The Pen is Mightier—Write for Us!

The OrangeJuiceBlog is the county’s oldest politically based blog and online discussion forum. We’re looking for new talent to offer perspectives on government—how it works, descriptions of critical decisions put before the people, what good governance means for Orange County in 2019, and what it should look like ten years from now.

We want thinkers, we want passionate difference makers, we want rebels, defenders of the establishment, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Socialists. We want your eloquence, your arrogance, your persuasion, and your frustration. We want all of you to argue what’s best for all of us, and we want you to do it here.

As we approach the next election season, the current political climate’s soaking of paid flapping heads and sycophants will continue to poison public discussion. The concept of regular people talking about regular things continues to give way to demagogues pushing broader selfish agendas that have little actual regard for the pursuit of happiness for you and your neighbors.

So, let’s fight back.

Let’s talk about regular things with regular people. No one here is paid to push an opinion or an agenda. We volunteer because, right or wrong, we feel expression is the root of what makes America great. Expressing an idea, even a half-baked one, to benefit our community for actual comment is a reward unto itself.

If you’re tired of where the First Amendment is headed, do something about it.

New contributors may contact us at orangejuiceblog at

An editor will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours. Expectations are one 600-800 word post per month on any topic you’d like related to Orange County politics or interests. We have an active topic list you may pull from and light editing is available should you request polishing assistance. While we prefer real names for author bylines, we will accept pseudonyms, provided the content of anonymous posts is not overly caustic and remains aimed at positive change for the future.

Make public discourse great again. Write for us!

About Ryan Cantor

Our conservative columnist, raised in North Orange County, works as an auditor.