Anaheim STR’s Still Active and Rowdy – IN THE MIDDLE OF PANDEMIC!!!




by Mike Robbins:

Remember Short-Term Rentals? STR’s? What a controversy they were in central Anaheim a few years ago, with their noise and chaos in formerly peaceful residential neighborhoods?

And how our previous city council, after a lot of legal wrangling with the profiteering owners, had them all set to be phased out by last year?

And how our new Mayor Sidhu and his council majority, after receiving many thousands of campaign dollars from the STR owners, quickly reversed that phase-out, granting the 200+ existing STR’s in Anaheim a monopoly to stay in business as long as they want?

Well… you may or may not be surprised to hear that these STR’s are in FULL SWING right now, even in the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic!

Four cars at one short-term rental!

So, check it out:  The other day I’m just out in the front of my house and I notice some activity around the corner. There at the local STR, three cars are pulling up and people are piling out!  Besides the four or five adults I can see, I also hear kids screaming in the pool! Looks like STR’s are back for COVID 19 Vacations!

Then my friend Fred, four houses down, emails me screaming in ALL-CAPS that he’s going crazy with the STR vacationers next to him.  I rush out to meet him and calm him down. We all agree to bombard code enforcement with calls about the transgression.

The very next day I get an email from another neighbor who has 2 STR’s behind him near Cerritos and Walnut. He writes that he is incredulous that vacationers are screaming in the pool behind him all day long!

We’ve ALL been calling code enforcement every day now.

Another STR with cars in the driveway

Then yesterday our friend Cecile calls with her story of the STR next to her on Ord way. The vacationers screaming in the pool claimed they were quarantining in the neighborhood!  Note the Maserati in the driveway of this STR
– Vern pic attached

What manner of people are these, denying the reality, the seriousness of the Pandemic that has killed tens of thousands of people in our great nation?

ONE gaggle of vacationers told us they were “quarantining,”  Another group, when asked, they replied their family was vacationing and I noted they were all in bathing suits.

And they came from as far as Colorado, Nevada, and ALASKA! To enjoy Anaheims CoVid hospitality.

As the world goes crazy and all of us are locked down to protect our families, friends and neighbors … Short Term Rentals in Anaheim still open their inviting arms to Vacationers?  Hotels have been closed… yet somehow it’s copasetic to inundate our neighborhoods with strangers.

The thoughtless come to Anaheim to roost? Or are they just amazingly careless?

Are these Covid 19 patients in the STRs? Is this their cool, dark place to recover, in our neighborhoods?

Over 60,000 Americans dead in these last 60 days (as of April 29, 2020.) More than 1,000 people are dying every day from COVID 19. That’s more Americans, on average, than died in one day in WWII AND THE CIVIL WAR COMBINED! More Americans have died so far than in 10 years of war in Vietnam.

But Anaheim is the sleepy little town with a low death rate so far.  So, is Anaheim the perfect place for the infected to come to quarantine?

Or just to play?

Ord St STR

Well that would be crazy RIGHT?!

Short Term Rentals SERIOUSLY?!!

I leave no civic leaders out – This is another prime example of the senselessness at all levels, another case in point as a failure of our political leadership; A prime example of the lack of leadership from the Anaheim city council to the OC Board of Supervisors, to the governor and right up to the President in this pandemic.

Michael J Robbins
Contact number for code enforcement –
Call this # at night after 8 pm to 5:30 am: 714-745-0190

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