Ocean View School District Trustee Norm Westwell Censured for Harassment





Got to this story late, but it’s still worth knowing about.

Censure of Trustee Norm WestwellLast night, the Ocean View School District Board of Trustees voted to publicly punish,…

Posted by Gina Clayton-Tarvin, OVSD Board Member on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Here’s the first two pages of resolution (the third is just for signatures of Briscoe and Souders):

Here’s some of the juice from the Daily Pilot story (from which I presume the photo illustrating Gina’s Facebook post came. If they want it taken down, Vern can figure out how to do it, but we’re only sending them readers here….)

During the meeting, Westwell repeatedly questioned Briscoe’s leadership of the board and unsuccessfully tried to delay the vote on the resolution.

He also pounded his hand on the dais, repeatedly interrupted Clayton-Tarvin and Briscoe and expressed frustration because Briscoe wouldn’t acknowledge him to speak unless he stood or raised his hand high.

“Lies, lies, lies and more lies,” Westwell said, asking for evidence of the allegations. “This board has become a circus. The beginning of this censure is the first step in trustee Tarvin’s attempt to silence my speech. Trustee Tarvin has established a pattern of doing this to people when they take a position contrary to hers.”

Westwell complains that he’s afraid that Tarvin will try to sue him over his speech, citing her having sought a restraining order against local web logger Chuck Johnson.  Westwall is apparently stupid enough to think that flipping off members of a board in a meeting — and lying about it by claiming that a disability prevents him from raising his hands without extending his middle finger — is somehow protected from a motion of censure.  This means that he is pretty dumb, and if he tries suing OJB for defamation, he will be asked whether his claim about his disability is true — and if it was a joke, why he raised it in his defense against harassment.

He’s right about the Ocean View School Board occasionally becoming a circus, but that’s a problem he could easily solve by depriving them of its clown — by resigning.

You’re too good, Huntington Beach, for a nutso trustee who smiles like his panties are bunching.

[Edited to add: By the way — it’s nice to see bipartisanship among the four members of the board who aren’t horror shows. Also, I apologize to clowns. — GAD]

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