Anti-Mask School Board Candidate Lushy Kring Inflames Dentists and Media



.  In a Long Beach store, a blonde woman (technically not Lucille Kring, but this graphic is more fun) raged and allegedly pepper-sprayed at customers over her declared right to shop without a mask. A young woman planted her feet and dra-a-a-agged her out of the store.  Don’t do this unless someone is actually assaulting people — e.g., pepper-spraying.

This story from two weeks ago slipped through the cracks during the mad dash to finish coverage of filings for the fall elections; as it’s now an election story itself, though, it’s time to revisit it.  (I was reminded of it due to the recent altercation shown above about masks and fits, that you see in the graphic above — which I’m sure gives many of us some satisfaction — which is much more fun than a photo of an elderly female councilmember with Photoshopped Covid balls coming out of her mouth.)

Here we go! Summary-execution fan Lucille Kring made some news at an Anaheim City Council meeting two weeks ago today when she explained why people shouldn’t wear masks: dental problems, including cavities, gingivitis, and halitosis.   (Those last two are gum disease and bad breath.)  She suggested that anyone unfortunate to be watching the broadcast should “keep that in mind while you’re snuggling up to a mask.”  (Note: if you are indeed “snuggling up to a mask,” you’re doing it wrong.  They’re for your nose and mouth only.  No tongues.)

The response from the dentistry community was swift.  The LA Times quoted Orange County Dental Society President Dr. Ramesh Gowda as expressing a stinging rebuke, without Novocain:

“There is no scientific basis for that,” Gowda said. “My request to all the nonmedical people who don’t have the expertise, please check with the proper authority. … It is not fair for any council people or anybody without any knowledge just to assume things and to make recommendations. Leave it to the experts and follow the guidance of the experts.”

That certainly drills down to the root of the problem!

Dr. Shruti Gohil, associate medical director of Epidemiology and Infection Prevention at UC Irvine, said if masks caused dental issues then surgeons and other medical professionals would have a higher incidence of them because they wear masks daily for prolonged periods of time

(The article notes elsewhere that they do not.  But they leave out any discussion of halitosis!  The LAT clearly needs to do a follow-up.)

“Even dentists wear masks themselves all day long,” Gohil said. “This flies in the face of any type of known information and really is concerning to me.”

(Oh, Dr. Gohil, you haven’t even scratched the enamel of what avoidance of known information is conerning about Ms. Kring!_

Gowda, noting that he and his two physician sons wear top-grade N-95 masks for 7-8 hours a day without showing signs of gum disease, put Kring under with this observation:

He added: “Look at how many people have died, look at the vulnerable population. … Isn’t it our duty to be considerate for them? All the healthcare workers ask is to wear a mask. As simple as that.”

Pro tip for Dr. Gowda:  if you’re trying to convice Kring of anything, two words you never use together as “considerate” to the “vulnerable.”  She quickly rinses such words in her brain, and then spits into a cup, without swallowing anything.

Now this would just be a funny story about how continually dim Councilmember Kring is, except for one thing:

She is running for a seat on the Anaheim Elementary District School Board, where among other things she would be making decisions about whether kids will be forced to attended classes during a pandemic and, if so, wear masks, as well as engaging in social distancing.

(Kring has not mentioned the medical consequences of “snuggling up to” social distancing, but given this track record she might believe that it causes children to develop myopia, eczema, and flatulence.)

Kring is running against a perfectly good — and apparently sane, prudent, honest, and unstupid — former Loara High School history teacher and current Cal State university professor, incumbent Board President Jose Magcalas.  A quick look via Google and at his Facebook page show an appreciation of virtual schooling and social distancing in his district, so it seems highly unlikely that he is anti-mask, anti-science, or anti-courtesy.

Magcalas would seem to be a shoo-in for this election except for one thing: this district overlaps the northern section of Anaheim City Council District 4, which Kring has elected for far too long, and Kring will probably post material giving what she hopes are credulous voters the impression that she is running for re-election.  Bear in mind that only one person has the right to use “Re-Elect” in their materials for this race — and it’s not Kring.

Magcalas does not yet have his website up — so there may be a volunteer opportunity there.  (Contact his campaign, I suppose.)  But mostly, this race will be won by those talking him up with voters, door-to-door or by phone.  (Finally, something upon which District 4 candidates Annemarie Randle-Trejo and Jeanine Robbins can agree!)  Keeping Kring far away from any more reins of power is part of our definition of “civic improvement”!

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