2020 VOTE #3: A Complete List of Candidates and Measures




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We’ll list offices and names and ballot measures here, and link to endorsements elsewhere.  See the link just below.) This post is essentially your scorecard for who’s in the upcoming vote.

Note that there are no State Supreme Court Justices and local-ish District Appellate judges up for a retention vote this year, so don’t worry about them.

Our overall roster of OJB Endorsements will give you lots of detailed reasoned analysis  in pretty much every race — except where we just gave up.  If you want a summary of list of endorsements without much explanation of why we made those choices, that’s here — and it will load more quickly, too!  We also have more detailed discussions of certain races that warrant it, which you can find through our introductory “index” page here.


President & (Vice President):

Joe Biden (Kamala Harris) (D)
Donald Trump (Mike Pence) (R) (inc.)
Jo Jorgensen (Spike Cohen) (L)
Howie Hawkins (Angela Nicole Walker) (G)
Gloria de la Riva (Sunil Freeman) (P&F)
“Rocky” De La Fuente Guerra (Kanye West*) (*hasn’t accepted) (AI)



  • 38th District: Linda Sanchez (i) (D) and Michael Tolar (D)
  • 39th District: Gil Cisneros (i) (D) and Young Kim (R)
  • 45th District: Katie Porter (i) (D) and Greg Raths (R)
  • 46th District: Lou Correa (i) (D) and James Waters (R)
  • 47th District: Alan Lowenthal (i) D and John Briscoe (R)
  • 48th District: Harley Rouda (i) and Michelle Steel (R)
  • 49th District: Mike Levin (i) (D) and Brian Maryott (R)

State Senator 

  • 29th District: Ling-Ling Chang (i) (R) and Josh Newman (D)
  • 37th District: John Moorlach (i) (R) and Dave Min (D)

Member of the Assembly 

  • 55th District: Phillip Chen (i) (R) and Andrew Rodriguez (D)
  • 65th District: Sharon Quirk-Silva (i) (D) and Cynthia Thacker (R)
  • 68th District: Steven Choi (i) (R) and Melissa Fox (D)
  • 69th District: Tom Daly (i) (D) and Jon Paul White (R)
  • 72nd District: Diedre Nguyen (D) and Janet Nguyen (R)
  • 73rd District: Laurie Davies (R) and Scott Rhinehart (D)
  • 74th District: Cottie Petrie-Norris (D) and Diane Dixon (R)


County Supervisor Runoff 

  • District 1:Andrew Do (i) vs. Sergio Contreras


Community College Districts

North Orange County Community College District

Trustee Area 2

  • Ed Lopez won without opposition.  Congratulations, Ed!

Trustee Area 4

  • Miguel Alvarez, Businessman/Education Administrator
  • Evangelina Rea Rosales, Community College Professor

Trustee Area 5

  • Dave Garcia-Gomez. Analyst/Professor/SBO
  • Jacqueline Rodarte. Incumbent

Trustee Area 7

  • Ryan Bent (i)
  • Keri Kropke

Coast Community College District

Trustee Area 2

  • Tony Bui, Engineer
  • Jerry Patterson (i)
  • Long Phan, Retired Nuclear Engineer

Trustee Area 3

  • Incumbent Lorraine Prinsky won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 4

  • Mary L Hornbuckle (i)
  • Michael B Collier, Business Manager

Rancho Santiago Community College District

Trustee Area 1

Incumbent Zeke Hernandez won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 3

(Became vacant after Nelida Mendoza resigned.)

  • Sal Tinajero, Educator/Businessowner
  • Mike Gonzalez, Public Safety Consultant

Trustee Area 5

(Incumbent Claudia Alvarez did not run)

  • Brett Elliott Franklin, Orange County Businessman
  • David Crockett, Affordable Healthcare Manager
  • Samuel Ulloa, Business Owner

Trustee Area 7

(Incumbent Arianna Barrios did not run)

  • Tina Arias Miller, Community College Director
  • Loretta Sanchez, University Educator/Businesswoman

South Orange County Community College District

Trustee Area 1

  • Helen Locke, Retired Administrative Manager
  • Carolyn Inmon, Retired Teacher
  • Aarti Kaushal, Teacher/City Commissioner
  • Matt Waid, Student Conduct Investigator

Trustee Area 3

  • Incumbent Barbara Jay won without opposition. Congratulations!

Trustee Area 6

  • Ryan Dack, Educator
  • James Wright, Incumbent

Trustee Area 7

  • Mo Entezampour, College Professor
  • Sean Gawne, Retired Training Manager
  • Tim Jemal, Incumbent

Union High School Districts

Anaheim Union High School District

Trustee Area 3

Incumbent Katherine Smith won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 4

Incumbent Brian O’Neal  won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Fullerton Joint Union High School District

Trustee Area 2

Incumbent Joanne Fawley won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 3

Vicki Calhoun won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Huntington Beach Union High School District

  • Saul Lankster, Criminal Justice Professor
  • Spencer Hagaman, Small Business Owner
  • Susan Henry (i)
  • Christine Hernandez, Student Engagement Director
  • Michael Simons (i)
  • Claudia Ramons, Community Volunteer

Unified (K-12) School Districts

Brea Olinda Unified School District

Trustee Area 2

Deana Miller won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 3

Paul Ruiz won my district without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 5

  • Lauren Barnes
  • Gail Lyons (i)

Capistrano Unified School District

Trustee Area 1

Incumbent Amy Hanacek won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 2

  • Pamela Braunstein, Small Business Owner
  • Jim Reardon (i)

Trustee Area 3

  • Sue Hill, Retired Realty Salesperson
  • Adrienne Silva, Businessowner/Behavior Analyst
  • Lisa Davis, Businessowner/Parent

Trustee Area 5

  • Paul Hebbard, Certified Public Accountant
  • Jasmine Funes, Adjunct Professor
  • Krista Castellanos, Appointed Incumbent

Garden Grove Unified School District

Trustee Area 1

  • Nicholas Dibs, Teacher/Non-Profit CEO
  • Terri Rocco, (i)

Trustee Area 3

  • Samantha Bao Anh Nguyen, City Commisioner/Businesswoman
  • Dina Nguyen, School Boardmember/Attorney
  • Patrick Cahill, Martial-Arts Instructor

Irvine Unified School District

Trustee Area 1

Incumbent Laura Brooks won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 3

  • Douglas Euper, Teacher/Parent
  • Bethany Huang, Student/Tutor
  • Cyril Yu, Deputy District Attorney
  • Sidney Wu, City of Irvine Commissioner/Parent

Trustee Area 5

  • Paul Bokota (i)
  • Demetra Arvanitidis, Pediatrician/Parent

Laguna Beach Unified School District (3 seats)

  • Howard Hills, Constitutional Lawyer/author
  • Kelly Osborne, Community Volunteer
  • Sheri Morgan, Business Owner
  • Jan Vickers (i)
  • Amy Kramer, Business Owner

Los Alamitos Unified School District

Trustee Area 2

  • Paurvi Trivedi, Parent/Project Manager
  • Chris Forehan, Retired School Principal
  •  Jody Roubanis, Professor

Trustee Area 4

So far as I can tell, no one ran for this seat!  I guess the residents dodged a bullet here, given what sort of person might have stepped in.  Instead, the other Board members will fill the vacancy.  Congratulations, whoever gets appointed!

Trustee Area 5

  • Meg Cutuli (i)
  • Matt Filler, Retired Systems Engineer

Newport-Mesa Unified School District

Trustee Area 1

  • Leah Ersoylu, Business Owner/Parent
  • Vicki Snell (i)

Trustee Area 3

  • Charles Kent Booker, Business Owner
  • Carol Crane, Retired Educator

Trustee Area 6

  • Alexis Zavouris, Communications Engagement Associate
  • Amy Peters, Businesswoman/Parent
  • Xeno Ralf Muller II, Private Music Instructor
  • Krista Weigand, Businesswoman/Parent/Coach

Orange Unified School District

Trustee Area 2

  • John Ortega (i)
  • Tiger Kennedy Cosmos, Technology Instructor/Parent

Trustee Area 3

  • Ana Page, Educator/Non-Profit Director
  • Alexia Deligianni-Brydges (i)

Trustee Area 6

  • Angie Schlueter-Rumsey, Orange County Teacher/Parent
  • Alex Muñoz, Website Designer
  • April Braswell, Business Consultant/Instructor
  • Carrie Lundell, Parent/Business Owner

Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District

Trustee Area 1

  • Paoling Guo, Public School Principal
  • Eric Padget (i)
  • Shawn Youngblood, Firefighter/Educator

Trustee Area 2

  • Marilyn Anderson, Community Volunteer
  • Joshua Correa, Community Advocate/Minister
  • Lashé Rodriguez, Supervisor’s Chief

Trustee Area 3

  • Leandra Blades, Retired Police Officer
  • Mike Nicosia, Software Engineer
  • Susan Metcalf, Educator
  • Misty Janssen, Marine Corps Reservist

Saddleback Valley Unified School District

Trustee Area 2

  • Tricia Yee, Businesswoman
  • Edward Wong, (i)

Trustee Area 3

Incumbent Suzie Swartz won without opposition.  Congratulations, Suzie!

Trustee Area 4

  • Amanda Morrell (i)
  • Benjamin Yu, Businessman

Santa Ana Unified School District

  • Alfonso Alvarez (i)
  • Cecilia Aguinaga, Housing Commissioner/Businessowner
  • Carolyn Torres (i)
  • Judith Carrillo, Health Education Advocate
  • Oscar Reyes, Businessman/Coach
  • Rigo Rodriguez (i)

Tustin Unified School District

Trustee Area 1

  • Tammie Bullard (i)
  • Kirk Hahn, Research Scientist/Endocrinologist
  • Allyson Damilolas, Parent/Non-Profit Boardmember

Trustee Area 2

  • James Laird (i)
  • Susan Stocks, Retired Educational Administrator

Trustee Area 4

  • Jonathan Stone won without opposition.  Congratulations, Jonathan!

Elementary School Districts

Anaheim Elementary School District

Trustee Area 1

Incumbent Jackie Filbeck won without opposition.  Congratulations, Jackie!

Trustee Area 3

  • Jose Paulo Magcalas, Incumbent and University Professor
  • Lucille Kring, Anaheim Councilwoman/Businesswoman

Buena Park School District

Trustee Area 3

Tharwa Ahmad won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 4

  • Irene Castaneda, Incumbent
  • Carole Jensen, Community Volunteer

Centralia School District

Trustee Area 3

Incumbent Liz Gonzalez won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 4

Lamiya Hoque won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Cypress School District

Trustee Area A

Incumbent Brian Nakamura won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area E

Incumbent Candi Kern won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Fountain Valley School District  (2 seats open)

  • Jeanne Galindo, Incumbent
  • Steve Schultz, Teacher/Author/Coach
  • Tom Nguyen, Businessman
  • Ian Collins, Incumbent

Fullerton School District

Trustee Area 2

Incumbent Hilda Sugarman won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 5

Leonel Talavera won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Huntington Beach City School District

Trustee Area 1

  • Roger Noor, Environmental Consultant
  • Birdget Kaub, Incumbent

Trustee Area 3

Incumbent Ann Sullivan won without opposition.  Congratulations!

La Habra City School District, Full Term (2 seats open)

  • Ofelia Corona Hanson, Youth Development Director
  • Susan Pritchard, Retired Science Teacher
  • John Dobson, Incumbent

La Habra City School District, Short Term

Emily Pruitt won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Lowell Joint School District

Trustee Area 1

Incumbent Melissa Salinas won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Magnolia School District

Trustee Area 2, Short Term

Incumbent Connie Martin won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 3

Incumbent Barbara Clendening won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Trustee Area 4

Incumbent Nathan Zug won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Ocean View School District

Incumbents Norm Westwell and Gina Clayton Tarvin both won without opposition.  Congratulations, Gina!

Savanna School District

Incumbents Christie Brown and Christina Karanick both won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Westminster School District

Trustee Area 1

Angel Ramirez, Information Technology Professional

David Johnson, City Commissioner/Businessman

Trustee Area 4

Frances “The-Thuy” Nguyen — who is listed as an incumbent but not as an incumbent in this district — wins without opposition.  Congratulations!


Unincorporated Governance

Capistrano Bay Community Services District

  • Yuri Cramer, Housewife/Property Manager
  • William Wiersig, No Ballot Designation
  • Brad Jenkins, Entrepreneur

Emerald Bay Service District

Incumbents John Marconi and Phil De Carion have won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Rossmoor Community Services District , Full Term

  • Jeffrey Barke, Appointed Director, Rossmoor Community Services District
  • Joyce Bloom, No Ballot Designation
  • Nathan Searles, Attorney
  • Michael Maynard, Incumbent
  • Tony DeMarco, Incumbent

Rossmoor Community Services District , Short Term

Jeffrey Rips won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Surfside Colony Community Services District

Incumbent Rudy Lalonde won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Three Arch Bay Community Services District

Incumbent Gary Rubel and newcomers John Dorr and  Judy Yorke all won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Serrano Water District

Division 2

Incumbent Larry Pharris won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Division 3

Incumbent Greg Mills won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Division 5

Incumbent Jerry Haight won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Silverado-Modjeska Recreation and Park District

Two open seats:

  • Michele Grace Agopian, Silverado Small Businesswoman
  • Julie Morris, Retired Teacher
  • Celeste Goff Veerkamp, Medical Staff Directo

Sanitary Districts

Costa Mesa Sanitary District

Division 2

  • Brett Eckles, Businessman/Costa Mesa Parent
  • James Ferryman, incumbent

Division 4

  • Art Perry, incumbent
  • Michelle Figueredo-Wilson, Realtor/Businesswoman

Midway City Sanitary District

  • Jameson Power, Westminster School Board Member
  • Chi Charlie Nguyen, Incumbent
  • Tai Do, Councilman/Police Officer
  • Tyler Diep, California State Assemblyman
  • Ashton Roger Kauwe, Corporate Assistant Administrator

Sunset Beach Sanitary District, Full Term (3 seats?)

  • David Evans, Appointed Director
  • Graham Hoad, Listed as Director, designation is “Sales Tax Consultant”
  • Jon Regnier, Incumbent
  • John Woods, Incumbent

Sunset Beach Sanitary District, Short Term

No one appears to have filed.  Whichever one of the above isn’t the real incumbent could have walked into this seat.  Oh well.

Surfside Colony Storm Water Protection District (2 seats open)

  • Linda Garofalo, Incumbent Appointed-in-Lieu
  • Dave Chamberlin, Real Estate Broker
  • Victor Kriss, Appointed Incumbent

Water Districts — Local & Regional

El Toro Water District

Incumbents Jose VergaraMark Monin, and Katherine Kay all won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Irvine Ranch Water District

Division 1

Incumbent John Withers has won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Division 4

  • Mary Matheis, Incumbent
  • Karen McLaughlin, Water Quality Scientist
  • Aarti Kaushal, Teacher/City Commissioner

Moulton Niguel Water District

Incumbents Richard FioreDuane Cave, and Brian Probolsky, along with newcomer Sherry Wanninger, all won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Santa Margarita Water District

  • Charles Gibson, Incumbent
  • Betty Olson, Incumbent
  • Warren Martin, Environmental Non-Profit Director
  • Frank Ury, Incumbent

East Orange County Water District

(Two seats open)

  • John Sears, Incumbent
  • Julio Morales, Municipal Financial Advisor
  • Douglass Davert, Incumbent
  • Noble Alejandro Drakoln, Business Owner/Father

Rossmoor/Los Alamitos Area Sewer District, Full Term

Inxumbents Jim BellVan Jew, and William Poe won without opposition.   There may also have been a short term seat; if so, it went unfilled.

Mesa Water District

Division 1

Fred Bockmiller has been re-elected without opposition.  Conratulations!

Division 2

  • Adam Ereth, Non-Profit Programs Director
  • Jim Fisler, Incumbent

Division 3

Apparently, Marice DePasquale has been re-elected without opposition.  Congratulations, Marice!

South Coast Water District

  • Douglas Erdman, Incumbent
  • Rick Erkeneff, Incumbent
  • Markus Lenger, Water Innovator
  • Scott Goldman, Environmental Engineer
  • Wayne Rayfield, Incumbent

Trabuco Canyon Water District

Incumbents Don Chadd and Stephen Dopudja won unopposed.  Congratulations!

Yorba Linda Water District

John Wayne Miller was the sole incumbent to file.  He’ll be joined on the board by Trudi Kew Desroches , a Water Quality Engineer, as no one opposed them.  Congratulations!

Water Districts — Larger Ones

Orange County Water District

Division 2

  • Denis Bilodeau won without opposition, and it’s too late to change that.

Division 3

  • Roger Yoh won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Division 4

  • Kris Beard, Retired Administrative Manager
  • Tri Ta, Appointed Incumbent
  • Samantha Bao Anh Nguyen, City Commissioner/Businesswoman
  • Tai Do, Councilman/Police Officer
  • Jasmin Carmadella, Small Business Owner

Division 6

  • Michael Elliott, Computer Systems Engineer
  • Cathy Green, Incumbent

Municipal Water District of Orange County

Division 1, Short Term

  • Scott Hupp, Business Owner
  • Fred Smith, Mayor/Business Owner
  • Al Nederhood, Director, Yorba Linda Water District

Division 3

  • Kathy-Nguyet Pham, Registered Nurse
  • Linda Mouton-Patterson, Businesswoman/Mother
  • Robert R McVicker, Water Resources Engineer/Incumbent
  • Tyler Diep, California State Assemblyman

Division 4

  • Stacy Lynne Taylor, Water Policy Manager
  • Christopher Ganiere, Architect
  • Karl Seckel, Water District Engineer
  • Allan Mansoor, Councilmember/Orange County Parent
  • Dana Reed, No Ballot Designation

Division 6

Jeffrey Thomas is the incumbent, but it’s unclear whether he’s on the 2020 ballot.

Division 7

  • Megan Yoo Schneider, Incumbent
  • Debbie Neev, Laguna Beach Water Commissioner

Library Districts

Buena Park Library District

  • Patricia Ganer, Incumbent
  • Dennis Salts, Incumbent
  • Irene Castaneda, Incumbent
  • L. Carole Jensen, Community Volunteer

Placentia Library District

Gayle Carline was the only incumbent to file.  She will be joined on the board by Hilaire Shioura, an Educational Non-profit Founder, and Community Volunteer Sharon Dahl, all without opposition.  Congratulations!

Santiago Geologic Hazard Abatement District, Full-Term

(Two seats open.)

  • Employee Rights Attorney James Guziak
  • Business Owner Bhavin Patel
  • Appointed Incumbent Craig Schill.

Santiago Geologic Hazard Abatement District, Short Term

Nobody seems to have run.  The Board will presumably appoint someone.


State Supreme Court Justices

[To come]

State Intermediate Appellate Court Judges

[To come]

District Judges

Everything was finalized in March.


State Ballot Measures

Proposition 14

Bond measure to increased state stem-cell research funding

G says Yes, R says No

Proposition 15

Removing Prop 13 tax privilege for commercially held office buildings

G&V say Yes

Proposition 16

Reverse ban on affirmative action in State-funded programs

G says Yes, R says No

Proposition 17

Allow paroled felons to vote 

All three of us say Yes

Proposition 18

Allow 17-year-olds who will be 18 by general election day to votes in primaries

G says Yes, R says No

Proposition 19

Changing rules for resetting inheritance taxation of home values

G has changed from “maybe yes” to a HARD NO.  R is still a “maybe yes.”

Proposition 20

Re-imposing harsher rules for criminal procedure and punishment

All three of us are NO, though R’s is not all-caps

Proposition 21

Increasing the power of cities to impose rent control

V&G are Yes, R is no.

Proposition 22

Reverting to state law under which app drivers were independent contractors

All three of us, after G was schooled on which vote meant which, are NO.

Proposition 23

Requiring medical clinics to have medical doctors present

V&G are Yes, R has no opinion

Proposition 24

Expanding power and funding of the state consumer protection agency

V&G say Yes, R says No

Proposition 25

Ending use of cash bail in favor of threat assessment

An unusual result: G&R says YES, V says NO

Local Ballot Measures

  • We encourage you to clicking on the links, which will give you the full text and a summary of each measure, as well as potentially arguments for and against each
  • We encourage members of each affected community to offer opinions on these! 
  • We (really only Greg) do not discourage your checking our main page for deeper analysis!

P City of Cypress, Amend City Charter to Update Noticing, Election Procedures, and Process for Filling a Council VacancyG says meh, maybe ok

Q City of Costa Mesa Retail Cannabis Tax and Regulation Measure:  G and almost everyone except Mansoor and Genis say yes

S City of Fullerton Community Services, Street Repair, and Emergency Response MeasureR says NO so loudly that G dates not even consider disagreeing

U City of Fullerton Fireworks Ballot MeasureR is no, G leans no pending further info

V City of Laguna Woods Advisory Measure on Marijuana Dispensaries: G says Yes

W City of La Habra Cannabis Business Tax/Regulation Ordinance of 2020G says Yes

X City of La Habra Citizens Initiative for Preservation of Open Space in La Habra: G says Yes

Y City of Los Alamitos Quality of Life, 911 Police Response, Business/Job Protection MeasureG uneasily says yes, following Doby

Z City of Newport Beach Addition of Harbor Commission to the Newport Beach City Charter:  G says no, he smells a harbor rat!

AA City of Orange, The Trails at Santiago Creek Open Space and Residential Project: G says yes; while aware that most people he respect say no, he thinks their facts are wrong

BB City of San Clemente, City Council Term Limits: G leans no

CC City of Tustin Limited Council Compensation: G leans yes

DD City of Westminster Term Limits: G leans yes, because Westminster ain’t San Clemente


Aliso Viejo

  • Michael Brown, Business Attorney
  • David Zero, Software Engineer
  • Richard Hurt, Business Owner
  • Mike Munzing, Mayor
  • Max Duncan, Disaster Recovery Professional 949-357-5000
  • Ross Chun, Incumbent
  • Greg J. Williams, Business Owner/Educator
  • Michael Winger, Business Owner


District 1

District 4

District 5


Councilmember (2 seats)

  • Tyler Baugh
  • Marty Simonoff, Incumbent
  • Robyn Neufeld
  • Christine Marick, Incumbent

Treasurer (1 seat)

  • Denise Eby
  • Bev Perry

Buena Park

District 3

  • Sharon Smith, Small Business Owner
  • Susan Sonne, Buena Park Nonprofit Director
  • Paul Rodriguez, Staff Specialist/Businessman

District 4

  • Donna Varona Sipl, Global Compliance Manager
  • Art Brown (i)

Costa Mesa

District 1  (Has 3 incumbents!)

  • Don Harper, Orange County Business Owner
  • John Stephens, Incumbent
  • Jason Komala, Organizational Change Consultant

District 2

  • Loren Gameros, Project Coordinator/Parent
  • Gary Parkin, Retired Electrical Engineer
  • Ben Chapman, Property Management Consultant

District 6

  • Hengameh Abraham, Businesswoman/Wellness Coach
  • Jefffrey Harlan, Attorney/Planning Commissioner
  • Jeff Pettis, Nurse Manager
  • Lee Ramos, Retired Businessman

Cypress (2 seats)

  • Blaze Bhence, Entrepreneur/Business Owner
  • Cole Johnson, College Student
  • David Gersten, Engagement Manager/Father
  • Carrie Katsumata Hayashida, Businesswoman/Educator/Philanthropist
  • Anne Hertz, Non-Profit Executive/Educator
  • Rachel Strong, Business Owner
  • Steve Mauss, Business Executive
  • Frances Marquez, College Professor
  • Jimmy Fuller, Office Manager

Dana Point

District 4

  • Gary Newkirk, Media Sales/Photographer
  • Mike Frost, Small Business Owner

District 5

  • Benjamin Tyler Bebee, Insurance Agent
  • Michael Villar, Businessman/Retired Marine

Fountain Valley (2 seats)

  • Ted Bui, Small Business Owner
  • Cheryl Brothers, Incumbent
  • Mai Khanh Tran, Doctor/Businesswoman
  • Glenn Grandis, Businessman
  • Mary Pham, Retired Medical Worker
  • Tom Nguyen, Fountain Valley Businessman
  • Jim Cunneen, Civil Engineer/Trustee


District 1

  • Andrew Cho, Fullerton Parent/Businessowner
  • Fred Jung, Businessowner/Nonprofit Director

District 2

  • Chuck Sargeant, Businessman
  • Nick Dunlap, Fullerton Businessman/Parent
  • Faisal Qazi, Neurologist/Businessman/Parent
  • Mackenzie Chang, Asylum Officer/Teacher

District 4

  • Aaruni Thakur, School Boardmember/Attorney
  • Bruce Whitaker, Incumbent

Garden Grove


  • Phat Bui, Garden Grove Councilmember/Businessman
  • Donald Taylor, Retired
  • Duy Nguyen, Small Businessman/Banker
  • Steve Jones, Incumbent

District 2

  • John O’Neill, Mayor Pro Tem
  • Julie Diep, Business Owner/Therapist

District 5

  • Robert Tucker, Retired Union Representative
  • Stephanie Klopfenstein, Incumbent

District 6

  • Huan Nguyen, Retired Engineer
  • Kim Bernice Nguyen, Incumbent

Huntington Beach  (3 seats open)

  • Brian Burley, Businessowner/IT Analyst
  • John Briscoe, Governing Board Member Ocean View School District of Orange County
  • Thomas Matthew Laparne, Businessman/Eagle Scout
  • Sonya Green, Small Business Owner
  • Amory Hanson, Historic Resources Boardman
  • Matthew Harper, Huntington Beach Businessman
  • Billy O’Connell, Businessowner/Orange County Commissioner
  • Tito Ortiz, Entrepreneur/Businessman
  • Eric “Silk” Silkenson, Teacher
  • Natalie Moser, Small Business Owner
  • Jeff Morin, Huntington Beach Businessowner/Commissioner
  • Casey McKeon, Businessowner/Finance Commissioner
  • Gracey Van Der Mark, Businessowner/Finance Commissioner
  • Dan Kalmick, Businessowner/City of Huntington Beach Commissioner
  • Oscar Rodriguez, Asset Manager

Irvine (3 Council seats open)


  • Luis Huang, Electrical Engineer/Entrepreneur
  • Christina Shea, Appointed Irvine Mayor
  • Katherine Daigle, Nonprofit Director/Businesswoman
  • Farrah Khan, Irvine Councilmember/Businesswoman

City Council

  • Laura Bratton, Family Manager
  • Larry Agran, Public Interest Attorney
  • Hai Yang Liang, Census Field Manager
  • Anshul Garg, Entrepreneur/Businessman
  • Dylan Green, Graduate Student Researcher
  • John Park, Irvine Commissioner/Businessman
  • Abigail Pole, University Undergraduate Researcher
  • Carrie O’Malley, California District Director
  • Mark Newgent, Retired Army Captain
  • Christina Dillard, Mother/Paralegal Student
  • Mike Carroll, Vice Mayor
  • Tammy Kim, Irvine Commissioner/Educator
  • Lauren Johnson-Norris, Irvine Commissioner/Businesswoman
  • Diana Jiang, Irvine Commissioner/Businesswoman

Laguna Beach

City Council (2 seats open)

  • Larry Nokes, Lawyer
  • Steve Dicterow, Incumbent
  • Ruben Flores, Entrepreneur/Designer/Businessman
  • George Weiss, Retired Business Owner
  • Bob Whalen, Incumbent/Finance Attorney

City Clerk

  • Mariann Tracy, Executive Assistant
  • Ann Marie McKay, Law Office Manager

Laguna Hills (2 seats open)

  • Janine Heft, Mayor
  • Bill Hunt, Small Business Owner
  • Nick Wood, Business Technology Contractor

Laguna Niguel (3 seats open)

  • Sherry Astrella, Retired Business Manager
  • Stephanie Oddo, PPE Provider/Mother
  • Rischi Paul Sharma, Laguna Niguel Commissioner/Businessowner
  • Shani Moslehi, Businesswoman/Entrepreneur/Parent
  • John Dhaniwal, Small Business Owner
  • Michael Harvey Fair, Event Security Supervisor
  • Sandy Rains, City Councilwoman/Businessowner
  • Kelly Jennings, Director, Moulton Niguel Water District

Laguna Woods (3 seats open)

  • Judith Troutman, Community Volunteer
  • Noel Hatch, Incumbent/Mayor
  • Shari Horne, Incumbent/Mayor Pro Tem
  • Cynthia Conners, Incumbent
  • Kathryn Robbins, Businesswoman

La Habra (3 seats open)

  • Rose Espinoza, Councilmember/Executive Director
  • Tim Shaw, Incumbent
  • Steve Simonian, Retired Police Chief
  • Michael Navarro, Life Skills Coach
  • Peter Cruz, Family Engagement Specialist

Lake Forest

District 1

  • Lori Berger, Businesswoman/Traffic Commissioner
  • Nick Tanner, Business Manager
  • Richa Sharma, Businesswoman/Educator
  • Chris McDonald, College Administrator
  • Dough Cirbo, Regional Sales Manager
  • Louise Robertson, Community Volunteer

District 5

  • Robert Pequeño, Retired Sheriff’s Sergeant
  • Jeannette Nadal, Historian/Writer
  • Larissa Clark, Administrative Assistant
  • Frank Wagoner, Small Business Owner
  • Shane Jones, Parent/Business Owner

La Palma (3 seats open)

  • April Kamilah Bagasao Bautista, Community Volunteer
  • Debbie Baker, Retired Administrative Assistant
  • Emanuel Aparicio, Accountant
  • Marshall Goodman, Incumbent
  • Taylor H.W. Quan, Resident
  • Mark Waldman, Small Business Owner

Los Alamitos

District 1

  • Dean Grose, Incumbent/Semiretired
  • Tanya Doby, Appointed Incumbent

District 2

  • Ron Bates, Retired City Manager
  • Kate Hallman, Businesswoman

District 3

  • Attorney Jordan Nefulda apparently won unopposed.  Congratulations!

Mission Viejo (2 seats open)

  • Ryan Tworek, Business Owner
  • Brian Goodell, Incumbent
  • Jessica Gilbert, VP IT Department
  • Pauline Hale, Real Estate Advisor
  • Steve Sipe, Retired Technology Executive
  • Cathy Schlicht, Businesswoman
  • Michael McConnell, Business Attorney
  • Trish Kelley, Incumbent

Newport Beach

District 2

  • Brad Avery, Incumbent
  • Nancy Scarbrough, Small Business Owner

District 5

  • Noah Blom, Newport Beach Business Owner
  • Jeff Herdman, Incumbent

District 7

  • Incumbent Will O’Neill was elected without opposition.  Congratulations!

City of Orange


  • Adrienne Gladson, Businesswoman/City Planner
  • Mark Murphy, Incumbent

District 1

  • Arianna Barrios, Governing Board Member,
    Rancho Santiago Community College District
  • Eugene Fields, Non-profit Businessman/Educator
  • David Vazquez, City of Orange Commissioner/Educator
  • Christian Vaughan, Detective/Commissioner/Educator

District 2

  • Caroline Alatorre, Counselor
  • Joe Dumitru, Orange County Firefighter Coordinator
  • Daniel Correa, Planning Consultant
  • Martin Varona, Civil Engineer

District 3

  • Danett Abbott-Wicker, Executive Assistant
  • Mike Alvarez, Mayor Pro Tem
  • John Russo, Businessman/OUSD Employee

District 5

  • Rick Ledesma, Governing Board Member, Orange Unified School District
  • Ana Gutierrez, Educator


  • Pamela Coleman, Appointed Incumbent, won without opposition.  Congratulations!


  • Richard A Rohm, Incumbent, won without opposition. Congratulations!


District 1

  • Devon Gray, Governor’s Policy Advisor
  • Rhonda Shader, Placentia Councilwoman/Businessowner

District 3

  • Jeremy B Yamaguchi, Councilmember/Business Owner.  Won without opposition.  Congratulations!

District 5

  • Hilaire Fuji Shioura, Educational Technology Advocate
  • Ward Smith, Placentia City Councilmember

City Clerk

  • Robert McKinnell, Appointed Incumbent.  Won without opposition.  Congratulations!

City Treasurer

  • Kevin Larson, Incumbent, Won without opposition.  Congratulations!

Rancho Santa Margarita (2 open seats)

  • Tony Beall, Incumbent
  • Julia Bendis, Businesswoman/Author
  • Wendy Braun, Homemaker
  • Glenn Acosta, Director, Trabuco Canyon Water District
  • Carol Gamble, Councilmember/Business Owner
  • Beth Schwartz, Professor/Pastor/Nurse
  • Andrea Machuca, Chef
  • Chris McLaughlin, Technical Support Supervisor
  • John Christopoulos, Planning Commissioner/Businessman

San Clemente

City Council, Full-Term (2 seats open)

  • Bill Hart, Software Sales Director
  • Jeff Provance Jr, Small Business Owner
  • Charlie Smith, Corporate Banker
  • Patrick Minnehan, Chief Information Officer
  • Chris Duncan, Homeland Security Prosecutor
  • Joseph Kenney, Small Business Owner
  • Aaron Washington, San Clemente Businessman
  • Jeff Wellman, Healthcare Sales Director
  • Gene James, Incumbent
  • Thor Johnson, Small Business Owner

City Council, Short-Term, 1 Seat open

  • Tyler Boden, Local Business Owner
  • George Gregory, Contractor/Businessman
  • Jim Dahl, Retired Fire Captain
  • Jerry Quinlan, Property Manager
  • Donna Vidrine, Nurse/Business Owner
  • Steven Knoblock, Businessman/Hearing Officer
  • Zhen Wu, Architect/Land Planner
  • Laron Rush, Musician/Businessman

City Clerk

  • Joanne Baade, Incumbent, won without opposition.  Congratulations!

City Treasurer

  • Mark Taylor, Incumbent, won without opposition.  Congratulations!

San Juan Capistrano

District 5

  • John Alpay, Businessman/Educator
  • Howard Hart, Homeland Security Administrator

Santa Ana


  • Claudia Alvarez, Prosecutor/College Trustee
  • Mark I. Lopez, Business Owner
  • Vicente Sarmiento, Santa Ana Councilmember/Businessman
  • Jose Solorio, Council Member/Father
  • Cecilia Iglesias, Educator
  • George Collins, Business Owner

Ward 1

  • Antonio Adame, Entrepreneur/CFO
  • Thomas Anthony Gordon, School Facilities Manager
  • Thai Viet Phan, Planning Commissioner/Attorney
  • Cynthia Contreras, Orange County Probation Coordinator

Ward 3

  • Jessie Lopez, Diversity Development Coordinator
  • Mark McLoughlin, Santa Ana Planning Commissioner
  • Danny Vega, Electrical Engineer
  • Jeffrey Katz, Santa Ana Business Owner
  • Jannelle Welker, Supervisor’s Policy Advisor

Ward 5

  • Jonathan Ryan Hernandez, Community Health Worker
  • Laura Perez, Property Management Coordinator
  • Vice Mendez, Businessman
  • Juan Villegas, Incumbent/Sheriff Officer

Seal Beach

District 2

  • Thomas Moore, Incumbent
  • Carole Damoci, Retired Warehouse Manager

District 4

  • Schelly Sustarsic, Incumbent, won without opposition.  Congratulations!


District 2

  • Hong Alyce Van, Incumbent
  • Dewayne Allen Normand, City of Stanton Commissioner

District 4

  • Josh Estrada Businessman
  • Carole Warren, Incumbent
  • Jeff Jones, Retired Deputy Sheriff

Tustin (3 open seats)

  • Kurt Bensworth, Entrepreneur
  • Ryan Gallagher, Tustin Commissioner/Engineer
  • Rebecca “Beckie” Gomez, Orange County Board of Education Trustee
  • Jaime “James” Perez, Real Estate Broker
  • Lee Fink, Businessman/Consumer Advocate
  • Letitia Clark, Incumbent
  • Cristian Cusac, Businessman
  • Jorge Valdes, Business Owner/Attorney
  • Aj Jha, Businessman/Planning Commissioner


District 2

  • Trung Ta, Retired Project Manager
  • Namquan Nguyen, Traffic Commissioner/Businessman
  • Carlos Manzo, Westminster Planning Commissioner

District 3

  • Kimberly Ho, Vice Mayor/Businesswoman
  • Tai Do, Councilman/Police Office

About Greg Diamond

Somewhat verbose attorney, semi-retired due to disability, residing in northwest Brea. Occasionally runs for office against bad people who would otherwise go unopposed. Got 45% of the vote against Bob Huff for State Senate in 2012; Josh Newman then won the seat in 2016. In 2014 became the first attorney to challenge OCDA Tony Rackauckas since 2002; Todd Spitzer then won that seat in 2018. Every time he's run against some rotten incumbent, the *next* person to challenge them wins! He's OK with that. Corrupt party hacks hate him. He's OK with that too. He does advise some local campaigns informally and (so far) without compensation. (If that last bit changes, he will declare the interest.)