Coronado: SQS is “FULLY FUNDED by SEXUAL PREDATORS!” And so much more… Weekend Open Thread.




Maniac Alexandria (AD 65 Dodged A Bullet) Coronado; Little Saigon reformer (and hopefully future OJ blogger) Khai Do.

What does that even mean, that Sharon Quirk-Silva is “FULLY FUNDED by SEXUAL PREDATORS?”  It must mean SOMETHING, Alexandria Coronado repeated it twice with EMPHASIS ON EACH WORD.  It seems to me it could only mean two things:  Either:

  1. A certain number of sexual predators gave Sharon ALL THEY HAD, or else
  2. EVERYBODY WHO DONATED TO SHARON – including you and me – is a sexual predator, and – as the kind soul who sent me this video observed – we should all turn ourselves in.

And as Alex emphasizes at the 1:45 mark, “Every time you hear or see the name Sharon Quirk Silva, KNOW. THAT IT IS FULLY FUNDED BY SEXUAL PREDATORS.  Please vote for Alexandria Coronado and let’s bring some class back to Sacramento.  Thank you.”  If only all the voters of the 65th Assembly District could have heard those words in time!

Other goodness in this last-minute GOTV video: 

  • First five minutes dominated by Trumpy demagogue & failed governor candidate Travis “Take Back California” Allen, warning us of SF-style human feces covering all California streets if Democrats somehow take control in this state!
  • Then from about 5:30 to 10:30, a guy who actually sounds really good – Westminster reformer and council candidate Khai Do, making some keen observations on corruption, cronyism and nepotism in Little Saigon.  Little do the Republican videographers realize, he is trashing assembly candidate Tyler Diep as well as Mayor Tri Ta and the never-disappearing Margie Rice.  Check it out, Greg and Ryan – I think we should invite this guy to blog here – he could be this decade’s (late lamented) Bolsavik.
  • The last six minutes is just a buncha nimrods, but highly entertaining.  I should add, MULTICULTURAL, Trump-worshiping Nimrods.  Can’t take that away from them.

Well, I don’t know if Juice-Brother Greg had a different Weekend Open Thread planned, but this’ll work.  So much still working itself out from this historic election.  Let’s keep updating.

Last night we saw Cottie Petrie-Norris overtake Matt Harper in the coastal 74th Assembly District – I guess that gives Democrats a super-super-majority, for what that’s worth. 

We are still holding out forlorn hope for Gil Cisneros and Katie Porter in their very close Congressional races.  (And also serious educator Tony Thurmond over charter shill Marshall Tuck for California Superintendent of Public Instruction.)

Democrats still won’t be getting the Senate, but we are cheering on Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema (below in her infamous anti-war tutu appearance) as she passes up HER Republican opponent.

Thats SENATOR Tutu to you!

Looks like VERY contentious recount times in both Georgia (governor) and Florida (senator and governor.)

Long-time weaselly Koch-worshiping Wisconsin governor Scott Walker finally defeated  (Sorry, maybe some of our OJ Republicans liked some of his policies.)  But remember when he came here in 2011, to hold a fundraiser at the Newport offices of Baugh and Righeimer?  I think he was being threatened with recall at the time.  A boatload of us Occupiers and Union folks showed up to protest outside the office, and when they found out they whisked Scottie off to another, safer location.  (Friends of ours found ’em in a Newport bar, probably the Gulfstream.)  But we adapted Monty Python’s “Brave Sir Robin” for the occasion and sang:

Scott Walker ran away.
Walker ran away, away!
When unions reared their ugly head
He bravely turned his tail and fled.
When Occupy began to shout
The cross-eyed governor chickened out,
Scott Walker ran away…

OH! Did I mention? Anaheim’s Measure L – Living Wage for workers at subsidized resort businesses – passed by 1%.  Next battle will be in the courts to see if the measure covers Disney, but seeing as how J and K also passed (thanks to very little opposition which they SHOULD have had) it’ll definitely cover employees of the two subsidized Wincome hotels!  Did these songs (or did they not) give Measure L its margin of victory?

Now speak up, we can’t hear you!

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