Dateline Anaheim – Predatory investors are buying up mobile home parks and raising rents up to 50% forcing elderly people onto the streets to die. If you see an elderly person on the street dead, please call the coroner at (714) 647-7400.

Five city council members led by the Mayor, Harry “the Crook” Sidhu voted in the wee hours of Wednesday morning to reject rent protection that would save many senior citizens from being thrown to the streets. Imagine Anaheim streets paved with elderly blood, twisted entrails strewn about like flowing red decorations placed appropriately for the moneyed spewing party.

Blame Mayor Harry “the Crook” Sidhu and his minions – Trevor “the Eel” O’neil, Lucille “the Cringe” Kring, Stephen “the Weasel” Faessel and Jordan “the small” Brandman.  This city council majority, the “Gang of Five” voted to rebuff the plea of the elderly, disabled and economically handicapped.

Citizen voices are silenced.

Hundreds of citizens old and young came to the Anaheim city council to ask for a reprieve that is within the council’s purview.  The council voted to not protect the elderly because the majority members had accepted large donations to their campaigns from Mobile home park PACs, fronts for predatory companies that buy mobile home parks and raise the rents up to 50%.  This greedy practice driven by Vulture Capitalists traps the residents and rapes them – no mincing words!

The people’s cries were rejected, tears ignored by Harry Sidhu, Jordan Brandman, Trevor O’Neil, Lucille Kring and Stephen Faessel, the Axis of power in Anaheim. Purchased like cattle for over $1 MILLION DOLLARS EACH, these political minions of darkness, purveyors of half truths, continue their Un-American course unimpeded.

These crooked council members took tens of thousands of dollars from the immoral Mobile Home park owners to cast their vote for eviction, simply enough.  For this “Gang of Five,” their BIG money puppet masters come first and always – they’ve received over $1 million EACH from a combination of PACs, Disneyland, the Hotels, the L.A. Angels, Mobile Home Park owners, Short Term Rental owners and other business interests to subvert their votes.

That’s several million dollars expended to control the city council and to make sure the majority of tax dollars flow back to the resort industry and to special interests.  These companies and PACs that buy the council members pervert the American system, period.

The New Commie Leader?

Harry “the Crook” Sidhu has also instigated restrictive rules for the minority council members to squash dissent. This is a lot like to the Chinese Communist regime’s efforts to extinguish public debate, an anti-American move by Sidhu and his Gang of Five, hoping to mold Anaheim in their perverted money-grubbing image.

Anaheim Take Note:

  • Has Communism infiltrated the Anaheim city council perpetuated by Harry “the Crook” Sidhu and can we the people stop it?
  • Do the 350,000 men women and children that live in Anaheim matter or do special interests get all the tax dollars?
  • Does money warp heart and souls, religious doctrine and democracy?
  • How does America function when politicians are bought and paid for like property?
  • Is Anaheim condemned to bend to the will of the communist rules, apparently unprotected by the law of the land?
  • Is liberty lost to the money heaped upon the political slaves with no evidence of conscience?

As one Caste of people takes control of the city, we must respond with our actions.

“NO” should be the resounding answer of the American/Anaheim electorate!

“May the father of all Mercies scatter light and not darkness in our paths”

Be the word, spread the word.
Fingal O’Flahertie

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Fingal is an Orange County resident/entrepreneur, sometimes world traveler and man about the house.