Imperiled FFFF throws up in its mouth a little, at the self-pity of Kelly Thomas’ Murderers.




“First they came for the Fringers, and I said nothing,
for I was not a Fringer but an Ankle-Biter…”

Did you freaking see this on The Voice of OC this morning?  “Fullerton City Officials Target Local Bloggers in Lawsuit, Want to Search Private Computers.”   Our friends at the blog “Friends For Fullerton’s Future,” founded years ago by Tony Bushala, Travis Kiger and others, defunct for a while, and more recently restarted by other worthies, has been doing such a good job exposing corruption and malfeasance in their town’s government and police force that they are now being hardcore threatened, as you can read in Spencer Custodio’s fine article.

But, Why “Fringers,” you ask?  One frequent target and critic of Bushala’s original blog back around 2008-11 was the klepto-scribe Matt Cunningham, who, just as he dubbed us a “venomous, grandiose, self-important gaggle of ankle-biters,” habitually dismissed FFFF as “the fringe” – a term they gleefully embraced, calling themselves Fringers and their annual award ceremony “The Fringies.”

David Zenger makes a good point on the comments section of Spencer’s story –  this attack on the free press had to have been approved by at least three Fullerton councilmembers – and blogger Josh Ferguson should get an injunction to get hold of the councilmembers’ and City Manager’s electronic devices to see how this obvious Brown Act violation occurred.

Meanwhile Ryan Cantor warns me, in an effort to get my interest (except He already had me at “local bloggers threatened by local governnment”) – that “If Fullerton can do this to FFFF, Anaheim can easily come after YOU to see how you obtained the secret appraisal numbers for the Angels Stadium property!”  Well, of course – we are all in this together – I long ago absorbed the lesson and spirit of Martin Niemöller.

This harassment from their city’s government has been building for a while, from a low simmer, which is one reason we started “cross-posting” from that blog a few weeks ago, in a show of support.  If there’s anything else we can do to help they should let us know.  For now here’s this week’s Fringer piece, appropriately Kelly Thomas-related.  That’s “appropriate” because if it weren’t for the FFFF blog most of us, most of America, wouldn’t have ever heard of the outrageous and horrific 2011 murder of this frail homeless guy by six big Fullerton cops.  – Vern.

Posted Oct. 20, 2019 by “Irving Washington”

You have got to be kidding me.

Friday’s edition of the Orange County Register has a puff piece on how much progress Fullerton’s Police Department made in dealing with the homeless population. I can’t comment on the quality of the article, however, because I was unable to make it past this quote from Bob Dunn in the very first paragraph:

“Eight years have passed since the fatal beating of a homeless, schizophrenic Kelly Thomas by Fullerton police, but the tragedy remains a “deep wound” in the department’s psyche, says the city’s new police chief.”

Since our Police Chief is apparently unfamiliar with the meaning of the word “perspective”, allow me to provide some.

Kelly Thomas was a troubled individual, but he was a human being, and on July 5, 2011 he was essentially tortured to death in full view of hundreds of witnesses, all while apologizing and begging for his father. THAT is tragedy of Kelly Thomas, not the psychic boo boos the Police Department may have suffered…

read the rest on Friends For Fullerton’s Future…

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