Why China Wins the Trade War!




Good old Yankee ingenuity they always say!  Capitalism vs. Communism!  West vs. East!  The Occidental vs the Oriental!  “55 Days at Peking”!  The Boxer Rebellion!  “The Sand Pebbles”..with Steve McQueen!  Mao Tse Tung and Chaing Kai-shek!  Taiwan!  The South China Sea!  Vietnam! The  Japanese Rape of Nanking!  Dalai Lama – Tibet! Outer Mongolia!  1250 BC and the Shang Dynasty! and Genghis Khan! Just to name a few!  The United States has a 2018 year old calendar.  The Chinese have a 25,000 year old Calendar!  The Chinese Life Expectancy for men is 75.0 years and 77.9 for women.  The US Life Expectancy is 76 for men and 81 for women.  Canada Life Expectancy is 80 for men and 84 for women.  So, considering all the so-called pollution and only using herbal and acupuncture medicine in China ….for a country of 1.417 billion people…..not bad..eh?  The truth of course is that since 1984 China has been on a course to move into a Managed World Global Capitalistic Society.

China’s growth in the Global Community started with “their manufacturing programs”.  They invited companies from around the world to bring them the latest technology and produce their products locally in China.  In the beginning, China used the Mexican concept of making sure that over 50% of any company producing goods in China, belonged to the Chinese – either through independent entrepreneurs or State run Industries.  Today, they are letting go of the rope and allowing more foreign investments and financial rewards.  China creates two new Billionaires a week.  China already has 400 Billionaires.  The USA, the pillar of Capitalism, has 560 Billionaires…but China is looking to eclipse that number in the next few years.  China also has more Millionaires than they have in Europe combined!  This is the result of “a Managed Capitalism with Government oversight”….that seems to be working very well.  For a large Bureaucracy, China has the ability to adjust quickly on the run. The USA has 6.01 percent of the population that owns their own business.  China has 31% of its Private Business owners that are women!  The number for the US women – 26%!

The Trumpster’s  ridiculous use or threats of Global Tariff’s will guarantee that the United States will experience hyper-inflation quickly.  Raising the costs of everything 33% will remind folks quickly of what happens when a Peanut Farmer and his drunken brother tries to run the economy.  Obviously, Real Estate Developers may also fall into this category….especially the greedy and unethical.  Double Digit Interest rates and double digit inflation.  Without a strong move to new technology, including electric AI, AV vehicles and an immediate release of Cure Therapies and DNA Stem Cell Regeneration…the Chinese will surpass our effort within the next three years.  The quick fix Republican Tax Cuts of last year for the 1%ers may kick up a few more Billionaires, but will do little for blue collar working class Americans.  The Stock Market may see a sudden shock on two dates:  January 19th, 2019 – when the Tariff’s take effect and April 15th, 2019 when people see and know how much they have to pay in New Taxes – to offset those benefits given to the rich.

China has come back from great famines – endured massive Urban Renewal – succeeded in the Global Market Place and needs to be worked with in the years to come.  Any attempt to intimidate China will fail.  They need to be negotiated with, reasoned with and allowed to help the world create a better quality of life for all.  Without China’s willing cooperation, the environmental consequences will be devastating!

So, why is The Trumpster attacking China?  In the words of Rodney King:  “Can’t we all just get along?”  We need China, more than they need us!  They are already shipping their excess manufacturing jobs to Africa and South America!  Geely is the Chinese electric car guaranteed to take a lump out of our auto market next year.  Geely owns Volvo too!  All the German autos are being built in China, all going electric by 2025. Toyota, Kia and Hyndai are also building cars in China.  Tesla will begin production next year for upwards of a million units a year!  As Pappy always said:  “No use trying to hold back the tide!”  China has the markets, China has the leverage and China has the environmental future!  The USA better get its act together and make “nice nice” at the G-20….or we are going to be left WAY BEHIND!  Did someone say Electronics?  Whew, now that is entirely another issue to be reckoned with!

Why China Wins the Trade War!  There can be NO TARIFF’S EVER Dumbo!




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