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The Inalienable Rights of Women – DENIED

As people from all races and religions remember the past and slavery or their relegation to the bottom of society in America whether they be Irish, Germans, Catholics, Jews, Chinese, Mexicans, American Indians and African Americans know this – For the last 9,950 years HALF (1/2) of the people in the greatest societies of the world have been relegated to absolute slavery.

They have been, sold, beaten, raped, murdered, unable to own property, relegated to status as property, unable to vote and anything else you can think of that can be heaped on the backs of the disenfranchised. And then like animals in the field they were then expected to be the breeding machines that produce the next generation of cannon fodder.

Definition of Women for 9,950 years – setting the date of civilized society at 10,000 years ago:

Man’s assets – divorce by sale -negotiable property – servant – slave – chattels of men – sex slave – object of legal rape – whipping post – breeding machine – cook and maid.

Women have been at the bottom of society for the last 9,950 years out of the last 10,000 years of the supposed rise of civilized “MANkind.” And this continues today in many countries and including to some extent in America too!

A woman could not open her own bank account in the USA until the 1960s.  France, 1881: France grants women the right to own bank accounts; five years later, the right is extended to married women, who are allowed to open accounts without their husbands’ permission. The US does not follow suit until the 196os, and the UK lags until 1975.

Women came in second on Affirmative Action!

US, 1967: Lyndon B Johnson’s 1965 affirmative action benefits are expanded to cover women.


The position of a married woman … is, in many respects, precisely similar to that of the negro slave. She can make no contract and hold no property; whatever she inherits or earns becomes at that moment the property of her husband. … Though he acquired a fortune through her, or though she earn a fortune through her talents, he is the sole master of it, and she cannot draw a penny. … In the English common law a married woman is nothing at all.

She passes out of legal existence.

For the Negro slave in America the system existed for hundreds of years but for women, black and white, it has been 9,950 years.

1822 England

A man named Brooks advertised the sale of his “young and handsome wife of two years” at a Plymouth cattle market.

Mid 19th century

Prices paid for wives varied considerably, from a high of $100 plus $25 each for her two children in a sale of 1865 (equivalent to about $13,200 in 2019) to a low of a glass of beer, or even free.


The Chinese custom of wife selling or selling a divorce has a long history, spanning both the Imperial and Modern eras.

Africa today

In Africa generally, according to Parker Shipton in 1990, husbands sometimes sell wives during famines or food shortages, but not vice versa.

Rape Your Wife in the USA

The legal history of marital rape laws in the United States is a long and complex one that spans over several decades. The criminalization of marital rape in the United States started in the mid-1970s and by 1993 marital rape became a crime in all 50 states, under at least one section of the sexual offense codes.

Beating Your Wife

In 1895, London passed a bylaw setting a curfew on wife beating. However, this was more a noise pollution issue than any concern for the rights of the beaten wife – They disallowed beating your wife in London because her screaming disturbed everyone.

Finally in 1976, some 50 years after women got the vote, a law was passed against domestic violence in the USA.

Women’s Rights in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt, 3100 BCE : Women hold equal financial rights with men. As  scholar Janet Johnson writes , “Egyptian women were able to
acquire, to own, and to dispose of property (both real and personal) in their own name. They could enter into contracts in their own name; they could initiate civil court cases and could, likewise, be sued; they could serve as witnesses in court cases; they could serve on juries; and they could witness legal documents.”

Rape was punished by death. In the case of foreigners this punishment was sometimes commuted to exile. The violation of a free woman was punished by mutilation of the male offender. The first man ever to be fired for sexual assault – 3,000 YEARS ago: Astonishing rape charges against a powerful Egyptian are found on ancient papyrus.


The extreme abuse of women is still the case in many countries in the world and we must take a stand!

The Brain Trust

But this is not just about slavery or the relegation of fully ½ of society to servitude, cruelty, rape and isolation for thousands of years – but about a brain trust.  This is about the past, present and future of society, the world as a whole, the planet earth and its inhabitants.  Fully ½ of society has been left out of the advancements of mankind leading into the new era.

Imagine if you will where we would be if women, fully 50% of the entire world had input into the ideas, concepts, societal values and industrial advancements made in the last several thousand years?

Do the “Rights” Thing

Gay rights affect 4.5% of the people in the USA. Black American rights affect 12.3% of the population. 17% of Mexican Americans are affected by civil rights.  But fully 50% of the world – women – have been and are still relegated to an inferior position, whether they are white, black, Mexican, Catholic or Jew they lack, and are consistently denied, the rights of men.

The future of MANkind is in question and in flux. It is time to set the women free for the full potential, the fully realized future of this great planet – this third rock from the sun – this incredible anomaly of the universe, called earth.

Michael J Robbins
Person on this fine planet

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