The Divided States of America


Welcome to the DSA!  What we need of course is electrified fencing and walls between all the states of our Dis-Union.  We need walls between cities and counties too.  We need thought police.  We need to burn every book.  We need to ban every BAD website.  We need to allow rape on every street corner and in every town and village and deny any abortions.  We need to Divide our Non-Country into various ethnics enclaves.  We need Taliban type Militias roaming the streets and making sure that our communities are following the rules of the Supreme Leader.  We need every electronic device to allow the surveillance of our every move…including going to the bathroom.  We need laws to be sure we are only buying American Buggy Whips and making sure that people are put in Stocks should they vary from any of the Approved Choices.  But these ideas are just for starters.

We the people of the Divided States of America…….need to ban all foreigners from our shores.  We need to incarcerate every Past Political person or Candidate that has ever held office.  They all need to go into Re-Education Camps.  They need to have Electronic Chips injected into their brains, so like rats in a cage – they can be easily controlled.  We need Walls and Fences provided between every State, with Visas issued for anyone wanting to visit or immigrate.  Fortress America….we can call it.  No more Air Travel.  No more Train Travel…..for passengers.  We can separate Canada and Mexico from the United States with a Giant Moat…or the Peripheral Grand Canals of Demarcation…we could call them…perhaps?  Only White People (using DNA of course) can work or play or live by other White People….and the same goes for all the other races, all the others that have different religions, all those without guns, all those with guns, all those that wear different colored clothing and those that eat different food.  We can deport any group, any political party, anyone with different ideas from the Supreme Leader immediately, by just a phone call to your nearest ICE Office.  The All Un-Inclusive DSA Society will be established.  You will be allowed to only buy ONE kind of Automobile or Truck and you will be only allowed to travel in those vehicles, no buses…EVER!  No street cars, light transit, or Commercial travel will be allowed.  You will have to do everything via your smart phone….including ordering  your food and water and consumer goods. The Supreme Leader can overturn any rule or amendment in the Constitution, by simply signing an Executive Order.

This of course is what the Founding Fathers REALLY had in mind when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  This is of course just the beginning …… stay tuned….more to come….soon! Heck, why look like Nazi Germany when we can look like Stalin’s Russia!  We won’t need a Congress or the Courts anymore….why?  We already have our Supreme Leader….making every decision for us….that he knows is right for every citizen!  Welcome to the Divided States of America.  One more thing.  Every State will have their own Credit Card and Banking System, and no one will be allowed to leave the good old DSA….ever again!





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