2020 OC Filings #20: Anaheim’s Council Candidates & Statements




Anaheim’s Final 2020 General Election Line-ups

Orange Juice’s slate, or the “reformers”

Wow.  Talk about reformers snatching defeat from the jaw of victory.  But maybe it will be OK.

When Denise Barnes, fresh off being denied the DPOC nomination by the Cunningblog allies in DPOC, is in the best shape of any of the reformers, you know that it was a bad day.  Here are the candidates and ballot designations; below all of which are their candidate statements, in alphabetical order.

District 1

The qualified candidates — names, then ballot designations in quotes — are:

  • Denise Barnes, “City of Anaheim Councilmember/Businesswoman” (i)
  • Ryan Balius, “Information Technician/Businessman”
  • Jose Diaz, “Municipal Water Administrator”

Balius is supposedly the Klepto (which here means Building Trades, Resort interests, and developers) candidate.  Diaz, who is about to bring a lot of attention to water administration in the City of Orange, is probably in the race to attract the Latino vote away from the incumbent, Barnes, who is Latina.  A double-pronged attack creates problems for Barnes, but she’s well-known and well-liked in her district — and Disney money (however well they think it is disguised) may be less potent than before, given the economy and wider awareness of the company’s antics.

District 4

As it has been feared and foreseen, so it has become: two reformist and one Klepto candidate have qualified.  Incumbent Lucille Kring was not eligible, so this is final.

  • Annemarie Randle-Trejo, “Anaheim Union High School District Governing Board Member”
  • Jeanine Robbins, “Community Volunteer”
  • Avelino Valencia, “City of Anaheim Commissioner/Policymaker”
  • Julie Brunette, a mystery woman with no candidate statement or free ballot designation.

(I really have to wonder about the “Policymaker” in Avelino’s designation, by the way.  Is he a really a policymaker outside of his role as a commissioner?  Probably not, which makes it redundant — which, and I’ll look up and verify this over the weekend, makes it impermissible.)

Either Annemarie and Jeanine would make a fine addition to the City Council.  Now they’ll be splitting the vote against Kleptocrat — seriously, go back and look at the size and source of his donations — Avelino, who would become Jordan Brandman’s closest ally on the City Council.  Annemarie is an insider and Jeanine is an outsider; Annemarie is probably better known in the district and Jeanine has more of the most visible activist support.  Jeanine has been in the forefront of public challenges to the City Council, while Annemarie has spoken only rarely.

Jeanine is never going to be simpatico with the Building Trades.  Annemarie, in contrast, has a career to lose.  She’s in a tough spot (which is why I wanted her to drop out.)  There is a possible winning strategy here, which is for both of them to aim their fire at Avelino rather than each other — indeed, perhaps complimenting one another as a different but cherished sister-in-arms — and just invite people to vote for whichever inside or outside approach they prefer.  Hopefully. whichever way it goes, it’s lopsided enough to provide a winning margin rather than a 34-33-33 Avelino win.

The question is, will the Trades in particular let Annemarie get away with that?  She needs courage that the outsider Jeanine doesn’t — because she has more to lose.

Updated: Brunette, who I’m informed (but have not confirmed) is a far-right conspiracist, is also in the race.  Intentionally foregoing a ballot statement is pretty much unheard-of, so I presume that she’s either (1) seriously going for the anti-Latino vote or (2) on the ballot to dilute whatever non-Latino-name vote may otherwise go to Robbins, who is Latina. (I doubt that that’s a large slice of voters in this district anyway.)

District 5

The incumbent is running, so this is final.

  • Steve Faessel, “City of Anaheim Councilmember/Educator” (i)
  • Kenneth Batiste, “Security Office Manager”
  • Sabrina “Sav” Quezada, “Environmental Graduate Student” (and not the TikTok star)

This has looked like an impending one-on-one match between incumbent Steve Faessel and fiery grassroots opponent Kenneth Batiste.  Instead, Sav Quezada qualified on the last day.  (Her registration is apparently under the name “Sabrina,” but on Facebook she is “Savrina.”)  From her Facebook page, the 29-year-old Quezada seems intelligent (she’s in the USC School of Education), photogenic, and progressive — interested in environmental racism and other issues of the day — but in relevant part that means that almost all of her votes will be coming from Batiste, likely boosting Faessel’s chances substantially.  Or maybe she’ll appear to voters as if she’s filling the role that Jenny Rivera has in recent years of siphoning the Latino vote, in which event it may hurt Faessel.  From what I can tell, she has not been involved in activism on any Anaheim issues.  I’d love to know her thought process about deciding to enter the race, having formed a committee only three weeks before the deadline.  (Also: anyone know whether Faessel has taught a class during the past year?)

Candidate Statements (alphabetical across all races)


OCCUPATION: Information Technician/Businessman

My wife and I are proud 20-year West Anaheim residents. Having witnessed and experienced the issues impacting our neighborhoods, I am committed to being part of the solution to improving our community.

Dedication to solving these issues led to my seven years of service on the West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Council, including chairing the Annual BBQ and Tree Lighting events. For four years, I have been your District 1 Parks and Recreation Commissioner, recommending quality park improvements, advocating for increased safety, and assisting with Kaboom playground builds.

This public service experience taught me how our City operates, where improvements are
needed, and above all, how to represent you with accountability and transparency.

I will be your voice to:

Prioritize public safety and get resources we deserve to keep our neighborhoods safe

Champion fiscal responsibility through efficient City services and reduce unnecessary

Proactively address homelessness with achievable solutions including public-private
partnerships with nonprofits, law enforcement, and neighboring cities

Revitalize economic investment in West Anaheim by promoting projects like
39 Commons and redevelopment of the Beach Boulevard Corridor

Preserve community character by maintaining and safely securing our parks and open

I am honored to earn your vote as District 1 representative on the Anaheim City Council.



OCCUPATION: City of Anaheim Councilmember/Businesswoman

When I took office on the City Council, the number one issue facing West Anaheim was homelessness. Now, Anaheim leads Orange County in addressing this issue. We have made great strides by focusing on drug treatment, employment training, supportive housing, and additional police units with special training.

We’re seeing real progress on the long-awaited Beach/Lincoln corridor with the city’s purchase of rundown properties like the Americana Motel, car wash, and Tool Shack. We’re bringing developers with exciting visions for shops and housing to this challenged area.

West Anaheim is attracting new jobs and businesses including Amazon Logistics, Southwestern Bank, and exciting new dining options.

Our parks have seen major improvements with green fields, improved restrooms, and a dog park opening this fall.

We have accomplished great things, but there is much more work to do. We need to clean up our
commercial corridors and invite new development to bring in stable, better paying jobs.

We need to strengthen our community by providing quality housing, stable rents, and investing
in our youth and our seniors, while recovering from COVID’s impacts on Anaheim.

I appreciate your continued support and humbly ask for your vote on November 3rd.




OCCUPATION: Security Officer Manager

I am Kenneth Batiste, father, grandfather, and East Anaheim homeowner. I was a firefighter for the US Forest Service, worked as a social worker, and was named Officer of the Year with Los Angeles County Probation and received the American Legion’s Law and Order Award.

I am an anti-poverty activist with the Poor People’s Campaign and Homeless People’s Task Force. I am a man of ethics and I cannot be bought. Disney and SOAR will spend millions on this election, while I am a grassroots candidate funded by the people.

The time has come to end all the corporate welfare which has driven this town into $625 million of debt, and make Anaheim’s government work for the residents of Anaheim.

I support a Gate Tax at our entertainment venues to help get us out of this budget crisis and beef up our senior services. I will fight for affordable housing and campaign finance reform. I will explore getting city-wide WiFi – like our public utilities, it’s the Anaheim Way.

Join me in bringing back the City of Kindness to Anaheim. Please contact me at batiste4district5@gmail.com for more information.



OCCUPATION: Mystery Woman

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OCCUPATION: Municipal Water Administrator

I was born and raised in Cuba where I attended college and became a teacher. However, from an early age I had dreams of experiencing freedom in America. In 1995, I escaped a totalitarian regime and immigrated to America. Five years later, my dream was achieved by becoming an American citizen and purchasing a home with my wife Betty, where we raised our four children in Anaheim.

Anaheim has been my home for over 20 years. During that time, I pursued my master’s degree and have worked in municipal water services where I manage a city department and administer a 40-million-dollar budget.

America has been good to me; it’s time for me to give back.

The city of Anaheim has failed to address the issues that plague our community. Extensive development and allocation of resources are abundant, yet much of West Anaheim lacks essential resources.

My five-point plan for West Anaheim is simple:

More community policing to ensure reduced crime.

Increased business development and investments in our neighborhoods.

Prioritizing infrastructure improvements.

Decrease homelessness in our region.

Support new housing development in our community.

I appreciate your support and humbly ask for your vote.
Visit my page: www.diazforanaheim.com
Email: jose@diazforanaheim.com


OCCUPATION: Anaheim Councilmember/Educator

I am working to protect Anaheim residents from the health, economic, and personal harm that the COVID-19 virus has inflicted on our people.

Working with non-profits and churches setting up food banks to help struggling residents feed
their families.

Providing essential supplies to seniors and others.

Protecting renters from eviction and providing millions of dollars of rental assistance.

Establishing assistance programs to help small businesses survive.

Before the coronavirus crisis, I was working hard for Anaheim.

Addressing homelessness by opening three shelters and clearing our parks and the Santa Ana
River Trail of massive homeless encampments.

Working with our Police Department on community policing, and improved fire and paramedic
response times.

Establishing the “Anaheim Senior Safety Net” helping seniors struggling to stay in their homes.
Negotiating to keep the Angels in Anaheim.

Born and raised in Anaheim, I married my wife Susan, and since 1975 we’ve lived in the same
home next to Anaheim Coves where we raised our son. I’m retired from the Hardware Industry
and I’m a credentialed Instructor at North Orange Continuing Education Center.

I ask for your vote to continue to make Anaheim a special place to live, work and raise a family.
Visit www.faesselforanaheim.com, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


OCCUPATION: Environmental Graduate Student

Sabrina Quezada grew up in Anaheim and has continually gained experience and remained involved, with the intent to run as an elected official to improve her community. As a single mom to a 5-year old son, Quezada values a quality standard of living for all families.

Miss Quezada is attending her final year at USC working on her masters and teaching credentials for science education. She has also obtained her USC certification to teach gifted students. Quezada designed the curriculum for Berkeley’s Political Agriculture Food System lecture while attending UC Berkeley for her bachelor’s in science. Through experience, Quezada recognizes the lack of resources can severely hinder a student’s ability to succeed.

Quezada has written numerous memos to city and state officials on the topics of universal income, K-12 checking accounts and environmental reform. She was involved in legislation for community colleges as a Senator at Fullerton College and as a delegate for the Student Senate for the California Community Colleges. Quezada is proactive with city planning with a focus on access to resources, environmental justice, and higher incomes to support healthy families.

Sabrina Quezada will support our children and community to prosper to its fullest potential
with the power of your vote. ¡Su voto es poder!


OCCUPATION: Anaheim Union High School District Governing Board Member

District 4, I’ve heard you.

The highest percentage of renters are in District 4; developers aren’t building affordable homes and years ago we agreed to Ban STR’s causing neighborhoods to become hotels and families to leave Anaheim!

You demand a leader who doesn’t give away subsidies to large corporations we grow dependent on. One, with bold policies and an economic plan to solve the budget, homelessness, and housing crisis which plagued our city before the pandemic.

Through my leadership, A.U.H.S.D is developing the future workforce our city needs with P.L.E.D.G.E., A.I.M.E., “Innovation Lab”, and dozens of C.T.E. Pathways (including Federal Aviation & Cyber Security). Anaheim’s innovation potential is tremendous.

Let’s make Anaheim an emerging city!

I oversee multimillion budgets and modernization projects (including Katella’s beautiful campus); completed on time and on budget. Refinanced revenue saved taxpayers $16 million.

I am your neighbor with eight years as trustee, twenty-five years employed with A.E.S.D, volunteer history of twenty-eight years, and a thirty-year Anaheim residency shows loyalty to District 4 residents.

I care and will work hard for your continued trust.

Visit annemarie4anaheim.com for more


OCCUPATION: Community Volunteer

Hi, my name is Jeanine Robbins and I am a candidate for Anaheim City Council – District 4.

For almost two decades, Anaheim’s elected officials have voted to prioritize the interests of the Walt Disney Company at the residents’ expense. I believe that my community experience, combined with my fiduciary responsibility, will support the needs and voices of District Four residents.

My husband and I have lived in Anaheim’s District 4 since 1991, where we raised two beautiful children, both of which graduated from Loara High School.

I became involved in municipal politics when residents began lobbying for district elections, pushing for the Constitutional ideal of equal representation at the local level.

Representing our neighborhoods, I have spoken at over 200 city council meetings, advocating for the ban of Short Term Rentals, and I was instrumental in uniting residents towards a common goal – ensuring that our neighborhoods remain neighborhoods, and not a mere playground for tourists.

I continue to speak-out in support of a living wage, real solutions to dissolve homelessness, affordable housing, an end to unethical corporate subsidies, and transparency in government.

I am asking for your vote and support so we can, together, return District 4 to the residents.


OCCUPATION: City of Anaheim Commissioner/Policymaker

Dear Neighbor,

Our city is hurting right now. Thousands of people have been laid off or furloughed and many businesses are struggling. As a lifelong resident and product of Anaheim, I know that the generosity, spirit, and strength of our residents will bring us through these challenges.

If elected to serve you on the Anaheim City Council, my focus will be on:

Keeping residents and neighborhoods safe and healthy

Creating economic opportunity and attracting jobs

Reducing emergency response times

Improving our parks and city services

My background and career are rooted here in Anaheim, and I believe these experiences have
equipped me to serve our city: Chair of Anaheim’s Budget, Investment, and Technology
Commission, working to improve Anaheim’s long-term financial stability; and Principal
Representative for State Assemblymember Tom Daly, assisting residents in securing services
and developing policies to help our community. Education: Anaheim public schools, Roosevelt
Elementary, South Junior High, Katella High School, Fullerton College, San Jose State
University, and Johns Hopkins University.

As your Councilmember, I’ll strive to improve the quality of life for all of Anaheim. If you have
any questions or want to discuss the issues facing our city, please call me at (714) 916-2729.

I would be honored to earn your vote and trust to be your next Anaheim City Councilmember.

Avelino Valencia

About Greg Diamond

Somewhat verbose attorney, semi-retired due to disability, residing in northwest Brea. Occasionally runs for office against bad people who would otherwise go unopposed. Got 45% of the vote against Bob Huff for State Senate in 2012; Josh Newman then won the seat in 2016. In 2014 became the first attorney to challenge OCDA Tony Rackauckas since 2002; Todd Spitzer then won that seat in 2018. Every time he's run against some rotten incumbent, the *next* person to challenge them wins! He's OK with that. Corrupt party hacks hate him. He's OK with that too. He does advise some local campaigns informally and (so far) without compensation. (If that last bit changes, he will declare the interest.)