Lou Correa and Tom Daly support Trump deportations and OC cooperation with ICE!




“Good job boys!” laughed the assemblyman.
“That’ll teach that Mexican to pay his speeding tickets,” chuckled the congressman.

It’s counter-intuitive I know, given what Congressman Lou Correa and Assemblyman Tom Daly say in public, given the fact that they’re Democrats, and given the fact that they both represent the most Democratic AND Latino district in this blue county, but the fact remains – these two politicians have done their best to further Orange County’s co-operation with Trump’s Immigration & Customs Enforcement, and the county’s defiance of the Sanctuary State Law, otherwise known as the California Values Act, SB 54.

Behold Exhibit A, the Big One: 

  • Both “Democrat” politicians endorsed corrupt Sheriff Sandra Hutchens‘ hand-picked Republican replacement Don Barnes over a completely competent and decent DPOC-endorsed Democrat, Duke Nguyen.
  • Hutchens and Barnes strongly oppose the California Values Act (see video below) and have done everything they can to defy it and facilitate more deportations, while Nguyen supported it and promised to cease co-operation with ICE. 
  • Despite the Blue Wave engulfing the county, Republican Barnes beat Democrat Nguyen by 9.2% – the ballot doesn’t specify Party affiliation for a non-partisan race like Sheriff, and doubtless MANY Democratic voters took into account the endorsements of two of our most prominent Democrat electeds – thanks Lou and Tom!  (In my canvassing I saw plenty of Democrat households with Barnes signs.)

Tom and Lou made several other execrable endorsements, as they do every election with no consequence, but the Barnes endorsement was the most consequential: 

  • They both endorsed the re-election of the nation’s worst District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas, as they always have – and he always endorses them right back – but fortunately Tony tanked (and before partisan Dems excuse that as being an R-on-R race, they should remember these endorsements predated the JUNE PRIMARY, and stabbed DPOC-endorsed Democrat Brett Murdock in the back.)  How will Lou and Tom negotiate the Age of Spitzer?  It’s gonna be a new world, what will the new rules be?  (I’m going out on a limb and guessing they’ll be the actual rules.)
  • LOU – not sure about Tom – went so far as to endorse Disney puppet Mitch Caldwell against the admirable, and DPOC-endorsed Dr Jose Moreno for Anaheim Council District 3.   I think what we have here is a fear and loathing some in the Democrat establishment have for the good Doctor – Lou and Loretta both – possibly rooted in a threat they feel from a brilliant, honest, true progressive whose trajectory may well point in their direction.  Again, no thanks to Lou, no harm was done and Mitch face-planted. 
  • Lou and Tom also angered many Democrats by endorsing conservative Republican Tim Shaw over DPOC-endorsed Democrat Doug Chaffee for 4th district County Supervisor.  It’s not certain at this point who’s gonna win that very close race, and I reluctantly voted for Shaw myself, but I highly doubt that my reasons – Chaffee being untrustworthy and not a good Democrat – were the same as Lou’s and Tom’s.

Caldwell with handler.

No, I think what Lou and Tom do is guess who the winner’s gonna be, and endorse THEM, so that they’ll have a friend in office, no matter what their policies and ideology are.  That’s how little they care, that’s how much politics is a selfish game to them.  They have been totally indifferent and unhelpful to us OC progressives in our struggle to make this a freer and juster county. 

Now we are going to be stuck with AT LEAST TWO YEARS of Sheriff Barnes co-operating with mad demagogue Trump’s xenophobic immigration policies, just because of Daly’s and Correa’s lazy selfish politics-as-usual, and voters whose friends and relatives get deported should remember that and hold it against them.

Yes, Santa Ana/Anaheim’s Congressional District 46 and Assembly District 69 need a real Blue Wave of their own in 2020.  Lou showed up at the Anna Drive Thanksgiving Dinner tonight, and disappeared right when I got there with my piano.  Probably cuz he’d got his picture taken and had no more reason to be there – that’s his general M.O. – although Tom Tait stayed for two hours.  But it was probably good timing, as he didn’t have to hear my new re-write of De Colores

Lou… Correa,
El Demócrata que vota como un Republicano.
Lou… Correa,
Pero todos latinos le_apoyan porque es chicano!
A… Correa,
Y_a Tom Daly también no importa tu deportación,
Y por eso Correa y Daly son falsos amigos de la_inmigración!
Y por eso Correa y Daly son falsos amigos de la_inmigración!

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