured, he’s been thinking up ways!  Just the last couple days:

  • he pardoned dozens of 1) corrupt politicians like himself, most of ’em either allies and co-conspirators, and 2) brutal war criminals such as he dreams of being;
  • he refused to sign a vital Defense Bill mostly because he didn’t like renaming military bases named after Confederate traitors;
  • and it looks like he’s “pocket-vetoing” an even MORE vital Covid relief bill so that Congress can’t override him and the rest of the ungrateful nation can go to hell while he spends his time golfing and bitching.

Anything to talk about there? It could be boring and predictable though.  We’ve run out of sufficient words of abuse for this man.

Well, how about all the millions of Americans out there who are ignoring pandemic safety and travelling to be with their stoopid families for Christmas.  Because of them we’re gonna see an even more staggering climb of infections on those charts… but where are Orange County ICU’s gonna go from zero-percent capacity?  Is there a basement somewhere?

Or how about, why are thousands of people nationwide reading our new Tito Watch column (while only dozens read the Agents’ Orange history of OC corruption series?) Is Tito Ortiz crack for liberals? Rest assured, we have a third piece in the hopper, to be released on Boxing Day or sooner (i.e. today.)  Till then, here’s an OJ classic, KD Lang singing “Jingle Bell Rock” on Peewee’s 1988 Christmas Special.

Stay safe out there – the Orange Juice team!

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