Vern’s March 2020 Letter to Anaheim Democrats (and democrats.)




Happy March To Recall, fellow Anaheim Democrats!

First let’s congratulate Club members who (apparently) got onto the Central Committee – that’s José Moreno, Ed Lopez, Juan Gabriel Alvarez, Marisol Ramirez, Paolo Magcalas, and Ada Briceño!  I said “apparently” because the primary results still are not completely counted, with 166,000 votes left to count as I write Thursday morning.

Ashleigh, Paulette, Vicki!

And that’s why we still hold out hope for club member Ashleigh Aitken to overcome her 7871-vote deficit and beat her dishonest, developer-funded rival Don Wagner to become Anaheim Hills’ next Supervisor!

Another race that might change over the week is Board of Education District 4 – club-supported candidate Paulette Chaffee is in a distant third at 22%, but another good Fullerton Democrat, Dr. Vicki Calhoun, is in striking distance of charter-school loving Republican Tim Shaw to be our next BoE trustee – only 4,070 votes behind!

By the time we see you all at our next meeting, Saturday the 7th at noon (Haskett Library near West Anaheim’s Maxwell Park) both these races may have changed for the better!

But that’s not the most important reason to come to Saturday’s meeting – Anaheim Democrats are always looking FORWARD, not back.  Our biggest job these next eight months is to recall our corrupt, autocratic Mayor Harry Sidhu, and elect a better council in November.  And most of our Saturday meeting will be all about the recall.

Our special guest, David Johnson, has run several successful recalls in the county, and is currently masterminding the recall of three corrupt Westminster Councilmembers.  We will also hear from our local hero Lupe Ramirez, who is one of the leaders of the Sidhu Recall which we support.

The Sidhu Recall was moving right along, in accordance with state and county rules as well as what Anaheim staff was telling the proponents.  But then suddenly last week, the staff which had been very helpful and friendly suddenly started throwing up obstacles and moving goal posts – probably because they have to do what Mayor Sidhu tells them.  (It turns out he can fire them at will.)

So we have to start again from square one.  This time proponents will first get Anaheim staff on record, in writing and on video, as to the exact timeline and requirements.  And this time another item can be added to the list of reasons for recall:  Sidhu’s recent unaffordable police raise, a reward for the police union’s support of his campaign, which will force Anaheim to dip into its reserves and go further into debt.

Fun fact:  The last successful recall in Anaheim was a century ago in the 1920’s, when we recalled all our councilmembers who were Ku Klux Klan members!  KKK and then Harry – Anaheim only recalls for the very best of reasons!

Saturday we will also hear from our own councilman Dr. Jose Moreno about upcoming Anaheim desmadre, Vern will read Mayor Sidhu’s official response to the recall which is as dishonest and offensive as you might expect, and we will hear from Club member Kenneth Batiste, who is now the only Democrat running for Council in District 5 against the kleptocrat Stephen Faessel – a race as important for us to win as the recall!

So BE THERE!  With bells and whistles!  Noon this Saturday (March 7) at Haskett Branch Library.  La luta continua…

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