Loretta Sanchez in for Spitzer’s old Supervisor Seat.




Just six of the contenders so far:  Sanchez, Murray, Krom, Thorburn, Choi, Wagner.

Just thought we’d break the news before some other bastard blog did:  Former longtime Democratic central county Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez is indeed, as rumors suggested, “throwing in her hat” for the special election early next year, to take Todd Spitzer’s place as Third District Supervisor.  (Let’s get the residency question out of the way – as Paul Lucas informs us in comments, she and hubby Jack have been living in Olde Town Orange for a couple years now.)

We Democrats were excited to have a tough progressive candidate, with money, for this race – Andy Thorburn who’d come in second to Gil Cisneros in the CA-39 primary.  Then along comes Agranista Beth Krom, threatening to take a huge chunk of Irvine Democrats with her.  And now the Fabled Lo.  Should Democrats support her as the most likely to beat Klepto favorite Kris Murray?  And is there really a lot of difference between those two?

I was always the one, over the years, to remind Loretta’s detractors of the good and brave things she’d done in Congress, despite her Valley Girl mannerisms and Blue Dog pretenses – voting no on the PATRIOT Act right after 9/11, opposing the invasion of Iraq, opposing NAFTA and TPP under both Dem & Reep Presidents, playing chicken to get a strong public option into Obamacare.  And my wife and I did appreciate her endorsement in Donna’s 2016 council race.

But what does she stand for now, locally?  Her recent actions in Anaheim make us wonder whether she is indifferent or ignorant to what’s really going on here – between her regular attendance of SOAR fundraisers, and her endorsements of Jordan Brandman and EVEN MITCH CALDWELL – (the latter of which can only be explained by her inexplicable and irrational grudge against Jose Moreno.)  This all makes us wonder how much she would differ from Kris Murray or Don Wagner, both part of the same Pringle “klepto” crowd that Jordan and Mitch hail from.

I had her number, I lost it…  Somehow I’ll get some kind of statement from her, on what she would actually want to do on the Board of Supervisors that would represent a difference…

More shortly!

No luck reaching Loretta yet, but I’m told that she made this announcement at some Democrat event last night, at which no press was present, so we are the only ones with the story.  I’m also told that Democrats are trying to talk Beth Krom out of the race (and presumably Andy as well) so that we can unite against what’s currently SEVEN Republican candidates.  Sounds smart.  IF Loretta has a message and plan that can actually inspire us.

Sequel coming Monday morning…

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