2020 OC Filings #19 (as of 8/12) AEIOU Extension Races OVER!




Photo from NPR website, used for Fair Use depiction.  The Racing Form doesn’t actually cover AEIOU extensions.


[Note that the asterisk in “FINAL*” recognizes the potential for litigation.]

  • Rancho Santiago Community College District, Trustee Area 5

FINAL UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent Claudia Alvarez didn’t file so that she can run for Santa Ana Mayor.   Former Santa Ana Councilmember and Mayoral candidate Brett Elliott Frankin has now filed. So have David Crockett and Samuel Ulloa.

  • Rancho Santiago Community College District, Trustee Area 7

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent Arianna Barrios also didn’t run so that she could run for Santa Ana Mayor.  Tina Arias Miller — a Doctor of Education who has been endorsed by both Lou Correa and Katie Porter — was alone with her on the ballot for days.  On the last day of filing, when Kamala Harris accepted the Dem’s VP nomination, who shows up on the ballot but Kamala’s old nemisis Loretta Sanchez.  I  the previous dayday that “no progressives should feel the need” to file against Arias Miller — and sure enough, not one did!

  • South Orange County Community College District, Trustee Area 1

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent David Lang did not run.  The ballot will include four candidates to replace him: Carolyn Inmon, Helen LockeMatt Waid, and last-minute new entry Aarti Kaushal.  Now that four-way race should improve our ratings!

  • Brea Olinda Unified School District, Trustee Area 2

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent Keri Kropke didn’t run, aiming for a different board.  Deana Miller has qualified without apparent opposition, but the ROV’s list says that it’s still on the ballot, which I expect (unless someone filed) is in error.

  • Capistrano Unified School District, Trustee Area 3

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12:  Incumbent Patricia Holloway didn’t run.  “Retired Realty Salesperson” Sue Hill, “Businessowner/Parent” Lisa Davis, and”Businessowner/Behavior Analyst”  ADRIENNE M. SILVA have qualified.

  • Irvine Unified School District, Trustee Area 3

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12:  Incumbent Betty Carroll didn’t run.  Student/Tutor” Bethany Huang, “Teacher/Parent” Douglas Euper, City of Irvine Commissioner/Parent Sidney Wu, and “Deputy District Attorney” Cyril Yu has qualified — but  Yu still has a “DNR” code (which I thought means “Did Not Run” — for example, the code appears next to Mike Gasca’s name), which may be in error.  I don’t know Sidney Wu, but his last-minute entry against Cyril Yu raises my “dirty trick” antennae.

  • Laguna Beach Unified School District

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12:  Incumbent Peggy Woolf didn’t run.  The other incumbent, Jan Vickers, and four other candidates are on the ballot.  They include: “Business Owner” Amy Kramer; “Business Owner” Sheri Morgan; “Community Volunteer” Kelly Osborne; and “Consitutional Lawyer/Author” Howard Hills, whom if I recall correctly from a previous cycle seemed like a crackpot.  He’ll have the advantage of being the only male of the five candidates, though.  (If it were Irvine, a “Harold Mills” would have shown up.)

  • Los Alamitos Unified School District, Trustee Area 2

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12:  Neither incumbent, Marlys Davidson or Diana D Hill, filed to run. Three others will be on the ballot: “Parent/Project Manager” Paurvi Trivedi; “Retired School Principal” Chris Forehan; and a “Professor” (those are not intended as scare quotes), Jody L. Roubanis.

  • Newport-Mesa Unified School District, Trustee Area 3

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent Martha Fluor did not run.  “Retired Educator” Carol Crane and “Businessowner” Charles Kent Booker will face off.

  • Newport-Mesa Unified School District, Trustee Area 6

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent Dana Black did not run.  On the ballot will be “Businesswoman/Parent/Coach” Krista Weigand, “Businesswoman/Parent” Amy Peters, “Private Music Instructor” Xeno Ralf Muller II, and “Communications Engagement Associate” Alexis Zavouris,

  • Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District, Trustee Area 3

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: No incumbent here.  “Parent/Business Owner” Carrie Lundell, “Website Designer” Alex Muñoz, “Business Consultant/Instructor” April Braswell,  and “Orange County Teacher/Parent” Angie Schlueter-Rumsey are all on the ballot.

  • Fullerton Joint Union High School District, Trustee Area 3

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent Andy Montoya did not file.  Vicki Calhoun wins without opposition.  Congratulations, Vicki!

  • Centralia School District, Trustee Area 4

Incumbent Ian McDonald did not run.  Lamiya Hoque has qualified.  UPDATE 8/11: no change.

  • Fullerton School District, Trustee Area 5

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent Jeannette Vasquez did not run. “Non-Profit Administrator” Leonel Talavera wins without opposition.

  • La Habra City School District, Full Term

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: One incumbent, Sandra Baltes, did not file.  The other, John Dobson, qualified.  He will competed for the two open spots with “Retired Science Teacher” Susan M. Pritchard and “Youth Development Director” Ofelia Corona Hanson.

  • La Habra City School District, Short Term

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Parent/Student Emily Pruitt wins the seat on the last day of filing without opposition.

  • Westminster School District, Trustee Area 4

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent Jamison Power did not file.  Frances “The-Thuy” Nguyen, whose ballot designation is “Governing Board Member, Westminster School District” — i.e., incumbent” — is the only person on the ballot.  The only way this makes sense to me is either that she moved districts or the district lines moved under her.  Anyway, she wins without opposition.

  • Capistrano Bay Community Services District

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Appointed incumbents Stephen Meller and Stephen M Schwartz did not file.  William Wiersig (who has no free ballot designation), “Entrepreneur” Brad L. Jenkins, and Housewife/Property Manager Yuri Cramer will compete for the two seats.

  • Rossmoor Community Services District, Full Term

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: One of the three incumbents, Ron Casey, did not file.  Two incumbents, Michael Maynard and Tony DeMarco, will be joined on the ballot by “Attorney” Nathan Searles, Joyce Bloom, who has no ballot designation, and possibly Jeffrey BarkeBUT, Barke has a DNR next to his name, which suggests to me that perhaps he didn’t qualify.  He was already on the Board in the “short term,” and I don’t know the rules on that.  Guess I have t call the ROV….

  • Rossmoor Community Services District, Short Term

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent Jeffrey Barke did not file.  “Nonprofit Executive Director” Jeffrey Rips was the sole one who did, and wins without opposition.

  • Three Arch Bay Community Services District

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Two of the three incumbents, Elizabeth Gapp and Alan Anderson, did not file.  The third, Gary Rubel, did.  He, “Retired Marketing Manager” John Dorr, and  Judy Yorke; all win without opposition.

  • Silverado-Modjeska Recreation and Park District

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbents Francesca Duff and Tara Saraye did not file, leaving two open seats.  “Retired Teacher” Julie Morris will be joined on the ballot by two last-day filers: “Medical Staff Director” Celeste Goff Veerkamp and “Silverado Small Businesswoman” Michele Grace Agopian.

  • Sunset Beach Sanitary District, Short Term

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: This short term (two-year) seat attracted no takers and will presumably be filled by the board.  Conveniently, one of the four candidates running for the short-term seat will lose.

  • Surfside Colony Storm Water Protection District

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent Stephen Rowe did not file.  Appointed incumbents Linda Garofalo and Victor Kriss will compete for the two open seats with “Real Estate Broker” Dave Chamberlin.

  • Moulton Niguel Water District

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent Gary Kurtz did not file.  Incumbents Richard Fiore, Duane Cave, and Brian Probolsky will be joined by Sherry Wanninger on the new board, without opposition.

  • Rossmoor/Los Alamitos Area Sewer District, Short Term

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Here again, the long-term seat is not in extension.  Since no one even pinged on the short-term seat, it is not on the “Candidate Log” list — and most people probably never knew about it.  Likely as a result, no one filed.  I think that this system ought to change: all offices should be listed regardless of whether someone has filed — even if it’s just a bullet-point list on the first page.

  • Yorba Linda Water District

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: One incumbent, Andrew Hall, did not file.  The other, John Wayne Miller, will be joined by “Water Quality Engineer” Trudi Kew Desroches on the board, winning without opposition.

  • Municipal Water District of O.C., Division 4

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12: Incumbent Joan Finnegan did not file.  The ballot will include “Water District Engineer” Karl Seckel; “Architect” Christopher Ganiere; “Water Policy Manager” Stacy Lynne Taylor; Dana Reed, who did not obtain an absolutely free ballot designation; and “Councilmember/Orange County Parent” Allan Mansoor.  We will let you know which honest ballot-designation-having non-Mansoor candidate deserves your vote.

  • Placentia Library District

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12:Incumbents Richard DeVecchio and Elizabeth Minter did not file. Incumbent Gayle Carline did, and will be joined on the board by “Educational Non-profit Founder” Hilaire Shioura and “Community Volunteer” Sharon Dahl, without opposition.

  • Santiago Geologic Hazard Abatement District, Full Term

FINAL* UPDATE 8/12:Incumbent Kay Dabbs-Moyer did not file.  Incumbent Craig Schill will be joined in the race for two seats by “Employee Rights Attorney” James Guziak and “Business Owner” Bhavin Patel.


  • Monday August 10, 2020 is the slowest day I’ve ever seen, with only one new filing.
  • Tuesday August 11, 2020 may be the second slowest: only one ping and four new filings.
  • Wednesday, August 12 was fairly busy and included some surprises.

2020 Candidate Log List reporting is done — but we’ll soon be putting up more candidate statements!


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