Meet Orange County’s New Terrorists.




Anti-maskers take over a pro-mask labor/religious rally that you can see in the back. That’s pudgy HB white supremacist Kim Sorgente in the middle with megaphone.

Terrorism, n.
the unlawful use of violence and intimidation,
especially against civilians,
in the pursuit of political aims.

It was fun making fun of these lunatics over the past month, but recently they’ve moved beyond being laughable and insane – they are actually affecting public health policy (their “political aim” of resisting facial coverings), and they have been using violence and intimidation to achieve that aim, from stalking county health officer Dr. Nichole Quick until she quit her job, to mobbing and coughing in the faces of pro-mask people last Tuesday.  It’s time to call these people TERRORISTS, don’t you think?

One of their visits to the home of Dr. Quick and her children.

As more of us get a good look at these people, we recognize them from other protests or counterprotests – anti-gay actions, anti-Sanctuary state, anti-Muslim, pro-plastic bag / styrofoam, and always pro-Trump.  In their minds, government, the media, and science are always conspiring somehow to take away their freedoms.  In the picture at the top you see pudgy HB white supremacist Kim Sorgente, who’s always looking for a place to spout some bile.  Here he is at a recent police brutality rally, suckerpunching a Black Lives Matter protestor:

Posted by Kim Sorgente on Monday, August 6, 2018

Leigh Taylor Dundas, the “human rights attorney” from Costa Mesa who first publicized Dr. Quick’s address, comes to this faux-science from a history of fighting against vaccines.  This crowd probably believes that school shootings like Sandy Hook were faked so that the government could take their guns – at least that’s a plausible motivation, though, but what sense does the “Plandemic” theory make?  Why would our government want to tank its own economy?  They’re obviously completely convinced of the nonsense they spout, but they need to stop being coddled.

Graffiti left this week on the car of a couple of 80-year-old Huntington Beach ladies.

Who’s coddling these terrorists?  Number one I blame Supervisor Don Wagner.  The nominal chair of the Board is wannabe Congresswoman Michelle Steel, who generally seems not to know what to think unless someone tells her, but she does know that she doesn’t like rude people who don’t follow rules, and that is this crowd in spades.  So there’s been a couple times that she was on the verge of shutting them up and having them ejected… but then Wagner steps in and sticks up for them, and then Michelle remembers she’s against masks too!

Wagner’s small mind, as we previously reported, finds an impossible contradiction betwen the ideas of opening up the economy (“going forward”) and keeping masks and social-distancing (“going backward.”)  I doubt I can explain to him that the two ideas go hand-in-hand, but I’ll think I’ll try on Tuesday.

Last week he claimed that one reason the anti-maskers prevailed in getting Dr. Chau to relax the mask orders was that we mask supporters have been “strangely silent for these ten weeks.”  I don’t believe him.  Supervisor Chaffee says that e-mails to the Board have been ten-to-one in favor of masks and social distancing – these clowns are a FRINGE.  Maybe Wagner doesn’t read e-mails.  Maybe people have to go down there and make a bunch of noise for Wagner to take any notice.  But most of us don’t want to get anywhere near these zealots.

Steel does have her own moments of brilliance too though – this gem made it into a Harley Rouda campaign ad:

So NOW, as I’m sure you’ve heard, our governor, an adult, has made masks mandatory in public (whenever six feet or less from another person.)  How these terrorists will wail and gnash their teeth now!  Unfortunately it’s not clear who will enforce that order since we have a rogue tea-partying Sheriff who refuses to be “the mask police.”  (Once again, thank you Lou Correa and Tom Daly for convincing a lot of Democrats to vote for Don Barnes when there was a perfectly decent Democrat running against him.)

I know one thing for sure – I’m not going to be staying home and watching online THIS Tuesday morning.  And I’m gonna bring some Chlorox and disinfect that filthy microphone before I get close to it, and they’d better not subtract that from my speaking time.

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