Does Michelle Steel Support Trump’s Plea for Election Interference from China and Ukraine?




It’s a good question, and fun to see the politicians dodge it, and it is asked, by the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee), not only of Michelle Steel but of all five likely Republican challengers in the OC this coming election – Young Kim, Greg Raths, Peggy Huang, and Don Hedgwick.  “Do you support President Trump’s Plea for Ukraine and China to Interfere in the 2020 Election?” the DCCC innocently queries these worthies.

They refer to THIS recent instance of televised vocal diarrhea from our Commander in Chief “Benedict Donald”:

…and the DCCC continues, on a roll:

Yet despite President Trump begging two foreign countries, on camera and in full daylight, to interfere in the United States’ 2020 election, [OC Republicans’] strategy has been to stay silent and attempt to hide in plain sight.

In stark contrast, Democrats have been clear that we will not use hacked material or accept foreign interference in American elections.

Avoiding taking a position might seem like OC Republicans’ best possible political option, but with our democracy at stake, Garcia must state unequivocally whether he agrees with Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) and former Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) that it is unacceptable for the American President pressure a foreign governments to interfere in US elections.

DCCC spokesperson Andy Orellana released the following statement:

“This should not be a difficult question: do OC Republican candidates believe the American President should encourage foreign governments to interfere in US elections? And, if they are willing to overlook President Trump’s current abuse of office, where is the line for conduct by an American President they will not condone?” [The OJ helpfully adds: “Like CANNIBALISM?“]

Background: The DCCC has signed a pledge in both the 2018 and 2020 cycles to not use hacked material or accept foreign interference in US elections. House Republicans’ campaign arm has not followed in taking a similar pledge.

First of all, before I answer for Michelle Steel, let’s take a look at who these other clowns are.  It seems unusual to know who the entire GOP slate is gonna be this far out from the election (14 months!)

The high point of creepy Ed Royce apparatchik YOUNG KIM‘s career was beating popular Fullerton assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva in 2014; the low points were getting whupped by Sharon in 2016 and then losing to Democrat Gil Cisneros in 2018 in a district that had elected only Republicans for decades.  Her favored strategy has always been silence when it comes to Trump, but she did make this embarrassing statement last year about his strategy of separating families at the border:  “I hate to see crying children … but I don’t know the whole story.”

GREG RATHS, now Mission Viejo Mayor, was formerly something of an OJB friend as we saw him as much more honest than the klepto-publican Congressional incumbent Mimi Walters, against whom he ran twice.  But since Trump took office he loudly supported many of his policies that many of us find loathsome.  Still, the retired Marine is not one to shy away from controversy, and there HAVE been occasions that he criticized the Orange Buffoon.  I wonder if this will end up being one, as he prepares for his run against progressive Democrat Katie Porter?

Who the hell is DON SEDGWICK?  Ah, I see the OC GOP has not yet decided whom they’re going to put up against Katie Porter.  Don is the Mayor of Laguna Hills, so he’ll be running against his fellow Republican Mayor Raths in June to see who will take on Progressive Katie.  If Greg agrees to criticize Trump on his treason or ANYTHING, will that motivate Don to embrace Trump ever more tightly?  That’ll be interesting to watch.

What I know about Yorba Linda Councilwoman PEGGY HUANG is that she sits on the Transportation Corridor Authority and is one of the directors there who is hell-bent on extending the 241 toll road into the heart of San Clemente.  In other words a typical unquestioning OC klepto.  But what district is she running in, for Congress?  Jeez, a THIRD politician running against Katie Porter!  Let’s see if any of them back Trump’s treason.

The Steels: “Honey, let’s go meet Donald at the airport!”

But MICHELLE STEEL, I believe I can answer for:  the OC Supervisor and her very talkative and aggressive husband Shawn will never criticize Donald Trump for ANYTHING.  He’s been all over TV and the radio just recently, making that clear, as his wife apparently prepares for a run against Harley Rouda in the 48th.  

Yes, during Shawn’s most recent media appearances he poured ridicule on the Democratic impeachment inquiry, and on the very notion that there was anything wrong with Trump’s Ukraine solicitation.  Right now I can’t find a link to that, he’s on the rightwing teevee so often.  But take it from me, Michelle Steel will not answer this question in any manner but dismissive if at all.

Let the attempts at getting an answer begin!

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