Harry Sidhu and Child Molesters: The Documented Facts.




The Orange Juice Blog can no longer keep silent about what we know.

Yes, we’re sure that what we’ve uncovered about Anaheim mayoral candidate Harry Sidhu and his connection to child molesters will disgust and infuriate you as much as it did us.

We’re referring to the ads paid for by Harry’s supporters Bill O’Connell, Ajesh Patel, and Hong Kong-based Wincome Group, accusing Harry’s closest rival, attorney Ashleigh Aitken, of coddling the sodomizer of a toddler.  Why would O’Connell, Patel, and Wincome invent such a slander?  Because they are all recipients of hundreds of millions in hotel subsidies from Anaheim taxpayers, and they want the subsidies to continue, and they know that Harry will gleefully continue those subsidies while  Ashleigh will not.  Isn’t that good enough reason?  Yup, “good business climate.”

Paid for through the sleazy front group Anaheim/OC Hotel and Lodging Association, this notably unfootnoted ad (pictured at right) and variations of it have appeared in the Register and all over Facebook and YouTube and seen by THOUSANDS, starting yesterday.  [UPDATE: Today they came in the mail.]  When this author first saw it on Facebook, I commented “I doubt this has any relation to the truth, and I bet that by the time I get back from researching it, this comment will be deleted and I’ll be blocked.”   Check, check, and check!

How did Ashleigh herself first become aware of this slander?  Her ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER saw it on YouTube!  After choking down her shock and rage, Aitken set to work trying to figure out what the hell this story was based on.  Shawn Nelson had to deal with charges of defending sex offenders when first running for supervisor, and Irvine’s Lauren Johnson-Norris is having to deal with the same now, but those two are DEFENSE ATTORNEYS,  who are sometimes called on to defend unsavory characters.

Ashleigh, on the other hand, has not only never been a defense attorney, but in a supreme touch of righteous irony, started out as a ASSISTANT US ATTORNEY PROSECUTING CHILD SEX CRIMES AND CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.

Is there even a THIN REED of truth to this disgusting Sidhu ad?  Well, bear with us, it’s convoluted:  At the time of Judge Marc Kelly’s controversially lenient sentencing decision a couple years ago, Ashleigh was President of the OC Bar Association; she was asked to write a letter of support for the judge’s decision, and she declined as she too thought the sentence was too lenient.  But subsequently Judge Kelly began receiving death threats, and the Bar put out a letter condemning these threats and re-affirming the independence of the judiciary.  While Ashleigh was President.  THAT IS ALL.  Here is the letter.

This is revolting, and there should be consequences, but Sidhu and his Kleptocrat cohorts are getting desperate.  Don’t you soil yourself by association, by voting for Sidhu or any of his allies, including his “Democrat” stalking horse Lorri Galloway.

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