The Trump Implosion….Maybe Just a Bad Dream?




It’s great listening and watching the pseudo news.  After The Trumpster was finally put into office, after he paid everyone off…we knew things were going to get bad.  We knew the criminal elements he put around himself were pretty bad.  We knew that the paid off politicians that went along were all pretty bad.  We knew that the unprofessional group of advisors was bad.  We knew that ever since Bob Dornan was kicked off of Bill O’Reilly on Fox News…..things were going to get bad!  We watched as our dear Herbie Ray McMaster was unceremoniously dumped as National Security Advisor!  All that was confirmed when “Mad Dog” Mattis was taken out as Secretary of Defense.  We kept looking for the Silver Lining as 6 or 10  different Cabinet Members had to resign for wrong doing.  We were not shocked when completely uncapable staff members were dumped, one after next.   We were not shocked when 10 or 15 or more close Staffers and Campaign Aides have been indicted and tied directly to Russian intervention in our election of 2016 – to virtually steal that election….unfair and unsquare! We weren’t even shocked when Hillary lost the election.  She had listened to no one.  Her Presidency would have been more of the same…not listening.

We were not shocked when Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougle got pay-offs and their stories shelved by the Enquirer….and Fox News.  We were not shocked when The Trumpster called people names, attempting to demean anyone that was critical of his personal habits or views.  We were not shocked when he made millions from Russian and Saudi Oligarchs and put his daughter and son-in-law in charge of International policy.  We weren’t even shocked when Vlade Putin and all the Russian Ambassadors got the Bromance Hugs and the same for the Saudi Prince after he knew that he had killed the Washington Post Reporter…with a Green Card!  We weren’t even shocked when The Trumpster rolled back every environmental law in the country!  Off shore drilling, sending our refined gasoline to China….drilling in Alaska and more!  The Moscow Trumpski Tower should really be something to see when it opens in 2024!

On the International Stage we were shocked however when idiotic Tariff proposals were implemented against our biggest trading partners, which included China, Japan and the European Union.  So far this has depressed Global Business and will probably put millions out of work before it is over.  The Tariff issue has caused a stealth inflationary spiral.  The price of everything has gone up and will continue to go up 30 to 40%.  Meanwhile, the Russians used the same techniques to fix the Brexit election and are doing just fine having The Trumpster tear up every International Agreement we have come up with in the 40 years.   Does anyone really think the Chinese or the Europeans are going to buy our stupid GMO Corn, Wheat, Rice or Soy?  Hopefully, Terry May will be dusted quick enough so Britain can take another vote and get back into the European Union…quickly.  And wouldn’t it be refreshing to have just one Trump Official actually say they know the difference between a Sunni and Shia Muslim?  The Trumpster’s desire to rename everything in his own image is really sad.  NAFTA is now called: “The Trumpster Dream Trade Agreement of Northern and Southern and Central America!”  The one cool thing:  “The Great Fun North Korean Trade Pact” which will include a variety of Burger King Franchises!  Also, we will get the GPS locations of various North Korean brothels!

So the thing that is most shocking about The Trumpster Administration in general is how stupidly so-called Republicants lay prostrate at his feet.  These uniformed Dupes call in dutifully every day to C-Span touting his wonder as “The Greatest President in my lifetime!”.  There is a terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach that these folks have never left their Fox News television sets and have never spent one minute outside of their local Costco or Walmart.  We keep wondering what will happen when those businesses close?  Meanwhile, the so-called “Wicked Witch of the West” investigation into Money Laundering, pay-offs, Bank Fraud, Real Estate rip offs and a thousand more things being looked at by Robert Mueller (whoever he is!) truly is about the most frustrating part of the whole idiotic world we seem to live in.  Will we ever get a final Resolution with teeth, meat, claws – something?

In the meantime, we have only one bright light:  Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez or simply AOC!  She won’t turn 35 until 2024, but is certainly our choice for President then!  So far we have about 100 Democrats fresh off their 2018 fairly good Congressional win….throwing their caps into this race.  A total waste of time.  A totally self destructive course – maybe on purpose?  The truth is pretty easy.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris could easily take out The Trumpster in 2020.  The Democrats will take back the Senate and the Presidency if they pretend to have half a brain.  Even the former Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe and Kamala could beat the Trumpster…..but is the fix already in?  Hard to say, because they say we have a process.  Phouey!   When Duncan Hunter and Jeff Flake are the most attractive Republicans, 2020 should be a walkover!  The Dem’s can put up Bill Maher and Jay Leno!  We would also like Alec Baldwin to be Secretary of State or Richard Gere!

What remains terribly disappointing are the wide array of very predictable stupid pundits and game show hosts that they put on C-SPAN, MSNBC, CNN and write for the various tabloids and twist the news.  Watching Jack Kingston last night on Bill Maher was enough to turn your stomach.  Well, The Trumpster is now finally having to use sneaky spokespeople that just keep cranking up how much we need to help “them foreigners” by letting them help themselves….while we put Blackwater Contractors into every country of the world and pay them inflated wages to replace our military.  How come we don’t have Blackwater Contractors on our Southern Border….so we don’t have to put our Military there?  Is it really this bad or are we just over reacting?  But… we will remind folks:  “Heck, sell it to the Government….they’ll buy anything!”

So what are the chances of The Trumpster Administration Imploding?  Probably about the same as praying we won’t have anymore Bob Dylan Dreams!  Since we have a variety of readers who have to have everything spelled out:  You might want to listen to:  “Talkin World War III Blues” by Bob Dylan.  Just one final question:  How can The Trumpster screw up our country like this and have virtually all of  the Republicants approve?  We want our party back!  Hunter-Flake 2020!  Unless of course the Dem’s can pass immediate citizenship for all DACA kids, Medicare for everyone that wants it over 50 years old, Freeze the prices of prescription drugs, Tear down the Southern Border Wall completely and demand Mandatory Drug Testing for all Firearms Purchases and Transfers utilizing non-invasive, instant check TSA Glove Swab technology for all Class II Drugs that include Fentanyl and Opioids of any type!  Oh, and restore all the Environmental laws.





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