Irvine’s Batgirl Makes Waves in Congress




At right, two OC favorites – Rashida (coming to Fullerton in three weeks) and Irvine’s Batgirl, both voting to launch impeachment proceedings on President Trump on Halloween.

It must be aggravating to Democrat politicians like Lou Correa and Tom Daly, who represent deep-blue Santa Ana but excuse their Republican-lite voting records with “Well, I’m from Orange County, I can’t get too radical!” to behold the phenomenon of Batgirl – an acolyte of Liz Warren, who fights fearlessly for the people while representing the 45th Congressional district, which is centered around Republican-heavy Irvine and Orange. 

“Irvine, that is.  City of Beige.  Master-planned-i-stan.”  Home of the “Liberal” OC’s Chmielewski, who actually opposed Batgirl last year in favor of some establishment Dem called Dave Min.  Republican hopefuls are lining up and salivating to take on Batgirl next year – Mission Viejo’s Trump-loving Mayor Greg Raths, Yorba Linda’s toll-road-loving Peggy Huang, the Laguna Hills Mayor, some other GOP lady I’ve forgotten – all of whom experience cognitive dissonance seeing a progressive superheroine representing their erstwhile-red area in Congress, and perceive her as fruit ripe for plucking.  (These GOP hopefuls will be debating Nov 21, 7pm, at the Mission Viejo Senior Center.)

But my money is on Batgirl – there’s no reason 2020 shouldn’t be an even bigger Blue Wave than 2018 was, including in South Orange County.  And nothing terrifies our Orange Dictator more than a female progressive superhero!

Last month the New Republic printed a real entertaining profile of Batgirl, focused on her patient, brilliant, caustic questioning of financial crooks like Goldman Sachs’ Jamie Dimon and boneheaded Trump functionaries like Housing Secretary Ben Carson.  Appointed, like all Trump cabinet members, not for any skill or knowledge but for loyalty to Trump as well as hostility to the department he’s chosen to lead, the idiot-savant neurosurgeon Carson repeatedly misheard Batgirl’s references to “REO” (real-estate-owned) in her questions as “Oreos.”

Here’s hoping  Katie’s example, and her 2020 re-election, will inspire some of our more timid Dems to develop some cojones and cease their kneejerk compromising of our interests.  Maybe THEY could even join Katie Porter in wearing superhero outfits on the floor of Congress October 31, 2020?  Congressman Correa could perhaps even go as Katie’s sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder!

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